Best CB Microphones on the Market: 7 Noise-Canceling CB Power Mics for 2023

CB mic is a vital accessory for any CB radio. You need the best CB microphone for noise-free communication. People think the stock CB mic can provide you adequate performance. That’s a misconception. You need a replacement mic for your CB radio to ensure that you are heard accurately at the other end, without an echo. Our team has researched and tested various CB mics to find the best ones in the market. We will be reviewing them in this article.

The following features are vital in any CB radio microphone:

  • Noise-cancellation
  • Sound effects
  • Power factor
  • Durability
  • .. and much more

We have compiled the list of the top CB mics considering the factors above. Before we start with the reviews, let us clear the doubt new CB users have:

Should I get a Replacement Mic for CB Radio?

The four reasons to get a replacement mic for your CB radio are:

  1. Your pre-built microphone may not be functioning very well. I am sure you wanted to smack your CB radio when the other person couldn’t hear you? Well, don’t worry. An external mic ensures great power and loudness.
  2. For extra styles and features. All the replacement CB microphones have noise-cancellation features, which the stock mics don’t have.
  3. The extensive usage of an in-built radio microphone may cause wear-and-tear.
  4. Another reason to consider purchasing an external mic is to prepare for emergencies. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a storm or any sort of disaster with a malfunctioning microphone, would you? With an external microphone, you will be ready for all emergency situations.

Best CB Microphone Reviews

The best 7 CB radio microphones with highest noise cancelation quality are:

  1. Astatic 302-636LB1– Best Noise-Canceling CB Microphone
  2. Astatic 302-10036 – Best CB Power Mic
  3. Astatic 636L – Most durable Choice
  4. RoadKing RK56B – Dynamic and Versatile
  5.  Uniden BC645 – For the Professional Driver
  6.  Cobra HG M77 – Durable Metallic Design
  7. Cobra HGM73 –Long Cord(Ideal for Truckers)

1. Astatic 302-636LB1


  • Coiled cord
  • Polyurethane coated
  • Premium noise canceling sound
  • Crystal Clear Audio
  • Affordable


  • Needs better Switch Spring

Astatic 302-636LB1 is the top-rated CB microphone for its excellent noise cancelation quality. It is a favorite for most truckers who are in the noisy background. If you’re in need of Sonic Clarity, there’s nothing better than this mic. It is compatible with all 4-Pin CB Radios. The CB mic comes with a Polyurethane coating, which gives it a sturdy build. This makes it safe to use and protects the mic against any damage.

The best part of the microphone is its long life! The 302-636LB1 mic is durable. It will rid you of all your communication-related stress. The only problem experienced is with the switch spring. With that taken care of, there will be nothing to worry about.

We recommend this replacement CB microphone for its great appearance and features. It is easy to install. With a price of less than $35, this Astatic CB radio mic is worth every penny. It will increase the intelligibility of what you say, giving you sonic clarity.

2. Astatic 302-10036


  • Double Chrome Plated
  • Flexible cord
  • Stainless steel cord
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Classy Look


  • Slightly expensive

Astatic 302-10036 is the best power CB microphone. If you are looking for the loudest CB mic, this is what you should get. The mic will amplify your voice to send crystal clear signals to your peers. It works great under a severe noise environment. Another attraction is its awesome design. You wouldn’t see a better-looking mic than this. The CB mic comes with a stainless steel cord that is 4 ft. long. The length is enough for most people looking for short cords. It is less than Cobra and Uniden mic cords.

302-10036 mic has outstanding clarity. Get ready to hear compliments on the clear audio quality. Some other excellent features of the mic are chrome plating and stainless steel. They ensure the cordless likely to get rusty and damaged. The mic is durable. However, you have to replace the spring and button.

All in all, Astatic 302-10036 is another awesome CB radio microphone for its great sound quality and stunning design.

3. Astatic 636L


  • Great grip
  • Comfortable in hand
  • Clear audio
  • Simple installation
  • Good Quality


  • The cord could be better
  • Switch Spring

The most durable replacement CB mic is Astatic 636L. With a rubberized coating, the mic feels comfortable in hand. This reasonably-priced radio mic offers easy installation. This makes it a fuss-free piece to add to your vehicles. If you’re a newbie who isn’t tech-savvy, this makes things easy.

The Astatic 636L is another noise-canceling mic that promises excellent audio quality. The mic ensures clear transmission. All users report great audio clarity with it.

When coiled, the mic wire is about a foot long. A few people have found the cord to be too long. This is due to personal preferences and is not a drawback. The only drawback of the mic is its switch spring. But the best thing is that you can replace the spring with a better quality one.

In conclusion, Astatic 636L is a sleek-looking extremely durable CB radio mic. It ensures top-quality voice quality and has long cords.

4. RoadKing RK56B


  • Strong Transmissions
  • Flexible cord
  • Clear and sharp sound
  • Affordable


  • Needs better cord

RoadKing RK56B is the most dynamic and versatile CB radio microphone in the market. Built with a Cycolac resin case, it is a tough mic. With a thick and sturdy coating like this, it is resistant to high temperatures.

What we love most about it is the PTT button. The Push to talk button is on the right side of the mic. This makes it great for left-handed operations. The mic has a classy appearance and a better audio transmission. The RoadKing mic’s superior audio quality is perfect for all professional drivers.

Along with that, it has a 6ft. long, coiled wire with strain relief. This is the ideal cable length for most CB radio users. The cord needs better quality as it ends up stretched. The 4-Pin dynamic mic is compatible with most CB radios.

In toto, The RoadKing mic offers great value for the money. Priced at around $60 and with excellent noise cancelation quality, you will love it.

5. Uniden BC645


  • Rugged Construction
  • Clear sound
  • Easy-to-use
  • Flexible Cord


  • Battery related issues

Uniden BC645 is the best replacement CB microphone for professional drivers require. The audio is loud, powerful, and clear. The rugged construction and minimalistic appearance ensure its ideal for long journeys. The Uniden BC645 is compatible with all CB Radios. It comes with a 4-pin connector and has a flexible, 8’ cord.

Although the CB mic offers you a lot of stunning features, there are some drawbacks. For example, the mount doesn’t charge the handset. You will be required to plug it for charging. The battery life is short. For extensive usage, you may require to charge it thrice, daily. You can fix this issue by going for battery pack replacements.

On the other hand, it provides excellent sound quality. Along with that, the build quality of the Uniden mic is great. This makes it safe from damage and durable.

The Uniden BC645 is a well-built and easy-to-use microphone. It offers clear communication and ease – all for a low price. The only issue is the battery life which can be resolved with battery packs

6. Cobra HG M77


  • Noise cutting circuitry
  • Metal grille
  • 9’ Cord
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • The cord makes the sound go static

Cobra HG 377 is another durable CB radio microphone. The mic does as branded. It offers some great features for a low price. The noise-cancellation and voice coil diaphragm ensures your messages are delivered precisely. With a metal mesh grille, the Cobra HGM77 is drop-proof, making it safe. This means you can use the mic without worrying about damaging it.

What’s better is that the microphone comes with a one-year warranty. In case of damage or malfunction, you can contact the Cobra manufacturers. The Cobra HGM77 has a Left PTT, making it easy to use in the right hand.

The high-quality, coiled cord is 9 ft. long. Yet, you will have to take care of the cord. Users have complained about the cord causing static sounds. This makes the audio transmission disturbing instead of clear. For an affordable mic, we can overlook a few drawbacks, right?

7. Cobra HGM73


  • Can be installed anywhere
  • High-performance cord
  • Metal grille
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Heavy-duty ABS shell


  • Short life

The best budget CB mic in the market is Cobra HGM73. It comes under $20. Even at such an affordable price, we love and recommend this efficient microphone. The audio clarity, strong casing, and warranty make a killer combination! You can throw all your stock mic woes out the window by investing in this.

The mic offers some exceptional features. Cobra has given a lot of attention to its construction. The strong metal mesh grille prevents damage and breakage. The mic comes with a heavy-duty and flexible cable. This enables quality communication matching the typical Cobra standards. The coil may appear tight but will loosen up with use. The Cobra HGM73 has a noise-cancellation feature, guaranteeing crystal clear audio which is echo-free.

The only concern with the Cobra microphone is its short life. Users have complained about the mic malfunctioning months after purchase. Since the product with a one-year warranty, any defect can be dealt with Cobra manufacturers.

How to buy a Quality CB Mic

best CB microphones on the market

Always buy a Replacement

Yeah, it is recommended to replace your stock CB mic with an external one. This is important in the case of small handheld CB Radios. They always have poor-quality mics. The Astatic mic is great in this aspect. They are known to be the World Famous Replacement mics. Their noise-cancellation technology and sturdy casing make them the best bet.

Invest in Power Mics

A CB radio power mic can be great at amplifying the user’s audio. The power mics use a 9-Volt battery. This can be a great investment for someone who prefers speaking softly. Now your buddy will hear your voice without you yelling into the mic!


We bet you wouldn’t want to spend a fortune buying a mic. However, adding clarity and audibility to your CB communication is essential. Do not judge a mic based on its price! A hefty price tag may not ensure the best features. You would want something that lasts long.

Noise Cancelation

Noise cancelation is the most vital feature in any mic. Truckers and motorcyclists commute through heavy traffic every day! The background noise often makes clear audio exchange difficult. When on busy roads, you would not want to deal with noise interference. With noise cancellation technology, audio transmission to be crystal clear.

The Astatic 636LB1 302 is known to be the best noise-canceling CB mic in the market.


You need rugged mics which can last longer. A plastic mesh coating means the mic is prone to breakage. You can opt for a CB mic with a metal mesh grille that protects the mic from damage. Along with the mesh, the grip that the mic offers is also essential. With a good grip, you will love holding the mic in your hands.

The Cobra HGM73 and the Astatic mics are great in this aspect. They have a metal mesh grille. This gives them a heavy-duty, drop-proof shell. The Astatic-636L has a nice grip and proves to be comfortable in hand.


Depending on your personal preference, look for a coil that offers the most comfort. A longer coil means it can be installed anywhere! This turns out to be a life-saver in space-limited vehicles.

The coiled cord provides sufficient length, without getting in the way. Another great aspect is the limited space to store it. They allow you to customize the length based on your preference. You can find the coiled cord in the Astatic and RoadKing mics.


Most CB radios connect to a mic through a 4-Pin connector. While purchasing a mic, make sure to get one compatible with your radio.


Should I get a replacement mic for CB radio?

You should get a replacement CB radio microphone if you use your CB frequently. Considering the cheap price tag, it is always advised to have a replacement mic with you. You can’t predict when the stock mic fails. 

Does a power mic help a CB radio?

Yes, a power microphone will definitely help a CB radio by improving the amplitude and gain of the output signal at the transmission end. This will ensure that you are properly heard at the receiver end.

What does a CB power mic do?

A CB power mic amplifies the voice of the speaker before reaching his/her radio and further transmission. These mics are also called as preamplified CB mics too. These are great deals for people who speak softly.

How do you wire a CB radio mic?

You need to wire the pins of the CB mic as per the instructions provided in the manual. The common connections are like this:

Pin No.Mic Cable Lead

You can read more about this here.

Here is a video on how to wire a CB radio mic:

What type of CB mic should I get?

You should use the right CB mic type based on your requirements. This is how you should make your choice:

  • CB power mic: If you speak very softly.
  • Noise-canceling mic: If you often use your CB radio in noise surrounding areas (in traffic/industrial areas)
  • Noise Canceling Power Mic: It’s the hybrid version of the two

How do I know if my CB Mic is bad?

A bad microphone will transmit both noise and give echo at the receiver’s end. If your partner at the other end complaints about your voice, you can be certain that your CB mic is bad.

Are astatic CB mics good?

Yes, Astatic CB mics are very good. In fact, they are the best selling CB microphones in the market due to their high quality construction and performance.

Concluding Remarks

CB mics are must to have accessory if you use your CB radio regularly. These mics help you to communicate without any noise and echo. Our reviews of the top-quality CB microphones of 2023 are what you need to read before buying one.

Astatic 302-636LB1 is the most popular among truckers and that is the best microphone for CB radio, as per our testing too. The Polyurethane coating prevents any damage to it, making it durable. The crystal clear audio makes it a desirable CB radio mic for users. You can also pick other microphones based on your requirement. Astatic 302-10036 is the loudest CB microphone in the market. It’s also an excellent buy.

Summing up, there’s definitely a loud CB mic out there with all the specifications that you’re looking for. Get one and ditch your stock mic.