Best Fiberglass CB Antenna Reviews: Highly Durable & Easy to Mount CB Radio Antennas

Ever been to a situation where you bought a fairly new CB antenna and it was broken in the first month itself?

I have been and I know the pain!

Even some of the best CB radio antennas fail when it comes to durability.

You need strong CB antennas when your vehicles are exposed to the harsh environment.

And, how do you do it?

Getting the best fiberglass CB antenna is the only way to keep it intact for the long term use. This article will give you some of the amazing choices you have in fiberglass CB radio antennas.

Below is a quick overview of our top picks.

Top Fiberglass CB Antennas


Firestik FS-3BK: The Best+Editor’s Choice

  • Easy-tune tip
  • Flexible and rugged
  • Made with rust-proof brass
  • Reasonably-priced

Firestik FL3-B: Customer’s Choice

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Excellent reception
  • Good-quality and tough construction
  • Easy to install

TRAM 3-B-HCPremium Features+Cheap Price

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Value for money
  • Excellent clarity
  • Perfect length and good reception

Aries 10822: Top of the Line Specs

  • Premium quality
  • Affordable
  • Great for off-roading
  • Heavy-duty mount and stud

Prostik 4’: Outstanding Design

  • Anti-breakage design
  • Durable and quality material
  • Easy-to-install
  • Sturdy construction

Prostik 2’: The Allrounder

  • Highly durable
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Good-quality fiberglass rod
  • Fits garage and parking lots easily

K40 SF-300: Highly Flexible

  • Delivers great range and clarity
  • Tunable design and top-loaded coil
  • Easy install
  • Highly flexible

Why Get a Fiberglass CB Antenna?

Made with fiberglass rod, these CB antennas are a top choice for larger vehicles. The range for these antennas  (in length) is between two to seven feet and they are mostly top-loaded.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of installing a fiberglass antenna

  • They are the ideal antennas for 4×4 and off-roaders. They hold up rough use and off-road abuse.
  • The sturdy construction makes them highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Do you want to know the best part? They can be mounted almost everywhere! You can install them on hood channels, mirror arms, and stake-holes.
  • However, keep in mind, that the package does not typically include the mount and coax. The accessories need to be bought separately.
  • Many truckers agree that a similar-length, magnetic or center-loaded antenna may be more powerful than this one. That means the range may not be top-notch!
  • But, it continues to be a top choice for its flexibility and rugged look.

Best Fiberglass CB Antenna Reviews

1. Firestik FS-3BK – The best you can get

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The #1 selling fiberglass antenna with top-notch performance and robust construction.

When it comes to fiberglass antennas, most CB Radio users don’t look for anything besides Firestik. This reputable brand is known for its superior quality and premium performance.

Here’s what makes Firestik FS-3BK the best in the business:

  • Bare-hands tunable tip
  • American-made
  • Made with rust-proof brass
  • Covered with static reducing sleeve

Over 83% of users give Firestik FS-3BK five stars for performance, looks, and more! It comes with a tunable tip, which makes it easy to adjust. Most importantly, the antenna has a sturdy construction that helps it withstand a few strikes here and there.

The best part about this product is its reasonable price! We bet you can’t find an antenna that works exceptionally well for an economical price.

2. Firestik FL3-B – Customer’s Choice

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Firestik FL3-B is the most powerful radio antenna on the market, and arguably the best among truckers.

The brand is well-known among CB users for its exceptional antennas. Tell you what; the brand has proudly introduced some of the best antennas on the market, including the FL3-B! This three-feet firefly antenna has a high flex design, and perfect SWR meter readings.

This Firestik antenna is also quite popular for the following reasons:

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Tough build
  • Made with good-quality materials
  • Easily tunable

There isn’t room for more! The robust construction makes it long-lasting. Some consumers have had the antenna for over two years and are satisfied with the results. However, keep in mind, the antenna has a slightly higher price when compared to competitors.

3. TRAM 3-B-HC – Premium features at a modest price

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Here’s the top choice Fiberglass CB antenna for newbies on a tight budget.

Our list would be incomplete without this TRAM antenna. Affordability, resilience, and efficiency are just some of the qualities it offers!

The best part about this product is that it has been designed to last long. The heavy-duty construction is what contributes to its durability!

We guarantee you; you won’t be disappointed with TRAM 3-B-HC!

4. Aries 10822 – A powerhouse with value for money

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Impressive performance and specs at an affordable price tag. It is a great all-round CB antenna for experts and amateurs alike.

Here’s what makes Aries 10822 worth a try:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Great value for money
  • Excellent clarity and performance
  • Ideal length

If you’re an amateur looking to replace your existing antenna, Aries 10822 can be an excellent choice. The lower price tag, yet high-quality surpass all expectations. Unlike the other brands, Aries includes a coax.

If you feel the length is insufficient, you can order one separately!

Ideal for off-roading, this antenna has high reception, which certainly beats most of the other brands. Kick start your CB radio journey with this fantastic product.

5. Prostik 4’ – Luxe Design

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If you need to go pro, you cannot do without the ultimate Prostik 4’ fiberglass antenna. It is a blend of premium performance and aesthetics.

It is big, it is powerful, and it is everything you need an antenna to be. If there’s a brand apart from Firestik that does their job well, it is Prostik. It is another reputable brand that promises to offer quality and durability.

The 4’ antenna has an anti-breakage design, which improves the product life. Moreover, the antenna can handle 1000 watts of power, which offers an excellent range. If you’re looking for the best CB antenna that is a little more affordable, you’ve landed with the right product.

6. Prostik 2’ – An all-rounder

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This compact CB antenna is a combination of pocketability and clarity!

What more do we say about Prostik? With two products topping the list, we’re sure of the brand’s reputability and quality. If you fear the whip getting struck or not clearing low-ceilings, a shorter one could be a better option.

Are you wondering what Prostik 2’ antenna has to offer? Read on.

  • Exclusive VibraSorb – Anti-breakage design.
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable and good-quality
  • Easy to Install

Despite its compact size, the antenna can handle 1000 watts of power. It also has a frequency range of 26.00 to 29.500 MHz. It is the most inexpensive antenna you can find while maintaining good quality.

Made in the USA, the product has all top-quality materials, which add to its durability.

7. K40 SF-300 – One of the best high-end antennas

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A well-featured and ideal antenna which appeals to CB radio users!

If you’re looking to upgrade your radio antenna with something extraordinary, K40 is the way to go. The superior performance and clarity this product offers are unmatchable!

Here’s one tough antenna with some notable features to look for:

  • Tunable design
  • Great range and clarity
  • 180° whip action capability
  • Value for money

While the price may be higher, the product sure matches up with its outstanding features! Most truckers go for the single-whip configuration. However, you can also co-phase.

The SWR on this whip turns out unbelievable with almost no adjustment required. However, this does depend on the mounting location and vehicle.

One amazon participant found zero signal loss, even after painting the whip! K40’s offer of excellent quality at a competitive price sure is advisable.

Fiberglass CB Radio Antenna: Comparison

ProductLengthPower RatingCoaxPrice Range
Firestik FS-3BK3’650 wattsNot included$$
Firestik FL3-B3’100 wattsNot included$$$
TRAM 3-B-HC3’1500 wattsNot included$
Aries 108224’500 wattsIncluded$$
Prostik 4’4’1000 wattsNot included$
Prostik 2’2’1000 wattsNot included$
K40 SF-3003’1000 wattsNot included$$$

How to Buy a Fiberglass Antenna for CB Radio

Fiberglass CB radio antennas on a pickup truck

Below are some of the important things you should look for in a Fiberglass CB radio antenna:


Fiberglass is among the top heavy-duty antenna options on the market. Their construction allows them to flex more than regular antennas, allowing them to withstand abuse force.

These antennas are resistant to wind, making them a desirable option.

Tunable tip

Tuning antennas for optimal reception is not easy. It may require shortening length for the best performance. However, the modern fiberglass antennas are factory-tuned or have a bare-hands tunable tip. It simplifies the process and makes it easier to adjust.

Durability and resilience

As mentioned above, the tough construction and flex make them a top choice. When spending money on CB antennas, a top priority is finding a product that lasts longer.

Fortunately, fiberglass CB antennas fit the category perfectly. The fiberglass rod is quite durable and can withstand off-road abuse.

Best of all, they even withstand overhead obstructions. However, once they crack, they usually break. It makes it all the more important to opt for a well-constructed and high-quality antenna.


Many CB antennas are temporarily mounted on to roofs or are put together with adhesives. However, they tend to degrade over time.

It has brought around the need for more permanent and solid-mounts. They are mounted using drilling holes or installing on bumpers, stake-holes, and tool-box. It helps the antenna last longer and keeps it well-set.

When purchasing this type of antenna, make sure to look for the coil type and have a mounting location in mind.


Are fiberglass CB antennas good?

Fiberglass CB antennas are very good option if you are looking for a long term CB antenna. These are durable, strong, and flexible, making them a great choice for 4×4 and off-roading vehicles.

However, it may not be the best choice for you if you do not want to alter your vehicle or drill holes.

How to tune fiberglass CB antenna?

All antennas need some tuning or adjustment for the ideal SWR. The tuning may appear slightly challenging and complicated for newbies and amateurs. In such a case, we recommend modern antennas with a tunable tip or whip.

It can help to simplify the process. However, older antennas must be cut or shortened for tuning.

Tuning the SWR of the antenna requires clipping the wire to the perfect size. For a convenient experience, we recommend the Firestik FS antenna, with its easy-to-adjust tuning screw in the tip.

How to fix fraying fiberglass CB antenna?

A common problem that a few drivers face is the fraying of fiberglass antennas. However, if faced with this issue, you can easily resolve it at home.

Wash the antenna with soapy water, and allow it to dry. Next, paint the antenna with polyurethane or lead-free, paint. Make sure the paint of non-metallic.

Lastly, sand the surface lightly with 400-grit sandpaper.

How to mount fiberglass CB antenna?

So, what’s the ideal mounting location for your CB antenna? Well, the answer to this question depends on a number of factors.

  1. For the best reception, it’s crucial that the antenna coil is above the roofline. The top of the antenna needs to clear the vehicle’s roof.
  2. A popular mounting option with these antennas is the toolbox. To mount on the toolbox, most drivers and CB radio users opt for the traditional 3-way mount.
  3. If you want to mount it behind the cabin and not the toolbox, the stake-hole can be a great option. Choosing special antenna mounts will mean that no drilling is required!
  4. These antennas have a universal 3/8″ x 24 thread that easily connects to any of the CB antenna mounts. You can use it to mount the antenna on the hood, toolbox, stake-hole, or bumper.
How to shorten fiberglass CB antenna?

A higher SWR on channel 40 than that on channel 1 indicates that your antenna is too long. The problem can be resolved by reducing the height or conductor length of it. They can be cut shorter with a hacksaw or grinder.

Remove the cap and cut the top at ¼ inch at most. Test the SWR and adjust accordingly.

How to tell what kind of fiberglass CB antenna I have?

Wires are wound by wrapping them close together; forming a coil. It helps mimic the performance of a longer length whip on a shorter CB antenna. This “coil” is usually concentrated in a specific area – at the bottom, middle or top.

  • Base-loaded antennas have this coil at the bottom or at the base.
  • With center loaded antennas, there is typically a plastic housing, which stores the coil. It sits above a stainless steel shaft, while the remaining top contains the antenna whip.
  • The top-loaded coils tend to be made of fiberglass. They utilize a thin wire, wrapped along the antenna’s exterior shaft, covered in a protective layer. The coil on these antennas remains above the roofline.


Identifying the type of antenna for your vehicle and specific needs is not always easy. However, with plenty of information at hand, the process becomes simplified.

Our list of top fiberglass antennas will help you shortlist your preferred choice. Find countless deals and options on Amazon or eBay and orders yours now!