Best DMR Hotspots of 2023: Reviews

More and more people have started using DMR hotspots in recent times. These hotspots help you connect your DMR radios to internet networks. Needless to say, you need the best DMR hotspot to enjoy uninterrupted communication.

Our team has conducted thorough market research to come up with some of the most powerful DMR hotspots. We have considered various factors like ease of setup, design, performance, price, etc. to pick these devices. You will find the reviews of these DMR hotspots later in this article. If you are eager to look into our top pick, it’s the MMDVM Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you are looking for a quick answer, you should get AURSINC DMR hotspot. It is an an impressive DMR hotspot, with an even more remarkable price tag. When considering easy setup and quick charging, the device surely impresses in those areas!

What is a DMR hotspot?

The two ways to access the worldwide DMR network is through hotspot and repeater networks. A DMR hotspot, in simple words, acts as an Internet doorway to accessing a specific DMR network.

This combination of hardware, firmware, and software enables users with a Wi-Fi connection to link directly to digital voice systems. You can use hotspots to link to DMR, P25, D-STAR, and more.

For users out of range of a digital voice repeater, DMR hotspots are the perfect solution to accessing digital voice systems! We highly recommend joining digital radio nets to engage with enthusiasts in the US and across the globe.

Best DMR Hotspot Reviews          

1.       AURSINC Wi-Fi modem – Best Choice

If you want the best DMR hot spot in the market today, then the AURSINC modem is the one that stands out! It’s a powerhouse not only in terms of performance but in build quality, too!

The star of the show is its receiving range, which expands your communication possibilities!

The AURSINC Wi-Fi modem was up and running in no time, with a quick boot-up. In regards to the setup, I referred to the resources online and had a smooth process. However, if you’re new to the digital scene, expect some time to get used to the interface.

Overall, it’s the ideal size and frequency stability you expect out of a DMR hotspot! Get ready for improvements that will enhance your radio experience.

2.       AURSINC duplex – Budget-friendly

If you prefer hotspot systems over repeaters and want the very best, then the Duplex by AURSINC is an excellent choice. Not only is it packed with immense power, but it is well-constructed, too!

The best part about the AURSINC modem is that it works just as advertised. Some of its additional features are:

  • It mounts cleanly on the current Raspberry Pi
  • The firmware can easily be updated via software
  • It is widely compatible and supports DMR, P-25, D-Star, and System Fusion

AURSINC manages to pack an OLED, 32-bit ARM processor, and about 10Mw RF power. It may not match up the AURSINC MMDVM hotspot, but it sure is an outstanding value package. My only complaint regarding the AURSINC duplex is the heat build-up.

 Overall, if you want a quality DMR hotspot, this one’s among some of the finest on the market today.

3.       Jstvro – An all-round powerhouse

Although not as budget-friendly as some of its rivals, the Jstrvo MMDVM hotspot is certainly well worth the money. It’s easy to set up a DMR hotspot with plenty of features in stock. If your local DMR repeater is away from your transceiver’s reach, then this hotspot can help you access any DMR network.

It’s a wonderful addition to any enthusiast’s shack, thanks to its flawless functioning. The only downside to this DMR hotspot, however, is that it only handles UHF.

Jstrvo’s remarkable construction shows in how well the device holds up against abuse. Additionally, the hotspot supports USB and mobile chargers for convenient charging, which is quite a relief!

Even though you’ll find several low-cost DMR hotspots, none comes close to Jstrvo in terms of specs and value.

4.       AURSINC dual-hat – Excellent buy at a lower price

If you’re in search of a budget DMR hotspot, then we’ve got just what you need!

AURSINC MMDVM dual-hat works well right out of the box and supports easy configuration. Although the device does not come with instructions, you’ll find plenty of support on how to set it up.

Although AURSINC dual-hat doesn’t come first in terms of performance, it does just about everything you need a DMR hotspot to do!

The device worked well for my needs, all thanks to its amazing specs:

  • 10mW RF power
  • High-quality construction
  • 32-bit ARM processor
  • Includes OLED
  • Updatable firmware

5.       AURSINC hotspot board – Affordable pick

If you’re short on space in your backpack or don’t want to splurge– those are reasons enough to look into the AURSINC hotspot board!

Despite its smaller size, the hotspot board is supremely powerful and packs some incredible specs. Besides, it’s got a remarkable customer support team to take care of all your concerns.

While using the AURSINC hotspot board, I was amazed by how easy the configuration was. The setup was smooth and didn’t take much time. However, one point to note is that AURSINC’s hotspot board does not work on VHF.

All in all, AURSINC delivers decent quality at an affordable price point for users looking for budget-friendly DMR hotspot solutions.

6.       San Sheng MMDVM – Best Value for money

With a better performance than many of its rivals, the San Sheng hotspot is a perfectly fine option for anyone to access DMR networks.

It does the basics well and also impresses with its rich features:

  • It supports DMR, D-STAR, P25, and UHF.
  • The San Sheng MMDVM can be used within a vehicle by tethering to your phone network.
  • It supports USB charging.
  • Portable design (2.8 x 1.3 x 0.9)

The USB port is a practical touch on this modem for all your quick charging needs. Moreover, you need not worry about carrying your DMR hotspot outdoors with its portable and compact design.

I did face a slight learning curve initially but had no problem figuring out the configuration. Overall, the San Sheng MMDVM works just as advertised and is surely worth looking into.

7.       SEESII MMDVM – Best Portable DMR hotspot

SEESII has come up with a portable DMR hotspot that you can throw away in your pocket or bag. In addition to that, the modem supports micro-USB charging. You can now recharge your hotspot through a power bank or laptop wherever you go!

The highlight of the SEESII MMDVM is that it works well with both UHF and VHF, unlike the other DMR hotspots on the market!

Although the modem doesn’t come with well-written instructions, it’s still pretty much easy to setup. You can also refer to sources online in case of any confusion.

Overall, the SEESII MMDVM is well-constructed and performs impeccably, which makes it worthy of purchase!

DMR Hotspot Frequencies

The frequencies on the Brandmeister network for hotspots are usually between 432-433MHz and 435.0-438.0 MHz. When choosing frequencies for your DMR, we recommend looking for your country and the local band plans to avoid interfering with satellites.

How to Use DMR Hotspot

  • Configure your DMR hotspot using your Radio ID.
  • You will need a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Make sure to check the BER in the hotspot dashboard. In case it’s slightly high, you will need to check the RX offset and TX offset.
  • Adjust it higher or lower to reduce the BER down to 0.2% or less. It is a crucial step to achieve reliable operation on your hotspot.


You already know what a DMR radio is and how important it is to have a DMR hotspot for your radio. Adding in a DMR hotspot helps conserve the DMR radio battery. Moreover, the MMDVM hotspot can enable users to monitor multiple talk groups and track GPS locations.

As an amateur and digital radio operator, you don’t need to be in the repeater range to access the worldwide network. You can use Brandmeister/TGIF to access DMR networks. If you want to expand to the DMR hotspots, AURSINC MMDVM is a great place to start!