Best Low Profile CB Antenna Reviews: Short CB Antennas to buy in 2023

Small CB antennas also provide stunning performance. Yeah, you don’t always need longer antennas for your CB radios. You can get a short CB radio antenna when there is a space constraint in your vehicle or you want to give aesthetic appeal. This is why CB radios in SUVs, pickup trucks, cars, motorcycles, etc. have small-sized antennas. Our team has reviewed the best low-profile CB antennas in the market in this article.

You might be thinking why should you get a small CB antenna. Let me explain!

A short CB antenna guarantees the right range and performance. Yeah, they don’t offer you long-range. But that is not a necessity. You should understand that the prices of these mini CB antennas are low. Another advantage of installing a mini CB antenna comes into play when you need to drive through low roof areas. The mounting and installation also become easier with these antennas. You can mount the whips anywhere on your vehicle. Yeah, you could consider the trunk, the roof, or the side mirrors. These are vital reasons CB users buy small sized CB antennas.

Our team has tested some of the mini CB antennas to find the best performing ones. Let’s check the reviews.

Best Low Profile CB Antenna Reviews

The top small CB antennas in the market are:

  1. Firestik II FS-2BK- Tiniest CB Antenna
  2. FireStik FL3-B – High Performing Choice
  3. TRAM 703-HC
  4. Midland 18-2442 – Best Rugged mini CB Antenna

1. Firestik II FS-2BK


  • Tunable tip
  • Hi-Performance Coil
  • Short CB Antenna
  • Can be used on motorcycles
  • Great sound quality


  • Noisy whip

Firestik II FS-2BK is the best-rated short antenna for CB radio. The 2-feet tall antenna is great with all CB radios. Most off-roaders in the market recommend the Firestik antenna for trucks. It has exceptional quality and is easy to install. This is a good quality CB radio antenna which guarantees clear sound quality and efficiency all the time.

You will love the design of the antenna. It comes with a red cap. The tuning is an easy task with FS-2BK. It is easy to integrate the antenna with any CB radio. The high-performance coil is another attraction of the antenna. It ensures you are never short of high-quality performance. This antenna works for motorcycles also. Unlike TRAM and Midland, the Firestik antennas are made of a fiberglass tube. This makes the antenna flexible. What more could one ask for?

There is one issue with the antenna, as per our testing. The wind causes the whip to sway at times. This produces a whistle-like sound. You can mount the antenna away from the driver’s position to get rid of the issue.

All in all, Firestik II FS-2BK offers great qualities for an affordable price. It works exceptionally well for a small sized 24” antenna.

2. FireStik FL3-B


  • Lightweight
  • Easy Tune
  • Flexible
  • High-performance
  • Blackcap


  • Mount is not included

Our second pick is also from Firestik. It is Firestik FL3-B and is lighter than the FS-2BK. The lighter weight makes it easy to use and tunable. It is branded as having a bare-hand tunable tip. This FL3-B antenna has a black tip. You can use it to maintain the classy appearance of your car. The Firestik FL3-B antenna is the tallest of all. With 36 inches, it surpasses TRAM, Midland, and the FS-2BK antennas. It is the perfect size for most jeeps. We recommend this one for jeeps and pickup trucks.

The FL3-B is a durable product. It shows no signs of wear and tears even after 2 years. The only disadvantage of this small CB is that you don’t get the mount along with the product. You may have to purchase the mount separately.

Other than that, this one’s a great CB Antenna for all your uses.

3. TRAM 703-HC


  • Includes mount
  • Stainless steel
  • Strong magnet
  • Adjustable


  • Low range

The next one on our list is from TRAM. TRAM 703-HC is a 2 feet tall CB antenna. At less than $20, you will get both the antenna and mount. This is one of the strongest mini CB radio antennas in the market. The stainless steel construction ensures it lasts long and also prevent any rusting from the antenna. The strong magnetic base is another plus point. This feature prevents any damage to the car.

The adjustable antenna is easy to tune. There is a small disadvantage. It’s the range. It offers a very low range. However, considering the low price, this is a great bargain. It should be noted that the antenna works with all the CB radios and all the frequencies.

4. Midland 18-2442


  • Prewired
  • Stainless Steel
  • Relief spring
  • Center-loaded coil
  • Magnetic base


  • Costlier

Midland 18-2442 is that short CB antenna you should get for its rust-free design. This is another stainless steel antenna that comes with a magnetic base. The best part is that it gives a range of over 2 miles. This is important to ensure clear signals and audio. This is the most efficient antenna on the list. Thanks to the center-loaded coil.

The Midland radio is priced higher than TRAM and Firestik. But, don’t worry. It’s still cost-effective. The antenna works great with Midland CB radios.

Low Profile CB Antenna Buying Guide

best low profile CB antennas

Higher Range

You should be critical in choosing small CB Radios as they are often poor in their ranges. A whip antenna can add a great range to your radios. You can expect a range of 2 miles with most short CB antennas. If you want more range, we would recommend the Midland 18-2442. It gives a range of 4 miles.

Affordable Price

Low profile CB antennas are cheap. You can easily get them with price range of $30. However, if you still want to get one at lower rate, consider FireStik FL3-B. It is the most affordable among all these radios at a price of $14.14.

Quality Design

Since the mini antennas for CB radios come at a cheaper price tag, they often have a poor design. It is extremely important to give attention to the design. Otherwise, whatever investment you make would go wasted.

You should look for a metallic base and stainless steel antenna. The two prevent any rusting and damage to the car or motorcycle. The Midland and TRAM Antenna offer both these features. On the other hand, if you want flexible antennas, go with Firestik. Their fiberglass design ensures a highly flexible design.

Length of the Antenna

The higher the length, the higher will be your range. You need to understand how much range you need and choose an antenna. With the compact size, you know how much would be the range you will get. It would be around 2 miles. If you want a higher range, select a a bit longer antenna.

The Firestik II FS-2BK is a compact, 2 feet tall antenna. Despite being a compact size, it has great length coverage.


Each antenna comes with a different coil or load style. A tall length antenna can be inconvenient for most vehicles.

The Midland 18-2442 antenna comes with a center-loaded coil. Truckers often use them for the convenience they offer. The center-loaded coils also have a high-watt capacity.

Concluding Remarks

Frequent use of a CB Radio calls for a high-quality antenna. They can prove to be effective in giving you the desired range. Small CB antennas work great for small vehicles. However, they are also prone to damages.

We have listed the four top low-profile CB antennas in the market. All these antennas provide stunning performance. You can select one of them. You should make sure to match the functioning of the antenna you select with that of your CB radio. Instead of looking at the price, look for quality and features. A good-quality CB radio and a poor antenna are a mismatch