Best CB Coax Cable Reviews: Strong CB Antenna Wires known for Durability

One of the biggest mistakes most people commit while setting up a CB system is ignoring the quality of coax cable.

These wires are the link between your CB radio and antenna. It means you need to buy the best CB coax cable so that it can hold up the harsh conditions and last fairly long.

If you are settling with a cheap coax for your CB radio, you will need a new one in a few months.


….how do you choose a durable CB radio coax cable?

Don’t worry! We are here to help you. We have reviewed some of the terrific coax cables for CB antennas in this article.

Below is a quick overview of our top choices:

Best Coax for CB Radio

Product name Highlights
CablesOnline R-U020- The Best
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  • Strong construction with a braided copper shield
  • RG 8X
  • Anti-rust nickel plated connector.
  • Guaranteed noise-free communication.
Workman RG8X: Longest Coax
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  • 100 ft Coax
  • RG 8X
  • Best for CB Base stations
  • Aesthetic and exceptional gray color
RoadPro RP-8X18
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  • It has the strength to withstand rough weather.
  • Molded connectors with moisture protection.
  • Effectively prevents RP leak and Interference.
  • RG 8X
MPD digital R- U100: Best for High Power Use
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  • Ability to handle high power.
  • Very robust and long-lasting CB cable.
  • It has Double shielded protection.
Yotenko RG58
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  • Compatible with all radio accessories.
  • Strongly placed, nickel-plated and soldered connectors.
Truckspec TS-18CC: Most Affordable
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  • A low-cost CB cable.
  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • Very easy to set up and maintain.
RoadPro RP-18CC
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  • Ideal for tough conditions.
  • Specially crafted for the road vehicles.
  • Small, lightweight and cheap.

Why should you select the right Coax cable?

A Coax cable connects the CB radios with other accessories. So, its quality is of paramount importance. You may have a good CB radio or the best long range CB antenna. But you will never get the best output unless you have the right Coax cable.

A Coax cable is the missing piece of the puzzle for your entire radio facility. So, you have to get is right to make your whole system work. If you don’t get the right coax cable. Your reception and transmission will not be up to the mark. The advantages of having the right Coax cable are:

  1. Seamless performance.
  2. Uninterrupted transmission and reception.
  3. Better longevity of all the radio accessories.
  4. Obtaining the full potential of the total CB radio facility.

Don’t just wait. Go get the right Coax cable to bring out the best from your facility and get rid of your bitter CB radio experience.

Best CB Coax Cable Reviews

1. CablesOnline R-U020: The Best

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CablesOnline R-U020 is the king of CB Coax cable- it will certainly provide you the best CB experience. It is an RG 8x type cable and gives you all the features you’re looking for in a coax cable. The durability and premium quality are the two outstanding features most CBers love about this product.

This cable by far the best contender because of the following:

  • Low loss and just the perfect resistance crafted for the best performance.
  • Nickel-plated connector will ensure stability and connectivity.
  • Available in several dimensions ranging from 20-50 feet.
  • The soldered connection will provide strength and copper seamless connectivity.

The name “CableOnline” describes its reliability and it will never fail you. You will never lose connectivity with this coax cable and your CB will always be online whenever and wherever you want. The excellent quality will make sure that you fall in its love.

2. Workman RG8X: The Longest coax cable

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Forget your anguish about distance with Workman RG8X. It comes with a colossal 100 ft cable. Place your antenna on roof or backyard, range won’t be a matter for you with this CB cable.

With its gray color, you will get great aesthetics. And the uncompromised quality will make disturbance or noise a long gone worry. With this RG8X type cable, you will get a 95% copper braid shield and other premium features like 16Ga stranded conductor. The excellent PL-256 connectors and efficient soldering will give you a robust CB.

So, the bottom line is, if you want something long, aesthetic and effective at the same time. Workman RG8X will blow your mind but certainly not your radio.

3. RoadPro RP-8X18: Your warrior in Extreme Weather

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With RoadPro RP-8X18 you can withstand extreme weather conditions. Sun, rain, and wind will not be an issue with this CB cable because:

  • You will get molded PL-259 connectors for moisture protection.
  • The shielding coverage will surely make you forget about the leak.

Now there’s one more point that needs clarification. The strong protection and shielding will not affect the flexibility of the cable. You will get a super flexible and light cable. Yes, you read that right, a strong robust and protective flexible CB cable all at the same time.

This innovation by RoadPro is an RP-8X 18’ type cable. It is specially crafted for single SB Antenna with SO- 239 Stud mounts. So, you might find it incompatible with some categories of CB Antenna. But, one thing above all whatever the weather may be, this solider of yours will never fail you. With RoadPro RP-8X18 your CB and Antenna will never be severed out of the connection.

4. MPD digital R- U100: Best for High Power Applications

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Running bigger CB radios with heavy-duty antennas require high power. And usually, the base station owners know the value of a good quality coax cable to connect high power devices. MPD digital R- U100 is the best coax for CB antennas in this regard.

Let me explain why.

This is because this particular RG 8x type coax cable has a double shielding with the assurance of 50 Ohm impedance and premium quality. Moreover, You will also find an inner aluminum foil and an outer copper braid.

This double shielding will give you extra protection and confidence to use it for high power applications.

You can use it in base station with long term stability and without any issues. We assure you will have uninterrupted connectivity and can reach an SWR of 1.1 with MPD digital R-U100.

5. Yotenko RG58: A Versatile CB Cable

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The main job of a Coax cable is to act as a connector. And the more the cable is compatible with accessories, the better it is. Yotenko RG58 is the best in this regard. With a standard quality and solid center, this is an RG-58 type cable. Yotenko being the most versatile coax cable in the market supports all.

The best thing about this CB coax cable is that you can use it in your other communication setups like:

    • Amateur two-way radio application.
    • To connect handset.
    • Running base station.
    • Operating HAM.

Yes, you read that right, it practically supports all the accessories and can be relied upon for any task.

This 15-meter-long cable is flexible and reliable at the same time. And the best part is the cable is cheap. You can own this versatile connector of yours just around 17 bucks. Isn’t that great?

6. Truckspec TS-18CC: Top Budget Coax for CB

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Truckspec TS-18CC CB Coax cable is cheap yet effective. Manufactured by one of the industry leaders, it is an RG-58A/U type cable. This CB cable meets all the standard with price just above 11 bucks. You will have all the necessary specs like:

    • Standard PL-259 connectors.
    • Shielding coverage.
    • Molded connectors for protecting your antenna against moisture.

You can take proper advantage of the perfect length of 18 foot, and connect your antenna and CB effectively within standard distance.

As a CB operator, you may not receive the best quality output from this coax cable. But if you believe in “You get what you pay for” philosophy. Then Truckspec TS-18CC is certainly the Best value for money Coax cable out there on the market and deserves to be in your shopping cart.

7. RoadPro RP-18CC

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If you drive a lot and love to use CB just like the good old style. You must be acquainted with the struggle in the marketplace to find the perfect CB cable. RoadPro RP-18CC is the perfect solution for the driving and CB enthusiast at the same time. It is an RG-58A/U type cable with the flexible stranded center and PL-256 standard connectors.

RoadPro is acquainted with the different working conditions of Coax cables in vehicles. So, they took special measures in the manufacture of this particular CB radio. And you can use it in:

    • Utility vehicles.
    • Sport motorcycles.
    • Street Motor scooters
    • Marine craft, RV, etc.

This is a very robust CB cable and the black color also suits it perfectly for any type of vehicle. It is an 18-foot-long cable and you will find it absolutely handy while connecting your CB radio with your Antenna in a vehicle.

How to buy the Right CB Antenna Cable

cb antenna cable

A coax cable connects the main radio and the antenna. If you want uninterrupted connectivity you ought to have the very best coax cable.

Often the amateur, as well as experienced radio enthusiasts, makes silly mistakes while buying coax cable. Here are our top tips for you. Go through our tips, avoid silly mistakes and buy the best quality coax cable from the market:

Know your need:

The first step to buy any accessories related to CB radio is to evaluate your need at first. Do you own a base station? How much power-hungry your radio and antenna are? What are the limits? Know all these pieces of stuff before going to buy a coax cable. Because an incompatible CB cable will not only distort your radio experience if you are unlucky enough it may take down your whole system.

The Right Type of Coax

Type Features
RG 58
  • Standard Coax
  • Solid center
  • Average shielding & thickness
  • For normal scenarios-home stations
  • Premium Coax
  • Stranded center
  • Thick
  • Best suited for heavy-duty conditions
RG 59
  • Dual antenna coax

Watch out for length:

How far is your radio facility from the antenna? Yes, you need an accurate measurement. Because you definitely don’t want to come back to the market again for being short. It does not end here. Length is a factor to determine the attenuation of a cable. So, have an accurate measurement of length and attenuation and watch out carefully.

Get the perfect connectors:

Before buying coax cable carefully check the connectors. Does it have the standard PL 256 connectors? If yes then move on to the next step. Check out the quality of the connectors. The good quality connectors are:

  • Soldered well.
  • Nickel-plated.
  • Molded to protect against detrimental weather.

Check out for the right impedance:

There are coax cables of different impedance. You will find the most common types are:

  1. 50 Ohm.
  2. 75 Ohm

Usually, the CB radio operation requires a coax cable of 50 Ohm impedance. But you need to put extra attention to somewhere else. Carefully check out if the CB cable having proper impedance or mixed impedance. If your answer is No. Then our suggestion for you is don’t buy that cable. It may have quality issues.

Check out the coax cable shield:

You can always rely on a better-shielded coax cable for heavy-duty work. Check out for double-shielded cable in the market. It will ensure robustness and stability at the same time.

Our Buying guide is help for radio enthusiasts. In the end, you are the buyer and owner of the products. So, buy what suits your needs and never compromise quality for the price. Remember in the long the few bucks you use today for getting the best Coax cable will save hundreds of dollars of operation cost.



Does CB coax length matter?
Most of the CB antennas come tuned for 18 feet coax cable. If you are either increasing or decreasing the length of the coax cable, you will need to make additional antenna adjustments.

Yes, the length of the coax cable DOES matter.

Does coax length affect SWR?
The matched coax(in terms of impedance) will not affect SWR. On the other hand, if you are adding additional coax, the loss in the cable will lower the SWR.
Does CB coax cable degrade over time?
Nothing is permanent! This applies to coax cable too. However, if you are choosing the right kind of coax cable, you can easily extend its life to close to five years. This is why we recommend using RG 8X coax cables for CB radios.
How long should a CB antenna cable be?
Typical CB antenna cables are 18 feet long. Most coax cable manufacturers produce pretuned coax cables of 18′.
How to connect coax cable to CB antenna
You can connect coax cable to CB antennas using connectors like PL259.

PL-259 is the most common connection you will find in CB antennas.

All the CB cables will have a PL-259 connector at one end to connect to a CB radio. On the other end(for connecting to the CB antenna), you will find PL-259 style, ring-style or lug-style connectors. You need to choose the right Coax as per your CB antenna mount.

How to determine the length of coax cable needed for CB?
Practically you need to measure the distance between your CB radio and antenna to get the length of the coax cable needed. Please note that you should be able to route the coax cable neatly through this space.

Coax cable is the bridge that connects your CB with Antenna. You should have the right CB with uncompromisable quality to get the best out of your CB set up. Or else You will notice excessive noise and loss of power if you don’t get the right CB cable.

So, choose the right one and enjoy the CB talks with your peers!

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