Best CB External Speaker Reviews: Amplified PA Speakers for Your CB Radio

The in-built speaker is the most volatile part of any CB system. They are not reliable and in the long term will do more harm than good.

Do you know what is the first thing an expert CB user does when he/she buys a new CB? They buy the best CB external speaker in the market. A good quality external speaker will make your life fairly easier.

I will advise you to get a good amplified PA speaker if you want to get the most out of your CB radio.

After all, why buy a CB if you can’t hear what’s happening in the channels?

In this article, we will see some of the most favorite CB radio speakers. Before that, here is an overview of our top picks:

Top External Speaker for CB Radio

RoadPro RPSP-15
  • Durable build with a mesh grill
  • Package includes swivel bracket, cord, and plug
  • Intensifies CB radio audio
  • Long-lasting quality
Uniden (BC15)
  • Rugged and Durable design
  • Built-in noise blanker to reduce interference
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Includes 10 ft. speaker wire
Astatic 302-VS4
  • Includes mounting bracket and hardware
  • 5-watt power rating
  • Come s with a 10′ cord with a 3. 5m mini plug
  • 8 ohms speaker impedance
Cobra HG S500
  • Stunning appearance
  • Reduces static and amplifies the voice
  • Variable talkback control
  • Strong and durable design
  • Compact design
  • Includes mounting bracket and hardware
  • Includes cord and plug
  • Ideal for CB radios, police scanners, ham radio.
Astatic 302-VS6
  • Premium noise-canceling technology
  • 8 ohms impedance
  • Small and compact extension speaker
  • Mounting bracket and hardware
Midland 21-406
  • 4-ohm with swivel base
  • Clear audio
  • 15-watt capacity
  • Made with durable plastic
RoadPro RP-108C
  • 6 ft. cord and swivel bracket
  • 6 watts peak power
  • Rugged appearance
  • Compact size
Vectorcom TRD550
  • Affordable price
  • Optimum for clear sound
  • 5-watt power handling
  • 3-inch speaker
  • Made with high-quality ABS material
  • User-friendly features
  • Built-in noise filter
  • Easy to carry


Why do you need an External Speaker?

If you ask us, the most essential component of a CB radio is the external speaker!

What good would your CB radio be without quality sound output?

Most devices come with an in-built speaker that produces noise and static. It can make any driver’s experience a living hell! That is especially true in the case of drivers who communicate in a noisy environment.

That is precisely why it becomes necessary to add an external CB speaker to enhance the experience. It helps to amplify sound while also reducing unwanted interference.

Here’s how to find one, that meets your system, as well as budget needs. If you’re worried about emptying your wallet, then these affordable options are not to be missed!

Best CB External Speaker Reviews

1. RoadPro RPSP-15 – Best compact speaker

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RoadPro RPSP-15 stands out as a best-seller in the audio market with its durable construction and 5-watt power rating. Size and sound quality are both a hit with this one!

If there’s one device that gives maximum volume with distortion-free output, it’s RoadPro RPSP-15. It’s a solid investment, given the affordable price yet superior performance. Yeah, that is exactly why this RoadPro product is the best external CB speaker you can buy now.

Even when you’re stuck on a noisy highway, the speaker produces a great mid-range tone.

  1. It offers minimal distortion even at maximum volume.
  2. RoadPro RPSP-15 is a cost-effective solution to all your sound-related problems.
  3. The size and weight are ideal, making it portable.
  4. The audio output is crisp and clear, even against the noise of tires.

One remarkable feature of this RoadPro external CB speaker is that it is easy to carry! The lightweight and compact nature make it convenient to mount the speaker anywhere in the vehicle. You may even place it in the cup holder without having to worry about the audio quality.

2. Uniden (BS15) – Loud and clear

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What you will love the most about this external CB speaker is the crystal clear audio and impressive sound quality.

Uniden is a trustable brand when it comes to selecting CB devices and accessories, and this speaker is proof of that. It has an incredible power of 15 watts that not every radio may offer. It may be the best choice to go with a higher power rated radio.

Additionally, the robust construction, noise cancellation, and sharp audio output are all loveable. Uniden BS 15 is the perfect size for all vehicles.

If you have limited space in the vehicle, don’t worry! This one fits itself anywhere you want without compromising on its sound quality.

3. Astatic 302-VS4 – Pocket-friendly option

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Compact size and an aesthetic appeal – Astatic 302-VS4 steals the show!

The Astatic 302-VS4 has been termed very intelligible by professional sound engineers. The speech is easily understandable.

The brand delivers just what it promises. That is what makes it top of the line.

  1. The model is easy to install.
  2. Astatic offers loud and clear audio.
  3. It is a top choice when it comes to portable radio operation.
  4. The package includes all the necessary hardware like a swivel bracket and cord.

Here’s what sets Astatic apart from the other brands. The 302-VS4 has a fantastic noise filter to limit the interruption. It gives you a smooth communication experience you’ve always dreamed of.

The ample cord lets you install the speaker anywhere in the vehicle.

4. Cobra HG S500 – Unsurpassed power handling

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This highly advanced speaker has got everything you need! Cobra HG S500 has some of the top-notch features like talkback and noise filter.

Trust Cobra to come up with technologically advanced speakers that resolve all your issues. This all-rounded CB PA speaker is going to blow your mind!

Truth is it is the most feature-rich model in the market currently.

In terms of design, it includes a shock-resistant construction and metal mesh grille. It protects the product at all times.

Additionally, it withstands more power than most products available. That is primarily why Cobra HG S500 is louder than the competitors!

But, this CB PA speaker may not be for the faint-hearted. The price is slightly higher but is justified given the features. We recommend this for professional users looking for amplified sound and don’t mind paying the price.

5. Zaxidaler – The Premium choice

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Here’s a great sounding, and compact speaker you must add to your vehicle! Check out the budget, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Zaxidaler is another great CB radio external speaker to consider. One striking aspect of this product is its compact size and rugged appeal. Furthermore, the package includes all the necessary elements needed for an uncomplicated installation.

  1. The speaker has adequate functioning and produces audio that is quite loud.
  2. The standard, classic black color of this model blends well with the interior of most vehicles.
  3. Zaxidaler is priced just about right for drivers on a tight budget.
  4. It is heavy-duty to the core and maybe the loudest communication speaker out there!

It comes with a mounting bracket, cord, and a standard 3.5mm plug. It allows you to mount the speaker in a manner that you get better sound clarity.

Unlike some of the other devices, this one has a high sound output for its compact size. That’s why Zaxidaler is an excellent choice for smaller vehicles and SUVs.

6. Astatic 302-VS6 – Top customer choice

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Astatic 302-VS6 is a treasured possession for many CB users owing to its premium noise-canceling technology.

The radio speaker is packed with all the relevant features you want. You get a crystal clear sound even when you’re driving in a noisy environment.

Speaking of noise, 302-VS6’s built-in noise filter guarantees voice clarity. Additionally, the long, 10’ power cord resolves all your installation problems! Once mounted, it may become the most useful thing in your car!

7. Midland 21-406 – High-rated CB speaker

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Do you want a CB radio speaker that is practical and portable? Look no further! This Midland model is super lightweight, compact, and does the job well.

Are you on the hunt for the best CB PA speaker? You’ve landed at the right place! Midland’s brand name is enough to urge you to purchase this product. However, we’ll give you more reasons to take a look at it!

Along with a budget-friendly price, the radio has received a lot of appreciation from amateurs and experts alike. The 15-watt power rating is what gives it an excellent sound output.

  1. It’s the most understandable radio speaker.
  2. Well-made with thick and durable plastic.
  3. The product undoubtedly offers value for money.
  4. Beware; you may want to buy a few more of these!

Another highlight is its sturdy construction and minimalist appeal. It has all the standard hardware that most other brands offer for installation.

8. RoadPro RP-108C – Stylish design

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RoadPro RP-108C is designed to provide quality sound, even amidst the noise. The compact, heavy-duty speaker gives both value and performance!

It is a moderately priced speaker with a square frame and front mesh grill. It will easily complement any vehicle’s interior. The 6W speaker gives audible voice output regardless of any background noise.

Once set, you can adjust the speaker’s angle, thanks to the swivel bracket it’s mounted upon.

9. Vectorcom TRD550 – Excellent audio quality

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The rugged look and supreme sound quality of the Vectorcom TRD550 will urge you to add it to your CB system now!

You will receive crisp and sharp audio, even in areas with weak signals. The best part is that the package offers everything you need for an easy installation. Along with long wires, there’s swivel bracket to make the process a piece of cake!

We must also pay tribute to Vectorcom’s stunning design and affordable price!

Here are some other things you will love about this CB radio speaker:

  1. For an amateur radio system, this one’s a great addition.
  2. It works exceptionally well for its price and size.
  3. The sound is plenty loud and clear on this CB radio external speaker.
  4. Clarity and affordability are the two top priorities of Vectorcom.

We recommend it for users who want clear sound at a bargain!

10. Zerone – Remarkable noise filter

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With convenient options, sturdy material, and noise filter, the Zerone mini walkie-talkie is stellar!

Most CB external speakers with premium features are expensive. However, Zerone gives you the best communication experience at an economical price!

It has got a coherent, timbre, and loud sound. With the in-built noise-filter and mute switch, you won’t have to struggle with different menus and functions!

It is compact, delicate, and easy to carry. The perfect speaker for portable operation!

The best part: the Zerone mini walkie-talkie uses durable material to give the customer a long-lasting experience.

RoadPro RPSP-155 watts8.6 x 4.7 x 2.3 in
Uniden (BC15)Noise blanker15 watts4 x 2.5 x 4 in
Astatic 302-VS45 watts2 x 3 x 8 in
Cobra HG S500Noise filter15 watts3.3 x 5.3 x 5.6 in
Zaxidaler5 watts4.5 x 2.5 x 2.25 in
Astatic 302-VS6Noise filter10 watts5.1 x 3 x 5.6 in
Midland 21-40615 watts5.4 x 3.2 x 5.2 in
RoadPro RP-108C6 watts4.6 x 4.1 x 2.5 in
Vectorcom TRD5505 watts4.72 x 2.17 x 3.15 in
ZeroneNoise filter11 watts4.53 x 3.74 x 1.57 in

How to buy a Loud PA Speaker for Your CB?

When purchasing a product, price is not the only feature to look out for. We’re listing down some ultra-important features you should check out before ordering a CB radio PA speaker.


First and foremost, identify why you need one! Without doing this, you may end up with the wrong product and wasted money. For some, the audio may be too loud, while for others, it may be too low.

There are two types of speakers to choose from:

  • CB PA speaker
  • CB extension speaker

The first option is what you opt for when you require amplified output. On the other hand, the latter works best for communication. They produce crisp and sharp sound for you to communicate in a noisy environment.

Sound Quality

The small speakers available in the market typically deliver a high tone. The larger ones, on the other hand, have a deeper tone.

One predictor of tone and sound quality is power!

A speaker rated at 10 watts will produce good-quality audio at an optimum volume.


Not all products are laden with all of the top-notch features. One way to simplify your list is to choose based on the features you need.

Here are some qualities you would want to look for:

  • Talkback: It allows you to adjust voice clarity by hearing how you sound.
  • Noise-cancellation: Having a good filter on the speaker can limit background noise and interference.
  • Earpiece jack: It helps you use a compatible earpiece.


When purchasing a product, price is not the only feature to look out for. We’re listing down some ultra-important features you should check out before ordering a CB radio PA speaker.


By now, you may have figured that the speakers are available at different power handling capacities ranging between 5 and 15 watts.

If you’re looking for amplified output, a PA speaker for CB is a good option.

However, if you’re looking to hear correctly, we recommend speakers with a power handling of up to 8 watts.


How to connect a PA speaker to a CB Radio?
Any brand new CB external speaker comes with connectors. Most commonly, the package includes swivel brackets that work like fasteners.

Before getting started with the installation process, ensure you have adequate cable length. The wire should reach the radio from the speaker.

Next, mount it in the right position, keeping in mind the driver’s convenience. At this point, check that your radio output power is higher than the CB PA speaker output power. In case the speaker has more output than the radio, the two will be incompatible.

Turn off the radio and insert the speaker cord in the appropriate connector jack. Viola! Installation is complete!

Where to put CB PA speaker in a car?
When it comes to placing an external speaker, there needs to be a well-thought plan. There needs to be an excellent point of balance to ensure the sound you receive is not muffled. Moreover, you may have to place it in a manner that it does not get damaged.
  • For jeep drivers, you can use the space under the hood or behind the grille.
  • Some users also recommend mounting it on the roll cage on the driver’s side.
  • Whichever position you choose, make sure there is ample cable connection running from the radio jack to the speaker.
How loud is a 50 watt CB PA speaker?
While most audio geeks may be aware of what watts are, the others may not know about it. In the sound world, the watt measures the power-handling capability of a speaker. A 50-watt speaker can handle 50 watts of continuous power.

The typical CB external speakers have a power handling between 5 and 15 watts. So, a 50-watt speaker can be pretty loud in that case. They can be fun to use to communicate with those outside your vehicle.

This type of speaker may not be for ordinary CB users. When opting for a speaker like this one, keep in mind the power output of your CB device.

Most users prefer using powerful speakers while on the field to communicate during work. However, be wary of your speaker’s sensitivity, as it may be more important than the wattage itself.

What is the power source of an external CB speaker?
The external speakers and amplified PA speaker for CB radios get their power from the radio. It does not an external supply, such as a battery.
When should I buy a PA speaker?
It would help if you decided on buying one based on your needs. If you are having trouble communicating over a noisy background, then you may want to add one. Or, if your existing speaker is not working to its full potential, or has a fault, you can replace it with an external one.
What is the size of the jack I should have?
Most CB radio devices have a jack on the back to accommodate an external PA speaker for CB. It is quite similar to the headphone jack and is typically 3.5mm. However, you may need to verify based on the model you opt for.


If you’re having trouble hearing your peers, an external or amplified CB PA speaker is what you may need! Not only does it make the communication sharp, but it also limits background noise and interference.

Most CB devices are inefficient when it comes to quality sound production. The muffled sound, static, and noisy output can significantly impact communication. It fails the purpose of a CB Radio!

Subsequently, adding in a sound amplifier will allow users to enjoy all the channel options. The crystal clear audio then is just a cherry on top!

Choose and order one from the list above for an enjoyable CB experience! And you need to make sure that you buy the best external speaker for your CB radio.