What is the Best Galaxy CB Radio to buy in 2023? Top Reviews

If you have been using CB radios for a long, I am sure that you would have already used a Galaxy CB radio. These are some of the most powerful CB radios in the market.

Moreover, there are not many products that can match its stunning performance and high-quality features.

You will never go wrong with a CB radio from the Galaxy brand. You can always trust them. These are the perfect CB radios for:

      • Expert CBers– You will get infinite options with peaking and tuning
      • Newbies– You can enjoy the terrific performance even without peaking

This article will give you reviews of the best Galaxy CB radio to buy in 2023 and beyond.

Here are our favorite Galaxy CB radios:

Top Galaxy CB Radios: Overview


Galaxy DX-959B: Best CB from Galaxy

  • Large, easy-to-read scales
  • Long-range SSB performance
  • Automatic SWR calibration
  • Reasonably-priced

Galaxy DX-979: Smallest CB from Galaxy

  • Medium-sized chassis
  • Long-range performance
  • Backlit display
  • Built-in port for external frequency counter

Galaxy DX-2547: Oustanding Base Station CB

  • Best CB SSB
  • Adjustable power output control knob
  • High-quality chassis
  • User-friendly features

Galaxy-DX-949: Most Affordable Galaxy CB

  • Noise filter to reduce unwanted static
  • Affordable price
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Built-in-port for external frequency counter

Galaxy DX-939

  • Extended 3-year warranty
  • Star lite faceplate makes all lettering glow
  • Enables fine-tuning
  • Allows for loud and clear communication

Galaxy DX-929

  • Backlit display for night viewing
  • Built-in port for external accessories
  • Automatic SWR calibration
  • Great quality and performance

Galaxy DX-939F

  • Backlit faceplate
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Mid-sized
  • Noise-blanker and automatic noise limiter

Why buy Galaxy CB?

Galaxy has reigned the market for nearly three decades with its high-performing CB radios. Durable, robust, and user-friendly, the Galaxy radios are undoubtedly some of the best in the market.

If you’re wondering what makes Galaxy the best, let’s tell you. When you buy their product, you also get access to their unmatchable warranty program and exceptional SSB performance.

Almost every model that the brand offers has an in-built frequency counter, automatic SWR calibration, talkback, and microphone gain.

While all the products seem to be a hit with professional drivers, the DX 959B and DX 979 happen to be our favorites.

Best Galaxy CB Radio Reviews

1. Galaxy DX-959B – Best CB from Galaxy

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The verdict’s out! Galaxy DX-959B is undoubtedly the best CB radio by Galaxy. The extraordinary range, bright display, and noise filtration are just some of the features you get with it. This is an outstanding SSB CB radio worth buying.

If it were up to us, the crown for the best Galaxy radio would go to this one! The best part about DX-959B is the StarLite faceplate, which lights the lettering in blue or red color backlighting.

Are you wondering how that helps?

Well, as a professional driver, the long hours can mean driving through the dark. This feature illuminates through the dark, making it readable.

Additionally, the talkback feature lets you listen to yourself through the speaker. It tells you what the outgoing audio sounds like.

Another essential quality of this masterpiece is a roger beep. It notifies the user at the end of a transmission.

And, if you think that’s the end, there’s more! The radio has an in-built five-digit frequency counter. It gives you a read-out of the current channel.

If you want to know more about this, click here to read our Galaxy 959 review.

2. Galaxy DX-979 – Feature-rich & Small

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When it comes to limited space, the Galaxy DX-979 comes in handy! It takes up little room without compromising on the quality and features. If you have read our Galaxy DX 979 review, I am sure that you know that this is one of the smallest CB radios you can get from the brand.

In fact, it may outperform all the others with its illuminated display and high range.

Here’s what makes DX-979 a hot-seller:

  1. Small and compact for vehicles with limited room.
  2. It can be used in cars, SUVs, and Vans.
  3. Long-range performance
  4. Compatible with all CB Antennas
  5. Includes power cord

If you’re looking for more accuracy in tuning in SSB signals, the Delta tune feature could come in handy here.

The High-SWR alert notifies you of potentially threatening SWR levels. Moreover, the device offers a well-backlit display giving you safe and hassle-free functioning even in the dark.

3. Galaxy DX-2547 – Outstanding Base Station CB

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This sizeable yet high-performing base station radio is every CB user’s dream! With the best range and highly advanced features, Galaxy DX-2547 has to be a top-seller.

The Galaxy DX-2547 makes for a great base station radio. It is just as suitable for personal use as it is for business. Aside from the long-range performance, it offers a whole lot of tech features.

The six-digit, in-built frequency counter, automatic SWR calibration, talkback, and RF gain are just some of them! Oh, and it offers a 1/4″ headphone Jack for discrete listening.

If you find setting adjustment challenging, you can use the large central control dial. It lets you set adjustments without much hassle.

The best part? It can run on AC, as well as DC power supply.

Want to know more about this beast? Click here for our complete review of Galaxy DX 2547.

4. Galaxy DX-949 – Most Affordable

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Not too sure about splurging on a base station radio? This pocket-friendly DX-949 by Galaxy is what you need! Apart from the large screen, you get some exceptional features and also versatile compatibility with accessories.

Wondering what makes Galaxy DX-949 hard to beat? Here’s what:

  1. Over-sized PWR/SWR meters
  2. RF and mic gain
  3. Automatic SWR calibration
  4. End-of-transmission roger beep
  5. Talkback

Who said lower price equals compromised quality? Galaxy breaks the myth with the DX-949 priced at a budget range.

It is the ideal CB radio for long-range communication without having to spend a fortune.

Unlike the other Galaxy radios, this one does have an in-built frequency counter. However, it does have a jack to connect an external frequency counter.

The bottom line? The Galaxy DX-949 has everything that you could ask for in an SSB radio. It is the most-reasonably priced long-range radio that Galaxy has to offer!

5. Galaxy DX-939 – Most popular choice

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The automatic SWR calibration on the Galaxy DX-939 makes fine-tuning a breeze! It is a treasured possession among most professional truckers for its impressive range, quality, and performance.

If you’re looking for full features but not quite the SSB, DX-939 could be the one for you. Besides an extended warranty from the manufacturer, you get all the premium Galaxy features that the brand is known for.

Some of these include brilliant reception, backlit faceplate, and a dazzling blue display.

The illuminated letters greatly help with the accessibility of it during darker hours. Moreover, the large, blue display adds to the aesthetic appeal of DX-939!

It offers a readable meter that gives you a measure of SWR, Mod, and power.

If you’re looking for more, then be assured, it has all the common Galaxy qualities. It’s got a roger beep, talkback, PA switch, mic gain, and Auto SWR calibration.

6. Galaxy DX-929 – Amazing Value for the Money

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If space is your biggest concern, this mid-sized radio could be an excellent choice for you. The backlit display is just an added feature to save you from getting lost in the dark.

If you go by experts, Galaxy DX-929 can be a superb addition to your CB Radio family! The advanced features and top-notch technology makes it one of the fastest-selling radios on the market.

Here’s what DX-929 offers:

  1. RF Gain
  2. Variable output power
  3. Added backlit display
  4. Easy-to-read meters
  5. High-SWR Alert

What’s best about this particular model is its compact size. It is best for Semi-trucks and Pickups. However, they are also practical in cars and SUVs.

7. Galaxy DX-939F – Ideal for Semi-trucks

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Galaxy DX-939F stands out with its dazzling blue display and backlighting. Nothing comes close to the radio in terms of its aesthetic appeal.

The DX-939F has all the fantastic features of Galaxy except the SSB operation.

Like the DX-959B, this one also has the backlit features illuminating the display. It also includes the frequency counter and large, readable meters.

This mid-size radio is convenient to set up but may not be for the enthusiasts!


ProductDimensionsFrequency CounterAM/SSBWarranty
Galaxy DX-959B9.5 x 8 x 2.5 inFive-digitAM/SSB2-years
Galaxy DX-9799 x 7.2 x 2.5 inNot includedAM/SSB
Galaxy DX-254711.5 x 11.2 x 4.2 inSix digitAM/SSB2-years
Galaxy DX-9499.2 x 7.9 x 2.4 inNot includedAM/SSB2-years
Galaxy DX-9399.2 x 7.9 x 2.4 inFive-digitAM3-years
Galaxy DX-9299 x 7.2 x 2.2 inNot includedAM2-years
Galaxy DX-939F9 x 7.2 x 2.5 inFive-digitAM2-years


Are Galaxy CB radios good?
A hundred percent yes!

As a brand, Galaxy prioritizes customer satisfaction over everything else. That is the reason why their products are so carefully curated. With the automatic SWR calibration and frequency counter, they make fine-tuning super easy.

Moreover, the features are just as easy for newbies as they are for CB Masters!

If these features did not do it for you, their warranty program sure will. Almost all Galaxy radios are offered with competitive warranties starting from two-years.

Who makes Galaxy CB radio?
The Galaxy CB models are manufactured in the USA by Galaxy Radios.
Which Galaxy CB radio is the most powerful?
Galaxy is the go-to brand when it comes to powerful CB Radios. All their products beat most competitors in this business. However, if there’s one, the DX 959 tops the list any day!

It has been the top-selling CB radio by the brand for nearly 16 years.

The long-range and outstanding performance is proof of that. Most truck drivers love it for its exceptional signal reception. You can talk up to 15 miles with some fine-tuning with this highly powerful Galaxy radio.

How to set up Galaxy CB radio?
The mobile radios can be mounted and set up using mounting brackets. Make sure to pick a location that is convenient and does not interfere with either the passenger or driver.

Wire them in just like the car stereo to the 12V supply in your vehicle.

For the best station radios, you will need to mount them close to the AC power outlet. Like the mobile radio, the base station also needs a well-thought mounting location. Keep in mind; you will need to run the antenna lead-in cable.

What is the newest Galaxy CB Side Band radio?
Single Side Band (SSB) radios legally transmit at 12 watts. The SSB radio segment models by Galaxy include DX-959, DX-979, DX-2547, and DX-949.
What size are the mounting knobs on older Galaxy CB radio?
The older CB Radio models by Galaxy came with universal mounting brackets. These were compatible with any sized mounting knobs.

The latest CB radios typically use 5mm knobs.

Which Galaxy CB radio has the highest peak wattage?
When it comes to the highest peak wattage, the Galaxy DX-959, DX-979, DX-2547, and DX-949 are equally good. They all offer maximum legally allowed transmission wattage, which is 12 watts in SSB.
What kind of power supply needed for a Galaxy CB radio?
The mobile radio you may use in your vehicle typically runs at 12V power supply. Base station radios, however, are plugged into wall sockets and powered by AC power supply.


I hope you have enjoyed the Galaxy CB radio reviews by us.

When it comes to power, durability, and exceptional SSB, Galaxy has surely set a benchmark for all brands to follow. The advanced features, though may appear complicated, are easy to master even by beginners.

Whether it is budget, warranty, or customer service, Galaxy sure knows how to please their customers.

Our top picks by Galaxy have all the latest tech features. With the brand’s solid reputation, you can take a backseat and order in your favorite. They are all top-of-the-line and worth spending your hard-earned money on!

Enjoy CB communication like never before with the outstanding CB radios by the potent and dynamic Galaxy radios!