BaoFeng UV-82HP Review: A Big Upgrade Worth Every Penny You Pay

When it comes to ham radios, no one can beat BaoFeng. The market is flooded with their terrific products.

Recently, I bought BaoFeng UV-82HP.

This is one of the latest products from the brand which is an upgraded version of the UV-82 and UV-5R series. The UV-82HP offers some of the best features you want in amateur radios. The versatile radio comes with dual PTT switch, FM radio, emergency alarm, better speaker, 3 selectable power settings, etc.

Before we get on with the review, here is a quick overview of the product:

PerformanceFeaturesUser InterfaceValue for Money

The superior power performance of this transceiver gets you crystal clear audio through its excellent signal reception.


As far as features are concerned, the UV-82HP model boasts all the typical features BaoFeng is known for!


This sophisticated device comes with an in-depth and well-written user manual to provide you the technical support.


To add to its highlights, the UV-82HP transceiver offers rock-solid quality for a reasonable price.


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Who Should Use BaoFeng UV-82HP?

The UV-82HP is an upgrade from the UV-82 series from BaoFeng. Like its predecessor, it boasts the typical features but is a better-looking device with a variety of color options. BaoFeng is a reputable brand in the world of amateur radios and knows how to please both veteran and novice users.

Any amateur radio operator looking to benefit from a compact, rugged HT should opt for the UV-82HP. It’s extensive range coverage, and power-packed performance makes it a top choice for preppers. It is a popular device among beginners, as well as professionals like rescue operators.

Having just entered the field, I didn’t want to make a considerable investment. And so, I settled with this economical device that practically does almost everything! With its multiple power settings and compact design, I felt there was no better option than this one.

I bought this transceiver as a portable ham radio device to make use of during outdoor adventures. But, did you know you could also use UV-82HP for these other activities?

      • Its handy features like the LED flashlight, emergency alarms, and weather features, make it one the best survival radios.
      • We also found it to be a fantastic option for satellite communication when paired with a high-quality Yagi antenna!

What You Should Know

Like any BTech amateur radio, the current model sports all the traditional features. The upgrade from Baofeng doesn’t only limit to the firmware, but the hardware as well. It comes with larger keypad buttons and better packaging.

Let’s take a look at what more the transceiver has to offer:

BaoFeng UV-82HP Specs

      • 7/8-watt max power output
      • Three power levels
      • Tri-color display
      • Available in different colors
      • Selectable dual or single PTT
      • 1800mAh battery
      • 128 user channels
      • VHF (136-174)
      • UHF (400-520)

The UV82HP now includes all the features of the original UV-82, F8HP, and UV-82C in one package. Some of these include PTT synchronizing, high power, newest generation chipset, VFO lockout, and even the R-Tone.

The Use Phase

After purchasing this gadget and using it extensively, I can conclude that it has an outstanding battery life! If you listen to a few transmissions, it can even last you a few days. Moreover, the transmit power exceeds expectations helps you reach users miles away!

Additionally, it has a pretty impressive build quality. The device is easy to program once you get the hang of the menu system. You may also use the CHIRP software to program the transceiver without any problems.

UV-82HP is a feature-rich, two-way handheld amateur radio device. It may not be the most sophisticated or technologically-advanced model, but beginners seem to love this aspect! It is uncomplicated and user-friendly thanks to its easy-to-browse menus and detailed guides.

The best part about this particular device was its user manual. The detailed illustrations and instructions allow you to manually program channels within minutes, regardless of prior experience. Moreover, the online tutorials and BaoFeng’s exceptional customer service made a lot of difference!

After using the unit indoors, from inside the car, and with another transceiver inside the house, we can safely say you cannot go wrong with UV-82HP. It delivers reasonable reception regardless of your location.


Several handheld transceivers are competing in the market. One of the likes is the Yaesu VX-6R, which costs four times as much as UV-82HP. You would expect a high-end product like that to deliver better performance.

However, nothing surpasses the latter in terms of audio reports and signal strength. It may not beat the Yaesu model in terms of other features like the tri-band mode. However, for one-fourth the price, you sure do get a lot with UV-82HP.

I, personally, love the feel of this radio and its ruggedness. It feels comfortable in hand and fits easily! You can throw it into your pocket or backpack and carry it on your adventures, just as I did.

Thanks to its durable casing, you won’t be losing this one any time soon. I have used this in dirty and harsh conditions while hiking and camping, and this one holds up like a champ! So far, I have not found any transmission or power issues with the device. The larger BaoFeng 2,800 mAh battery and the adapter kit work correctly with it.

One notable aspect of this model is that it announces when the battery is running low. That means you won’t be caught off-guard with a dead HAM Radio transceiver without any warning!

However, you may want to replace the stock antenna with a thin whip Comet or roof mount antenna. It becomes especially important when you’re looking to communicate in a densely populated area with tall buildings.

  • Well-written and detailed user manual
  • Solid casing
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Wonderful reception
  • Easy programming using cable
  • Needs a better quality antenna

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Final Thoughts

BaoFeng UV-82HP is, without an ounce of doubt, is a great beginner HAM radio transceiver. Is it perfect? No. Nonetheless, it is a spectacular device!

It boasts an enjoyable design and is packed full of premium features! The current model is the second generation of the classic BaoFeng UV-82 series. Compared to the previous versions, this one has something new and better to offer.

UV-82HP is a versatile pocket rocket with plenty of unique features like Tone calling, emergency alarms, and FM radio. It’s got great insides with upgraded firmware and addition of power levels.

The only slight drawback to this handheld HAM radio is the antenna. It needs a better quality antenna, which many people take care of by purchasing an external whip.

Overall, in terms of design, price, and performance, it is a solid purchase with many features to look for! Despite some minor drawbacks here and there, the device comes very highly recommended.


This is for professional ham radio users:

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