Best Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Reviews

One of the biggest problems with the traditional walkie talkies is that they are not ‘hands-free’. Needless to say, this gives a lot of headaches for me. This has prompted me to use a Bluetooth walkie talkie that can easily pair with headsets. Some of the wireless walkie talkies even take a step ahead to enable you to use their Smartphone apps for a better user experience.

For the last few weeks, I was eager to find the best Bluetooth walkie talkie in the market that can give a hassle-free operation. So, I started testing the best selling BT radios to find the right one for me. Out of the 10+ products I have tested, the 5 Bluetooth walkie talkies worth the money are reviewed in this article.

Before we start with the reviews, here are the top two walkie talkies with Bluetooth you can consider buying:

Motorola Talkabout T800- Best Choice

  • Easy pairing and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Off-grid messaging and offline location sharing
  • Weatherproof design
  • Long-range broadcasting

Cobra PR562BLT- Budget Option

  • Pairs with Bluetooth headset for hands-free communication
  • Up to 28-miles of range
  • IPX2 standard water resistance
  • 10 NOAA channels

Who should get Bluetooth Walkie Talkie

The greatest benefit of having a BT walkie talkie is that it gives you a lot of freedom. You no longer have to hold the walkie talkie in your hand!

They are quite useful in circumstances where the failure of the device won’t cause much trouble.

  • Security personnel and guards can use Bluetooth radios and headsets to communicate freely while looking unobtrusive.
  • The hands-free operation feature is useful for individuals whose hands are mostly preoccupied. For example bike riders, truckers, and construction site workers.
  • Having a Bluetooth earpiece can also help users looking for silent operation, for example in crowded areas or when out hunting in the wild.
  • These are a great asset for restaurants and job sites.

Best Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Reviews

We have gone through some of the best bt walkie talkies in the world to find out the top players. Our test gave us five high quality wireless two-way radios worth buying. Below are the detailed reviews of these radios:

1. Motorola Talkabout T800 – Best Walkie Talkie with Bluetooth

This Bluetooth-enable walkie talkie, of the classic Motorola Talkabout series, is designed for operators’ ease of use.

In terms of quality, it is exceptional when used outdoors and while traveling.


  • Durable build
  • The Talkabout app is handy and allows for easy pairing
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Batteries last a long time
  • Off-grid location sharing and maps


  • Instructions are not user-friendly
22 Channels121 Privacy Codes35 Mile RangeNOAA ChannelsHidden Display
Dual watchWeatherproofDual PowerVibrate modeOff-grid group

Non-techies seem to struggle with two-way radios and prefer using smartphones to communicate. However, with the Motorola Talkabout T800, things are going to change! The T800 allows users to send text messages even when there is no cell service available. Thanks to the Bluetooth enabled technology!

This top-of-the-line feature is worthy of praise! The best aspect of the Motorola T800 is the Talkabout App, which is super easy to navigate. You can use it to pre-download maps while in a low cell coverage area.

Additionally, the NOAA weather channels and micro-USB charging seem to be the highlight!

Overall, there are several great opinions about this wireless earpiece walkie talkie apart from the instruction manual, which isn’t quite user-friendly. Besides this minor drawback, our overall experience with T800 has been enjoyable.

Would I recommend it? Definitely!

2. Cobra PR562BLT – Budget BT Walkie Talkie

If you’re looking for a walkie talkie with Bluetooth technology, but your budget doesn’t stretch to the ones listed above, try this!

The Cobra PR562BLT has all the features of a mid and high-end radio!


  • Clear audio and easy-to-use device
  • Excellent battery life
  • Rugged and slip-resistant
  • The range is pretty decent in suburban areas


  • If you have a pre-existing headset, it may not necessarily work with these walkie talkies. The radios only seem to connect with headsets from three or four brands
 IPX2 Water Resistant28 mile range10 NOAA Channels121 Privacy Codes22 Channels

Here are some of the highlights of the Cobra PR562BLT:

  • Pairs with Bluetooth headset for hands-free operation
  • Up to 32 miles range
  • Uses patented VibrAlert
  • Enhanced functionality with rubberized grip
  • Features a battery saver circuitry

In all honesty, this walkie talkie was a complete surprise package. The lower price had me worried about the quality and functioning, but this Cobra radio exceeded my expectations. Besides the essential two-way radio functions, it is water-resistant, pairs with Bluetooth headsets, and has 10 NOAA weather stations.

The range is pretty adequate; however, as expected, it is not true to claims! Besides, the Cobra PR56BLT is not the best when it comes to Bluetooth compatibility. It does not connect easily to other headsets and works best with only three to four brands.

If you’re a newbie and need basic-level functioning, this walkie talkie is a fantastic budget option. It certainly isn’t the best, but sure has a lot to deliver!

3. Retevis RT78 – High Power Bluetooth radio

A pack of 3 colorful long range walkie talkies designed for both boys and girls!

These ergonomically designed toys are perfect for adventurous children.


  • Bluetooth mode allows voice calls
  • Drop-proof design
  • Easy to carry135-hours standby time


  • The belt clip is not attached very firmly
App operationIP 67High Power RadioGPS16 Channels

Like Motorola, Retevis uses a designated mobile App that enables the hands-free operation to make your journey comfortable and pleasant. Furthermore, it boasts a GPS function for real-time location sharing for when you are outdoors with friends. Using this, you can easily find your partners during outdoor journeys.

Another bonus is the large-capacity battery on the RT78 with an extended standby time. Thanks to its automatic power-saving function, you don’t have to worry about sudden power shortages.

Besides Bluetooth connectivity, the Retevis RT78 is a must-have two-way radio for its IP67-rated waterproofing. It is the right companion to have for all your outdoor adventures!

4. Motorola MU350R – Premium Choice

The MU350R is a touch more expensive than the other options listed here.

With its weatherproofing, Bluetooth pairing, and the addition of 7 NOAA weather channels, these radios are indeed worth the price!


  • Crystal clear transmit and receive
  • Wonderful battery life
  • Decent range
  • Hands-free operation with Bluetooth capability is pretty convenient


  • Has an annoying beep that you cannot turn down

FRS/GMRSIP 5435 Mile RangeNOAA ChannelsWeatherproof

Here’s why MU350R makes it to the list:

  • Enables wireless communication
  • Provides audio quality second to none
  • Dust and weatherproofed
  • 35-mile range in ideal conditions
  • Easy, 4-way charging

If you’re tired of tangled cables, Motorola MU350R offers users a seamless mode of communication with its Bluetooth capability. You can enjoy wireless communication by pairing your walkie talkie with a Bluetooth headset.

This versatile two-way radio can be carried all day long and can come in handy for all your activities.

Most notably, the device is feature-rich. You name it, and the radio has it! Of course, Bluetooth is the most touted feature; however, besides that, users can enjoy a decent range, good battery life, and multiple channels. Yeah, with a good earbud, you will enjoy a premium experience with this HT two way radio.

Considering all that it has to offer, the radio is worth every penny spent!

5. Motorola Talkabout T801 – Sleek and smart design

This second version of the Motorola T800 comes with a funky color, carry case, and a whole lot of functionalities. It may sit closer to the bottom, but it sure packs plenty of punch..


  • Durable construction for tough outdoor use
  • Loud and crisp audio
  • Minimal reception issues


  • Setup is slightly confusing

Like Motorola T800, the T801 uses the Talkabout App to connect the radio to your smartphone. By doing this, you get features like group communication, off-grid messaging, location sharing, and more!

Although similar, the T801 comes with additional accessories. The housing on the T801 is weather-resistant but is not submersible. Overall, it is quite sturdy and offers a spectacular feel in hand.

With the T801, I was able to have reliable communication, even in areas with low cellular coverage. The range was restricted depending on terrain but performed okay in other aspects.

The only disadvantage we experienced was with the setup. You may want to watch a few tutorials before kick-starting it.

How to Buy a Bluetooth Two Way Radio

wireless blutooth walkie talkies

Not everyone needs a Bluetooth walkie talkie. Normal handheld radios are enough for most purposes. But, there are certain jobs which require the use of wireless walkie talkies.

While buying a wireless BT walkie talkie, your main focus should be on the wireless aspects of the radio. Here are some of the key things you should keep in mind if you are planning to buy a Bluetooth two-way radio walkie talkie your own


The very purpose of having a walkie talkie with Bluetooth is to pair it with an earpiece or headphone. You need to get those walkie talkies which are easy to pair with other available wireless products.

There can be some products that are only compatible with the same makes. We would ask you to avoid these products. Instead, invest in brands like Motorola or Retevis which offers easy compatibility.

Another thing to look for is connectivity with Smartphones. You need to ensure that the connecting application is easy to navigate and offers easy pairing. The Talkabout App is particularly useful when connecting walkie talkies to Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Range

More than the range of the walkie talkie, the range of Bluetooth plays a huge rule too. If your device can be connected even at a distance of more than 10 meters, you will have the perfect Bluetooth walkie talkie.

With a higher BT range, you might not even have to keep the walkie talkie with you while operating it. This will be very helpful for businesses, restaurants and construction sites. etc.

Waterproof, Water Resistance

When exploring options for the best Bluetooth walkie talkies pay extra attention to its IP rating. The rating signifies how water resistance devices are grouped. Waterproof gadgets are typically better than water-resistant ones as they can withstand or float in about meter-deep water. 

The Retevis RT78 isn’t only highly functional but also carries an IP67 rating. The walkie talkie is protected against water splashes and environmental erosion.

he Motorola MU350R and Cobra PR562BLT are water-resistant walkie talkies.

You can use the two devices under light rain without worrying about causing damage to its interior or exterior.

Extra Features

Besides looking at the design and ease of use, functionality is another critical aspect. Some essentials include

  • iVOX
  • Higher range
  • Weather channels
  • LED flashlight
  • Vibration mode etc.


What is the difference between wireless walkie talkie and Bluetooth?

There are several reasons why Bluetooth makes for a handy feature on walkie talkie radios. The feature allows for hassle-free communication, as it does not require wires. A wireless Bluetooth headset will enable users to enjoy the perks of two-way communication while on the move.

Besides wireless communication, Bluetooth connectivity opens up a range of options. Pairing your Bluetooth devices can be useful in messaging off-grid, sharing locations, and recording tracks. It allows users to magnify their voice and send messages across channels.

How to use Bluetooth walkie talkie?

The Motorola series work by connecting the smartphone to your radio over Bluetooth. The Motorola Talkabout app enables communication options that go beyond push-to-talk. This Motorola Talkabout app uses the walkie talkie to send messages, share locations and more to fellow device users.

Similarly, the Retevis RT78 connects to Bluetooth using a mobile application to make global internal calls.

The Cobra PR562BLT, on the other hand, is Bluetooth compatible. It connects to a Bluetooth headset to enable wireless and hands-free communication.

What accessories do I need along with Bluetooth walkie talkie?

Besides smartphone application, some two-way radios come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. If you’re looking to accessorize your radio, you can look into wireless earpieces and headsets. Professionals wanting to look unobtrusive can sport these headsets or earpieces without calling much attention.

You can also look into Bluetooth-enabled microphone options to pair with your walkie talkies. Adding a microphone can help amplify your transmit audio.


Bluetooth walkie talkies offer not only exciting services but also aid in ease of use. With a Bluetooth headphone or earpiece, you can stay connected without having to hold the device in hand. It also saves you from the bundle of wires that can otherwise be invasive and annoying for many operators.

If you’re looking to improve the usability of your walkie talkie, Bluetooth capability is a great place to start.