Best Cheap CB Radio Reviews: 5 Inexpensive, yet Outstanding CBs to buy in 2021

What if I tell you that settling down for an inexpensive CB radio does not mean you get a low-quality product.

Trust me there are a number of cheaper CB radio models available at just half the cost and are still loaded with a lot of advanced features such as squelch control, noise control, external speaker jack and weather broadcasts mechanisms.

We have reviewed some of the top cheap CB radios which gives outstanding performance and range in this article.

Most of these budget CB radios are great for short distance communication and we recommend them to the following people:

      • Newbies in two-way radio communication
      • Travel enthusiasts
      • Engineers
      • Tour operators

If you are amongst the above people, then why end up in a high-end gadget that could cost you hundredths of dollars? Our recommendations are enough to serve your needs:

Here is an overview of our top picks:

Cheap CB Radios

CB RadioHighlights
Uniden PRO 520XL ➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon
  • Most loved by CBers
  • Compact and rugged unit
  • Best for offroad and commercial uses
  • Medium level features
Uniden PRO401H ➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon
  • Cheapest CB in the market
  • Easy to use handheld CB
  • Highly compact and lightweight
  • Low power settings
Cobra 19DXIV ➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon
  • Super compact CB
  • Rugged design
  • Best for small vehicles
  • Essential Features
Midland 75-785 ➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon
  • Rugged CB radio
  • Best selling handheld device
  • A great choice for motorcyclists
  • Top choice for short-range
Uniden PRO510XL ➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon
  • Compact and durable design
  • One of the most sold CB radios
  • Best for vehicles, industrial uses etc.
  • Rugged design

Best Cheap CB Radio Reviews

Some of the high-end CB radios are available with loads of features and functionalities, but it is more than enough to invest in a budget CB radio, which will still be loaded with ample features. Before you make the buying decision, consider the following best CB radios that come at a wallet-friendly cost

1. Uniden PRO 520XL – Customer’s choice


Heavy duty CB radio with accurate frequency control; Undoubtedly the most loved CB in this list

Uniden PRO 520XL is one of the most promising heavy-duty emergency compact radios from Uniden.  This product offers both on the road and off-road support and is thus popular among truck drivers(Check top truck CBs here).

The CB offers you medium level features. It includes:

  • RF gain control
  • 40-channel operation
  • Superheterodyne operation for accurate frequency control
  • Built-in noise limiter

Uniden PRO 520XL also includes the microphone, mounting hardware, mounting bracket, user’s manual and the 2-year warranty card. One reason why I would suggest this budget CB radio is its instant emergency channel 9 option, along with signal strength in transmission and reception, the squelch control, volume control the self-adjusting noise limiter.

➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon


  • Easily mountable on any vehicles
  • 40 channel availability
  • Extra-long chord for microphone
  • External speaker connecting provision
  • Emergency channel availability


  • Comparatively difficult installation

2. Uniden PRO401H- The Cheapest CB You can Get

Priced under $40, this Uniden CB radio offers you stunning safety features and user friendly design

You might be wondering seeing another Uniden product on the list. Uniden is one of the most famous CB radio brands that is known for producing affordable solutions to the world.

Uniden PRO401HH is a handheld CB radio which is equipped with all the safety features. You can easily operate the radio single-handedly. Its user-friendly design features all the operating buttons on the top, right and left sides.

You can find two working modes on this radio:

  1. The low power mode -gives a long battery life for this radio
  2. Higher power mode -when you require long ranges;

The Uniden PRO401 radios work efficiently in the 40 CB frequency band for the users. You can use 9AA rechargeable batteries or 9AA alkaline batteries for the power requirement. The dc adapters along with the package will be greatly helpful in charging.

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  • Lightweight and Handholding feature
  • Dual power setting for energy-efficient operation
  • Long-range
  • User-friendly control switches
  • Dual-mode battery operation


  • Compared to the other products, the range is less.

3. Cobra 19DXIV – Compact CB for Small Vehicles

Budge CB that’s known to do wonders for small vehicles with it’s best communication range in a compact design.

The Cobra 19DXIV CB Radio offers the best communication range. You will be happy with its immediate channel operation from 9 and 19. It has a compact design and is easy to install in any vehicle. The features that I admire in this cheap CB radio are,

  • 4 Watt power output access across all the 40 channels.
  • The RF has the capability to gain pick up signals by fine-tuning the receiver sensitivity. This equates the incoming signal for better hearing.

The Cobra 19DXIV CB radio is durable and lasts longer and is delivered with a two-wire power cord, mounting screws and brackets, radio and a 4 pin microphone. The best features of Cobra 19DXIV professional CB radio are electronic tuning, 9/19 instant channels, a microphone with front connector 9 cord and an illuminated LCD display.

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  • Compact design and durable
  • Easy installation in all vehicles like land cruisers, cars, jeeps, etc.
  • Easy signal pick up
  • Electronic fine-tuning


  • Has a limited range

4. Midland 75-785 – Top Handheld CB

 One of the top handheld CB that offers clear transmission and amazing performance

The Midland 75-785 is one of the best portable CB radio in the market. Known for emergency communication, this CB is a great buy especially considering its cheap price tag.

You will surely love its flexible antenna for clear transmit. The microphone jack or external speaker permits two hand communication handling. Its LED low battery indicator helps the user to swap batteries when required.

Some of the top features of the CB are:

  • The Midland 75-785 has a 40 channel citizen band radio with a backlight LCD display and a four-watt output power.
  • Built-in noise control and flexible antenna that assists in receiving clear transmissions.
  • You can power it with 9 AA batteries, DC adapter or NiCad batteries.
  • You can attach standard headphones with an accessory plug of 3.5mm.

This cheap CB is provided with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The device has the facility to be powered from DC sources such as trucks, cars, boats or RVs.


  • Rugged and durable construction that lasts longer
  • Low battery indicator
  • Flexible and removable antenna with a BNC connector.
  • Automatic noise control

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  • Can’t connect for far off distances

5. Uniden Pro510XL – Most Bought

One of the most bought CB radio that is highly affordable and boosted with outstanding features

The Uniden Pro510XL is a heavy-duty CB radio that provides top-quality performance. By buying this, you can help yourself with a very prominent and durable CB radio available today.

Here are some of the terrific features of this inexpensive CB:

  • The CB transceiver utilizes the latest microelectronics in an advanced 2-way euro style radio.
  • Its best features are squelch control, ANL switch, built-in noise limiter, etc. This assists in eliminating noise and fine-tuning.

Coming from the family of Uniden PRO series, this one also boasts of its compact design. We can easily place it amongst the top compact CB radios in the market. Here is the complete list:

Users can flip the ANL at times of communication to eradicate to get rid of background noise. The squelch control also does the same function. For accurate frequency control, a superheterodyne circuit is present with a locked phase loop technology. Uniden Pro510XL is an ultra-compact unit and comes with a two-year warranty.

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  • Beneficial for commercial, industrial and road use.
  • Fits easily in all vehicles
  • Heavy-duty CB


  • For use in a limited range
  • May not pick signals at far off distances

How to buy the Best Budget CB Radio

Buying a low priced CB doesn’t mean you are settling with inferior products. In fact, some of the CB radios we have listed above are some of the best CBs ever made in the market.

Here are some important tips you should follow if you want to get quality out of the inexpensive CB you’re buying:

  • For optimal efficiency, you can pick a device that features a small built-in speaker and microphone so that it helps in two-way communication without many difficulties.
  • Look for cheap CB radios that have a built-in SWR meter to tune in for ideal broadcasting. A built-in SWR meter helps in cost-cutting and in reducing set up time.
  • Users vote is for those CB radios that are able to tackle static and enhance the clarity of voice with good sound signals. You can prefer to buy a model that has adequate squelch control and RF gain to avoid problems with communication clarity.
  • Many of the modern-day CB radios feature a built-in noise reduction feature (Automatic Noise Limiter) that helps in blocking out unwanted background noise.
  • Invest in a CB that renders communication in emergency and weather channels.
  • The majority of the modern-day CB radios are either handheld or can be installed on the vehicle. You can choose the size of the CB according to one’s use and need.



What are the best CB radios that come in the range of $40-$100?
Uniden Pro 401 series, 520 XL series, midland 75-785, cobra 19 XIV series, etc can provide you with the best features in the $40-$70 range.
What features can I expect in a cheap CB radio under $50?
All these affordable CB radios come with the minimum features like squelch, noise filters, emergency/weather channels, external speaker jack and antenna.
Do all these cheap CB radios come with a warranty?
Yes. Almost all the CB radios offer a minimum of 1 -2-year warranty.
Whether batteries are also provided with the midland 75-785 mode?

No, we can use 9AA batteries to charge them. But, a DC charger is included in its package, to use with “cigarette lighter” power adapters in cars, trucks, boats, etc

Do all the cheap CB radio models come with an antenna?
Yes. An antenna will come with each product. The range limit will be smaller for these small antennas. Those who really wish to have greater ranges can go for higher range antennas. Higher range antennas can be purchased separately.


Final Thoughts

If you are a pro trekker and an adventure lover, you don’t always need a highly-priced CB. You know that you use them occasionally and hence a low priced CB that gives essential features is enough for your need in most cases.

There are a handful of cheap CB radios available in the market that offers what you expect from a top-notch variant. Here in this review, we have handpicked some of the best budget CB radios with great features for you to make an informed decision that fits within your budget.

Make sure to invest in quality equipment so as to enjoy a hassle-free communication experience.