I don’t know whether you know this or not, but finding the best CB mic in the market is the key to an amazing CB experience.

Yeah, you read it right. Even if you get a top-quality CB radio and believe that it’s the stock microphone is going to do a great job for you, you are wrong.

Almost all the stock mics stop functioning within a few months of purchase. And it is at this moment you need a replacement microphone for your CB radio.

But, don’t wait too long. Remember it’s the CB microphones that ensure you are properly heard at the other end.

Considering the low performance of most of the CB mics, it is always better to get a replacement mic as soon as you get your new CB radio.

This is a tricky process though. Your microphone may not function as well as you might want it to if you don’t consider the following factors:

    • Noise-cancellation
    • Sound effects
    • Power factor
    • Durability
    • .. and much more

It’s a bit daunting task. But scroll on as we may have just found the right mic for you!

Before that, let’s clear the doubts some of you might have.

Should I get a Replacement Mic for CB Radio?

Ever felt like smacking your CB radio when the other person couldn’t hear you? Well, don’t worry. An external mic ensures great power and loudness. Now you can save up on all the lost energy!

As I said before there are basically two reasons you should give up your stock mic:

  1. Your pre-built microphone may not be functioning very well. Or, it may not be doing the best job.
  2. Or, you may be, you’re simply looking for extra styles and features.
  3. The extensive usage of an in-built radio microphone may cause wear-and-tear. To fix this, you may need to purchase an external mic
  4. Another reason to consider purchasing an external mic is to prepare for emergencies. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a storm or any sort of disaster with a malfunctioning microphone, would you? With an external microphone, you will be ready for all emergency situations.

And here is how a replacement mic can give you the best performance:

  • Installing a CB radio far from your reach? An external mic is a must! Use the handheld microphone to converse, while keeping your eyes on the road. This ensures a safe and hassle-free journey for you.
  • Most factory-installed microphones give up functioning very soon. To ensure stress-free, two-way communication, invest in a quality product.
  • The pre-installed microphones often do not offer what external ones can. For example, the latest CB Radio Mic offers noise cancellation technology. This can help make way for clear, noise-free audio. Did you hear any stock mics providing the same feature?
  • Many times even when the wave is good, all you hear is static. This signifies a problem with your mic. Either the power is running low or your mic is outdated. In such cases, what you are missing is the best CB power mic.
  • You would not have to worry about the loudness and clarity with a CB power mic.

Since that is settled, let’s go to the reviews.

Best CB Microphone Reviews

Looking for a microphone that’s compatible with your radio?

Read on to find out the best ones here:

1. Astatic 302-636LB1– Best Noise Canceling CB Microphone


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With a price less than $35, this Astatic radio mic is worth every penny. It will increase the intelligibility of what you say, giving you sonic clarity. Considering how easy-to-install it is, we highly recommend this piece of technology.

A favorite for most truckers, the Astatic 302-636LB1 is an exceptional microphone. With its noise-filtering feature, you wouldn’t have to worry about a noisy background. What more do you want?

If you’re in need of Sonic Clarity, there’s nothing better than this mic. It is compatible with all 4-Pin CB Radios.

It also comes with a Polyurethane coating, which gives it a sturdy build. This makes it safe-to-use and protects the mic against any damage.

The best part is its long life! The 302-636LB1 mic is highly durable. It will rid you of all your communication-related stress.

Most Astatic users recommend it for its great appearance and features. The only problem experienced is with the switch spring. With that taken care of, there will be absolutely nothing to worry about.

      • Coiled cord
      • Polyurethane coated
      • Premium noise canceling sound
      • Crystal Clear Audio
      • Affordable
      • Needs better Switch Spring

2. Astatic 302-10036 – Best CB Power Mic


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With the spring and button replaced, it is sure to last you long enough. The excellent sound clarity is like none other, making it worth every penny spent. This mic will take your CB experience to another level.

With this classy mic in the market, you wouldn’t consider any other!

Ever seen a better-looking mic than this? We don’t think so! The Astatic 302-10036 is surely aesthetically pleasing.

It comes with a stainless steel cord that is about 4 ft. long. The length is sufficient for most people looking for short cords. It is less than Cobra and Uniden mic cords.

However, since people struggle with extra-long cords, this one’s a great relief.

Along with that, the 302-10036 mic has outstanding clarity. Get ready to hear compliments on the clear audio quality.

The best thing about this mic is that it’s the best power microphone you can get for your CB radio. Even under severe noise environment, the mic can amplify your voice and send crystal clear signals to your peers.

The chrome plating and stainless steel, on the other hand, are some excellent features. It makes the cord less-likely to get rusty and damaged.

      • Double Chrome Plated
      • Flexible cord
      • Stainless steel cord
      • Excellent noise cancellation
      • Classy Look
      • Slightly expensive

3. Astatic 636L – Most durable Choice

Astatic 636LB1

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This sleek-looking radio mic is made to enable clearer communication. With so many people complimenting its audio quality, it is an ideal mic. You would never have to worry about transmission again! We would, however, recommend replacing the switch spring for a better quality one.

What’s better than a classy mic for your vehicle to ensure clear transmission? The Astatic 636L is a must-have! What’s even better is its grip and ease of use!

With a rubberized coating, the mic feels super comfortable in hand. The coating allows for a great grip.

This reasonably-priced radio mic also offers user-friendly installation. This makes it a fuss-free piece to add to your vehicles, especially if you’re a newbie or if you want to gift it to someone who isn’t very tech-savvy.

Astatic radios microphones are known to be the best replacement mics. This one proves the same! All users report great audio clarity with it.

The Astatic 636L is another noise-canceling mic that promises excellent audio quality. You would forget all about the other brands after using this.

When coiled, the mic wire is about a foot long. A few people have found the cord to be too long. However, this is due to personal preferences rather than considering it a drawback of the product.

The best part is, it has a long life, making it worth investing in!

      • Great grip
      • Comfortable in hand
      • Clear audio
      • Simple installation
      • Good Quality
      • The cord could be better
      • Switch Spring

4. RoadKing RK56B – Dynamic and Versatile


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The RoadKing mic has a great value for the money. Priced at around $60, we really like its features. The cord needs to be taken care of and well-maintained. Otherwise, the sound clarity is unmatchable.

Built with a Cycolac resin case, the Roadking RK56B is a tough mic. With a thick and sturdy coating like this, it is resistant to high temperatures.

What we absolutely love about it is the PTT button. The Push to talk button is located on the right side of it. This makes it great for left-handed operations.

The mic has a classy appearance and an even better audio transmission. The RoadKing mic’s superior audio quality is perfect for all professional drivers. We swear by it!

Along with that, it has a 6ft. long, coiled wire with strain relief. This is the ideal length for most users. However, the cord still needs better quality as it ends up stretched.

The noise-free features and the excellent quality make it a durable mic. It is a great CB mic replacement and works well for its price.

It is a 4-Pin dynamic mic, making it compatible for most CB radios.

      • Strong Transmissions
      • Flexible cord
      • Clear and sharp sound
      • Affordable
      • Needs a better cord

5. Uniden BC645 – For the Professional Driver


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The Uniden BC645 is a well-built and easy-to-use microphone. It offers clear communication and ease – all for a very low price. The BC645 is a great replacement mic for professional drivers. The only issue is the battery life which can be resolved with battery packs.

This replacement microphone is just what most professional drivers require. The audio is loud, powerful and definitely clear.

The rugged construction and minimalistic appearance make it a must-have.

The Uniden BC645 is compatible with all CB Radios. It comes with a 4-pin connector and has a flexible, 8’ cord.

This may be slightly problematic for drivers looking for a short cord.

The mic also has certain battery-related issues. For example, the mount doesn’t charge the handset. You will be required to plug it in separately for charging.

The battery life is also pretty short. For extensive usage, you may require to charge it thrice, daily. You can fix this issue by going for battery pack replacements.

On the other hand, it provides excellent sound quality. Along with that, the build quality of the Uniden mic is great. This makes it safe from damage and durable.

      • Rugged Construction
      • Clear sound
      • Easy-to-use
      • Flexible Cord
      • Mount does not charge battery
      • Short battery life

6. Cobra HG M77 – Durable Metallic Design

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The mic does exactly as branded. It offers some great features for a surprisingly low price! Some users have received defective microphones. However, the 1-year warranty leaves you with nothing to worry about.

This one’s a useful device that makes communication so much easier. The noise-cancellation and voice coil diaphragm is the solution to all your problems. You probably didn’t imagine clearer audio transmission than this one.

With a metal mesh grille, the Cobra HGM77 is drop-proof, making it safe. This means you can use the mic without worrying about damaging it.

What’s better is that the microphone comes with a one-year warranty. In case of damage or malfunction, you can contact the Cobra manufacturers.

The high-quality, coiled cord is 9 ft. long! This means you can install the mic away and not worry about the cord.

The Cobra HGM77 has a Left PTT, making it easy to use in the right hand.

You will, however, have to take care of the cord. Users have complained about the cord causing static sounds. This makes the audio transmission disturbing instead of clear.

For an affordable mic, we sure can overlook a few drawbacks, right?

      • Noise cutting circuitry
      • Metal grille
      • 9’ Cord
      • 1-Year Warranty
      • The cord makes the sound go static

7. Cobra HGM73 –Long Cord(Ideal for Truckers)

Cobra HG-M73

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All that for under $20? Sounds like a dream right? We absolutely love and recommend this efficient microphone. The audio clarity, strong casing, and a warranty make a killer combination! Throw all your communication woes out the window by investing in this. You won’t regret it!

Do not want to empty your pockets on a CB Mic?

Don’t worry, you won’t have to! The Cobra HGM73 is one of the most affordable replacement mics with some exceptional features.

Our favorite is the metal mesh grille. The strong casing prevents damage and breakage.

Multi-tasting may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Driving and operating a radio may get difficult. If you’re afraid of dropping the mic, Cobra HGM73 is the way to go.

The drop-proof, heavy duty shell prevents any damage to it.

Along with that, it comes with a heavy duty and flexible cable. This enables quality communication matching the typical Cobra standards.

However, the 9 feet-long cable may not be for everyone! The coil may also appear tight, but will loosen up with use.

The Cobra HGM73 has a noise-cancellation feature, guaranteeing crystal clear audio. This means you would not have to worry about being inaudible.

Say goodbye to the yelling days!

The only concern with the Cobra microphone is its short life. Users have complained about the mic malfunctioning months after purchase.

But here’s the catch!

The Cobra HGM73 comes with a one-year warranty! Any defect and problem can be dealt with the Cobra manufacturers.

      • Can be installed anywhere
      • High performance cord
      • Metal grille
      • Crystal clear audio
      • Heavy duty ABS shell
      • Short life
      • Coil is tight

Buying the Best CB Mic; In-depth Guide

best CB microphones on the market

To pick the best CB Radio Microphone, it’s important to identify the qualities required.

Here are some key features that can help you distinguish between a few.


Small CB Radios are cheaper and tend to have poor-quality mics. This makes a replacement or back-up mic an absolute necessity.

The Astatic mic is great in this aspect. They are known to be the World Famous Replacement mics. Their noise-cancellation technology and sturdy casing make them the best bet.


A CB radio power mic can be great at amplifying the user’s audio. The power mics typically use a 9-Volt battery. This can be a great investment for someone who prefers speaking softly.

Now your buddy will hear your voice without you yelling into the mic!


We bet you wouldn’t want to spend a fortune buying a mic. However, adding clarity and audibility to your CB communication is also very important.

Do not judge a mic based on its price! A hefty price tag may not ensure the best features. You would surely want something that lasts you long enough.

Noise Cancellation

A CB radio mic sure needs to be powerful. Truckers and motorcyclists commute through heavy traffic almost every day! The background noise often makes clear audio exchange difficult.

When on busy roads, you would not want to deal with noise interference.

Fortunately, the recent noise cancellation technology has found a solution to it. This feature allows the audio transmission to be crystal clear.

The Astatic 636LB1 302 is known to be the best in the business. Its noise cancellation feature eliminates all background noise.


Just like the multiple other factors, appearance is also highly important. A plastic mesh coating means the mic is prone to breakage. You would not want to deal with a broken mic in your hand!

Instead, opt for a metal mesh grille that protects it from damage.

The Cobra HGM73 and the Astatic mics are great in this aspect. The Cobra HG M77 and HGM73 have a metal mesh grille. This gives them a heavy-duty, drop-proof shell.

Along with this, the grip that the mic offers is also essential. The Astatic-636L has a nice grip and proves to be comfortable in hand.


Depending on your personal preference, look for a coil that offers the most comfort. A longer coil means it can be installed almost anywhere! This turns out to be a life-saver in most space-limited vehicles.

Flexibility is another important feature to look for in a cord. The Cobra HGM73 offers a 9’ High-flex cord.

The coiled cord can be super useful. It provides sufficient length, without getting in the way. Another great aspect is how it can be stored away easily. They allow you to customize the length based on your preference.

You can find the coiled cord in the Astatic and RoadKing mics.


Most CB radios connect to a mic through a 4-Pin connector. When purchasing a mic, make sure to get one compatible with your radio.



Should I get a replacement mic for CB radio?
Yes, if you are someone who uses CB radio quite often. Considering the cheap price tag, it is always advised to have a replacement mic with you. You can’t predict when the stock mic fails. 
What does a CB power mic do?
A CB power mic basically amplifies the voice of the speaker before reaching his/her radio and further transmission.

These mics are hence called as preamplified CB mics too. These are great deals for people who speak softly.

How do you wire a CB radio mic?
You need to wire the pins of the CB mic as per the instructions provided in the manual.

In most cases the connections are like this:

Pin No.Mic Cable Lead

You can read more about this here.

Here is a video on how to wire a CB radio mic:

What type of CB mic should I get?

Well, it depends on your requirements. This is how you should make your choice:

  • CB power mic: If you speak very softly.
  • Noise-canceling mic: If you often use your CB radio in noise surrounding areas (in traffic/industrial areas)
  • Noise Canceling Power Mic: It’s the hybrid version of the two

Concluding Remarks

I believe our list of the best CB microphones will surely make you hit the stores!

CB mics tend to be great in their own way. Not only do they enable clear communication but they also come with unique features. For example, the Astatic 302-10309 Stars N’ Stripes CB can sure look classy.

If you want something more than just the appearance, go for other options. Like the Astatic 302-636LB1 happens to be the most popular among truckers. The Polyurethane coating prevents any damage to it, making it durable. Furthermore, the crystal clear audio makes it a desirable CB radio mic for most users.

Summing up, there’s definitely a special CB Radio Mic out there with all the specifications that you’re looking for. And doing some research will always help you make a decision that you won’t regret later.

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