Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck in 2020

It’s no secret that no vehicle can give the same look and feel like a pickup truck when it comes to installing a CB antenna. In fact, a good share of CBers is pickup drivers.

If you’re one of these amazing guys, you might have already sorted out the best CB radio for your truck. But without a long range CB antenna, your CB will fail to give you outstanding transmission and reception.

Said that you can’t just choose any of the available CB antennas and pray for a terrific performance.

You need to identify the right one!

This article on the best CB antenna for pickup truck is what you must read if you want to boost the CB set up in your vehicle.

Our reviews and recommendations will help you in finding the perfect CB radio antenna for pickups which is highly durable, flexible and offers exceptional long-distance communication.

Before we get into the detailed reviews, here are our top choices.

Top CB Radio Antennas for Pickups


Wilson 305-38: Editor’s Choice


Wilson 1000

  • High-impact thermoplastic
  • Weather-ready
  • Removable whip
  • Durable magnetic mount

Cobra HGA 1500

  • Well-made, heavy-duty 4 inch magnet
  • Easy-to-tune
  • Weather channel ready
  • Ideal for trucks, SUVs, and recreational vehicles.

Hustler IC100W

  • 3.5 inch magnet base
  • Easy to adjust
  • Value for money
  • 41” whip

Firestik FS-4BK

Prostik 4’

  • 1000 watt rating
  • Anti-breakage design
  • Durable quality
  • Comes pre-tuned

Hustler IC-56

  • 102” whip
  • Resists bending and kinking
  • Excellent for off road
  • Reduces unwanted static

What kind of CB Antenna should I get for a Pickup?

Most CB radios come with a transmitting power of about 4 watts. To maximize performance, it becomes necessary to add good quality and powerful antenna to your pickup truck. The factory-installed antenna does not stand a chance so an external whip sounds like a better choice.

Before deciding what type of antenna you want, you should probably figure out where to mount it.

You can read on to find different kinds of Antennas, their performance, and ideal mounting location.

Magnet Mount

CB antennas for pickup trucks need their coil to be located above the cab or roof. However, if you install the antenna on the roof, anything will work up there! That is why magnet mount CB antennas are a great choice for Pickup trucks.

When it comes to overall performance and user-friendliness, mag-mount antennas are the clear winners. You may be wondering why.

  • When installed on top of the roof, they offer exceptional clarity and range.
  • Moreover, they are straightforward and unchallenging to set up.
  • You won’t need to drill holes or damage your vehicle!
  • Lastly, the package includes the whip, mount, and the coax cable.


For any other location, apart from the roof, you may need a fiberglass antenna. Here’s what makes them different and in some cases, superior:

  • These antenna whips are durable and long-lasting.
  • They are slightly flexible.
  • Fiberglass antennas come with a universal thread that easily connects to any of the CB antenna mounts.
  • You can install it on the toolbox, hood, or even bumper.

When looking to install these antennas on the bumper or fender, opt for a top-loaded antenna. Having a tall enough CB antenna with a top-loaded coil above the cab will give you excellent transmission. A 3-foot antenna on the fender will work spectacularly for most semi-trucks.

102” Whip

You may have heard it by now, the taller the antenna, the superior performance it will offer. If you are concerned about range or clarity, you may opt for the 102” whip.

Once hooked, you may find it difficult to return to an ordinary 5’ antenna. This better performance is incomparable to any other antenna when it comes to range.

However, having a massive antenna hooked to your pickup may be challenging. You will need a sturdy mount to hold it on, preferably the ball mount or traditional three-way mount.

Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck: Reviews

1. Wilson 305-38 – Top Choice

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Simply put: the best CB radio antenna you can get for pickup trucks, period.  

  • The durable and robust antenna is able to endure a few hits here and there.
  • High-quality construction
  • If you’re a beginner, tuning this will be a piece of cake.
  • All it needs is a spring to get through most garage doors.

If you’re looking for a powerful, heavy-duty mag-mount antenna – look no further! Wilson is a top choice, especially for its brand name. And, Wilson 305-38 is our top choice for this reason. It is the number one choice when it comes to antennas for pickup trucks.

The sleek and sturdy whip does a fantastic job of providing drivers with the utmost clarity and range. At 36 inches tall, Wilson 305-38 offers 26.965 to 27.405 frequency ranges.

If you’re wondering what makes it the absolute best, let us break it down for you.

Among its many notable features is its thermoplastic coil holder, which is a low loss design. Moreover, it is firm and can withstand hurricane winds, as well.

2. Wilson 1000 – Tallest Antenna

While slightly expensive, the exceptional specs and tasteful design make Wilson 1000 a high-end all-rounder.

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Like the Wilson 305-38, Wilson 1000 is another top choice for all the obvious reasons. The reliable brand name, coupled with the unique 5’ length, has us rooting for it.

With a length like that, dual-antenna systems don’t stand a chance!

You can mount this magnet antenna on the center of the roof with absolute ease. This heightened position keeps it out of reach and prevents possible theft.

Wilson 1000’s best feature is its secure mag mount, which requires force to dislodge. That means it can easily withstand strong winds when installed to a pickup truck.

Honestly, we might not even do justice in describing this top-of-the-line Antenna when it comes to features and qualities. It is simply extraordinary and worth every penny!

3. Cobra HGA 1500 – Best mid-tier Antenna

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A solid all-rounder and popular choice for pickup truckers always on-the-go!

Are you wondering what makes Cobra HGA 1500 so good? Here’s why!

  • The heavy-duty, 4-inch magnet doesn’t let the antenna budge.
  • It is removable and can be stored when not in use.
  • It has a 100-watt rating with a frequency of 26-30 MHz
  • However, it does need better material for the insulating.

In all totality, the HGA 1500 is a masterpiece by Cobra made to suit all your needs! It is compatible with all CB frequencies.

Moreover, the magnet mount holds the antenna in place, enduring strong winds. The antenna is removable, which can protect it from unwanted damage. That can also help to increase its product-life, making it long-lasting.

What pickup truckers find most interesting about Cobra HGA 1500 is how well it works right out of the box. It needs minimal tuning and adjustment, making it user-friendly.

4. Hustler IC100W – Mighty and worth every penny

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Are you looking for clarity and range? Here’s Hustler IC100W, a top choice for top-quality antennas on a budget.

  • The 3.5-inch magnetic base easily attaches to any metal surface.
  • It is a complete package and comes with a 15 feet coax cable.
  • It offers reliable performance and high-quality construction.
  • The antenna requires some adjustment and tuning.

The Hustler IC100W is among some of the best-quality CB antennas. It is designed to last you through the years without any trouble.

It handles 100 watts of power and has a 48” antenna. This longer length improves performance and gives better transmission.

The best part? It is super affordable and light on the pocket.

Hustler IC100W has 5-stars from over 50% of its users, which says a lot about its performance and quality. You shouldn’t have to think twice before getting it for your pickup truck!

5. Firestik FS-4BK – Most Sold

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Firestik hits the sweet spot with its 4’ antenna. The high-class functioning makes it the most sought after product in the world of CB radios and antennas!

This fiberglass antenna is a popular choice for pickup truckers looking for toolbox mountable antennas. Here are some of the highlighted features:

  • It’s a 5/8 wavelength design rated at 900 watts.
  • The tip is easily tunable.
  • It has a hi-performance loading coil.
  • The antenna requires fine-tuning (SWR).

This all-American product has both ruggedness and flexibility. However, when purchasing this antenna, make sure to add in a heavy-duty spring, as well. Due to its overall stiffness, it may not be able to take up a lot of impact from tree branches or roofs.

Most users who own the Firestik FS-4BK cannot stop raving about its durability. The sturdy construction makes it worth every penny!

6. Prostik 4’ – Best budget CB Antenna

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This one is the best antenna for it’s killer specs at a bargain price point.

Whenever we look at a low-cost product, we immediately associate it with poor quality. Prostik is all for breaking this misconception with its spectacular design.

The exclusive “Vibrasorb” anti-breakage design makes it damage-resistant. That also means your product will last you longer! Not only that, the fiberglass mast is joined nickel-plated brass ferrule, which adds to its durability.

Prostik 4’ may be an excellent choice for pickup truck drivers looking for a long-lasting antenna.

Prostik’s broad tuning range is 26.000 to 29.500 MHz and handles 1000 watts of power. Like Firestik, this is another fiberglass antenna with an equal length yet lower price! The flexible nature of the antenna allows for ease of tuning.

7. Hustler IC-56 – Long-lasting and Durable

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A product we could go on and on for! Hustler IC-56 is a remarkable antenna considering its budget-friendly price and superior quality.

The last product on our list of CB antennas is the Hustler IC-56. The 102” stainless steel whip is designed to outperform competitors.

The 8.5’ antenna offers 27 MHz frequency and reduces unwanted static. Not only that, but it also resists bending and kinking and is great for off-roading.

Did you know the Hustler IC-56 can bend 180 degrees? Oh, and it would spring right back!

Moreover, the range offered by these beasts is incomparable to all others. However, as mentioned earlier, 102” whip antennas may not be the best choice for pickup truck drivers. Despite offering double and even triple the performance, the massive antennas can cause some clearance issues.

Comparison of Recommended CB Radio Antenna for Pickups

ProductAntenna WhipTypePower RatingWeight
Wilson 305-3836”Magnetic300 Watts2 pounds
Wilson 100062.5”Magnetic3000 Watts3 pounds
Cobra HGA 150036”Magnetic300 Watts1.6 pounds
Hustler IC100W41”Magnetic100 Watts1.4 pounds
Firestik FS-4BK48”Fiberglass900 Watts0.9 pounds
Prostik 4’48”Fiberglass1000 Watts0.45 pounds
Hustler IC-56102”102” whip500 Watts0.8 pounds

Best Place to Mount CB Antenna on Pickup Truck

You might have figured out the right CB radio antenna for your pickup by now. The next question is where to mount CB antenna on your pickup.

A rule of thumb suggests that the higher you mount the antenna, the better performance it offers. Here are some of the ideal places to install it:

best place to mount CB antenna on pickup truck

Roof Center

Mounting a CB antenna to the center of the roof guarantees 100% performance? Why? It is the highest point on your pickup, which maximizes quality and performance. Secondly, the central location on the roof reduces directional bias.

For installation to the pickup roof, we recommend using a mag-mount antenna. These are convenient to install and go a long way!

For maximum range, a 5 feet antenna whip would be your best choice. However, a 3 feet antenna would do equally well. The Wilson 1000 is a 5 feet magnetic CB antenna – an ideal choice by customers for pickup trucks.

Typically, we route the cable for such mount through the rear window or door frame.

Tool Box

Another popular mounting spot is the toolbox, which also serves the purpose right. Most truckers use a fiberglass antenna along with a three-way mount for the toolbox.

If you decide to go for the CB Antenna toolbox mount, here’s something to remember. Mount the antenna towards the driver’s side. It will prevent the truck cabin from blocking signals from drivers on the road.

More importantly, pick an antenna that clears the roofline.

With fiberglass as the ideal choice for toolbox mounts, the Firestik FS antenna fits the option perfectly. It includes everything you need for an easy-breezy installation process.

Stakehole Mount

Apart from the toolbox and roof mount, another great option is the stakehole. It is an ideal choice for when you want to install the antenna behind the truck cab.

If you’re wondering what a stakehole is, let us explain. These are the square openings along the pickup’s bedrails. For best performance, opt for one closest to the cabin.

It is often a great idea to go for stakehole mounts when looking to avoid drilling holes. They do not alter or damage the vehicle in any way. When installing in a stake hole, choose an antenna that extends at least one foot above the truck cab.


Fender or hood channel mounted antennas are most common with pickups having a specialized mount. It is mostly selected when a fifth wheel or trailer makes other options impossible.

However, this type of mount comes at a cost. Most automobile manufacturers renew hood designs, making it difficult for CB antenna manufacturers to keep up.

Should I get a Dual CB Antenna for Pickup?

dual CB antenna for pickup trucksThe rugged feel of a dual antenna setup on a pickup truck is unexplainable. However, when it comes to performance, they are mainly chosen for the wrong reasons.

A dual CB antenna setup is preferred mainly for appearance, and in some cases, performance. Sometimes, with a fifth wheel, the antenna receives a dead spot. In this case, having two antennas improves the ability to transmit or receive signals from all sides.

They also increase CB radio’s range up and down the direction of travel. But, keep in mind you may lose range to the sides. In short, the signal pattern changes from being circular to more oval with two antennas.

However, dual CB antennas may not always be the best choice for a pickup truck. In fact, if you ask us, it may not be needed at all!

Having a 5 feet antenna, for example, may outperform a dual antenna with two shorter whips any day! It also performs better than dual antennas mounted lower.

If you can have one antenna, in place of two, why would you want the dual antenna setup for your pickup truck?


Deciding on a CB antenna for your pickup can be a challenging task. It involves choosing between various options, sizes, types, and even mounting locations. However, with our simple and straightforward guide, you’ll find it easier to shortlist options.

If you’re all for the looks, a dual Antenna system could be your safest bet! But, if you don’t mind a few alterations and are not concerned about looks, the Fiberglass antenna could work well.

On the other hand, if you’re seeking efficient performance without any damage, you can settle with the mag-mount antennas.

With this critical information at hand, picking an antenna wouldn’t be so troublesome, after all.