BaoFeng UV-5R V2+ Review

BaoFeng UV-5R V2+ is another cosmetic variation of BaoFeng UV-5R. It was released along with the UV-5R and UV-5R+(Plus).

Since I had already reviewed the other two versions, I decided to test the BaoFeng UV-5R V2+ Plus Dual-Band Ham Two-way Radio.

I bought it from Amazon and since I already had used many BaoFeng radios before, it was all easy.

Now coming to this particular model, it operates in the frequency range of 145-148 / 420-450 MHz. The model offers better and more enhanced construction and features than previous UV-5R and UV-5RA. 

We will discuss all this later. Before that, here is my quick overview of the UV-5F V2+.



As far as performance goes, UV-5R V2+ is the go-to unit for whatever life calls; it can monitor all day with the battery lasting you forever!


BaoFeng goes above and beyond in packing its unique features like dual-watch, VOX, LED flashlight, and more into this compact HT.


BaoFeng keeps the UV-5R V2+ model interface pretty straightforward, allowing newbies to master the functions in no time!
Value for Money


In terms of price to performance, UV-5R V2+ is quite impressive in its power and functioning; it is definitely worth the purchase!

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Who Should Use This Product?

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BaoFeng UV-5R V2+ is a more enhanced version of the UV-5RA. Why are we talking about two different models? The UV-5R V2+ and UV-5RA are separate versions of the same generation: BaoFeng UV-5R.

This dual-band FM handie-talkie operates as a two-way HAM radio with extensive frequency coverage. It provides efficient local communication alongside delivering exceptional monitoring capability.

One of the primary advantages UV-5R V2+ offers over the previous UV-5R versions is its compatibility with the BaoFeng extended batteries. This feature allows the transceiver to perform heavy-use for longer durations than its predecessors.

If your work requires you to travel outdoors or be out on the field, UV-5R V2+ will surely come in handy!

If you’re a HAM beginner with no clue where to start, get this HT and program it for your local repeaters. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and loaded with useful features. It is just the perfect transceiver for any operator looking to connect with other local users.

What You Should Know: BaoFeng UV-5R V2+ Specs

Apart from its spectacular battery and range, UV-5R V2+ offers a wide range of functions that make it a must-have!

      • 145-148/420-450 MHz
      • Two-color LED display
      • Enhanced construction
      • 4-watt output power
      • 128 memory channels
      • 1-year warranty

Furthermore, it features a 1000mW speaker and includes a stock antenna delivering outstanding results.


One user found their device hitting the local repeat 30 miles away! On GMRS/FRS frequencies, the user could get around 2.5 miles from unit to unit. Despite that, the user recommended adding a 15.5-inch Hypario whip to get better results.

Another customer was able to pick repeaters loud and clear at over 100 miles in Northern California.

While testing the radio myself, I found it hitting over 30 miles. At 15-20 miles, you’ll hear pretty loud and clear audio. At over 30, the sound may be broken but still understandable. It may vary depending on your surroundings and terrain.

If you are looking into long-distance communication, adding in a high-quality whip antenna can improve communication drastically!

BaoFeng UV-5R V2+ Plus Use Phase

While the overall design has been kept the same, UV-5R V2+’s body feels slightly different from its predecessors. Its display allows for easy viewing and is well-lit. Moreover, the improved construction means the product is far more durable.

I also found this model to be delivering better audio than the previous versions!

On the whole, it would get 5-stars if BaoFeng fixed some minor issues. The user manual wasn’t as explicit as I would like. I prefer having a tuning knob over the up and down arrows. Lastly, the programming, in my opinion, could be made a lot easier.

All it needs is to allow the user to enter frequencies by hitting “enter.”

However, CHIRP comes as a savior and lets you manage programming through a PC instead of manually.


We found there to be a considerable improvement over the earlier UV-5R models from BaoFeng. The UV-5R has been a savior in many instances, and I continue to use it. However, the current model boasts a louder speaker with clear advantages for users in need of higher transmitting powers.

After trying out the stock antenna, I will recommend opting for a better antenna over the stock. Although expensive, it may be well worth the price for the performance gain.

If you’re looking into the gadget for your professional needs, consider the extended batteries. Bear in mind; you will need to purchase them separately.

All in all, this portable ham radio is a great little radio with tons of features and exceptional value! We highly recommend it for outdoor usage, both personal and professional.

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Compact size with solid construction
  • Learning curve allows for quick mastery
  • Offers user-convenience with its two-color LED
  • Durable build
  • Buttons are small and not well-labeled
  • Limited to only two frequency ranges

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Final Thoughts

I have been a massive proponent of BaoFeng radios. As expected from the brand, UV-5R V2+ Plus Dual-Band Ham Two-way Radio has top tier hardware and functioning. It has a battery that runs and runs, giving you endless power supply!

Among the several cosmetic variants of the UV-5R generation, we find this model an excellent choice for emergencies and basic communication needs.

Customers value it for being an easy-to-operate gadget and seem to love its compatibility with extended Li-ion batteries.

It boasts an updated and improved chassis, in-depth manual, and everything you may need from an inexpensive yet feature-rich HAM radio.