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A CB radio is useless if you don’t get a good quality CB radio antenna. But, the problem lies in selecting the right one.

You don’t always need a big one. Smaller CB antennas are more than enough for:

    • Cars
    • SUVs
    • Pickup trucks

I have seen many beginners going for bigger CB radios and ending up with unsatisfactory results.

If you don’t want that to happen with you, this is the article you should read today. Our tests on some of the mini CB antennas have narrowed down to four best low profile CB antennas.

Best Low Profile CB Antennas:

Here are our top choices when it comes to small CB radio antennas:

  • Firestik II FS-2BK
  • FireStik FL3-B
  • TRAM 703-HC
  • Midland 18-2442


Who Should Get a Short CB Antenna?

Regardless of your CB Radio type, an added antenna is a must! Most handheld radios are not great with range. An external whip helps take care of that!

      • CB Radios are not only for trucks and jeeps! Motorcyclists need the antenna just as much as a trucker. This is where the sizes come to play. For a motorcycle with limited space, you cannot go for a tall whip. In such cases, a mini-size antenna can be great at providing signal strength.
      • Long-distance, group travelers prefer to stay in touch during their journeys. The radios are efficient in communicating, giving updates, and receiving important information. However, a poor signal or range can ruin your entire experience. A small antenna can easily add in a few miles of range. The best part is they will be easier to handle and operate.
      • Most tall whips are considered to provide a great range. The truth is, the performance may not be as well. With a short antenna, you can guarantee yourself the right range AND performance. Oh, and did we mention the affordability?
      • With a tall antenna whip, parking must be a nightmare! With a compact one, you can easily park in low-roof areas. This is important to prevent any damage to the antenna or the car.
      • Another reason that makes small size an ideal feature is a mounting location. These whips can be mounted almost anywhere! You could consider the trunk, the roof or even the side-mirrors.

Whether you’re a daily commuter or trucker, what’s a Radio without an antenna? Give your journey the added range with an external antenna.

Make sure to match the functioning of your Antenna and radio. Instead of looking at the price, look for quality and features. A good-quality CB radio and a poor antenna are definitely a mismatch.


1. Firestik II FS-2BK – Tiny CB Antenna

Firestik II FS-2BK

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The 2-feet tall antenna is great with all CB radios. Most off-roaders in the market recommend the Firestik antenna for trucks. It has exceptional quality and is easy-to-install.

Guarantee yourself the clear sound quality and efficiency at all times. What we really love about Firestick is how easy to tune it is. With its miniature size, the small antenna can easily be integrated with a tiny CB Radio.

Here’s one thing we would like to mention. The antenna comes with a red cap. A lot of individuals prefer a dull and neutral color like black.

If that’s the case for you, we recommend getting a separate antenna cap.

The wind causes the whip to sway at times. This produces a whistle-like sound. However, if mounted away from the driver’s position, it wouldn’t be a problem.

All in all, it offers great qualities for an affordable price. It works exceptionally well for 24” antenna.


  • Tunable tip
  • Hi-Performance Coil
  • Short CB Antenna
  • Can be used on motorcycles
  • Great sound quality


  • Noisy whip
  • Red tip only

This one’s a highly recommended antenna for all CB Radio users. It is affordable and is a tiny CB radio antenna. While looking for antennas, appearance tends to be as important as other qualities.

This Firestik antenna wouldn’t disappoint you in that business!

2. FireStik FL3-B – High-Performance CB Antenna

FireStik FL3-B

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Here’s another Firestik product you could use with your CB Radio. The FL3-B antenna is lighter than the FS-2BK.

The lighter weight makes it easy-to-use and tunable. It is branded as having a bare-hands tunable tip.

Unlike TRAM and Midland, the Firestik antennas are made of a fiberglass tube. This makes the antenna quite flexible. What more could one possibly ask for?

The best is yet to come. This FL3-B antenna has a black tip. You can use it to maintain a classy appearance of your car.

The Firestik FL3-B antenna, however, is the tallest of all. With 36 inches, it surpasses TRAM, Midland and even the FS-2BK antennas. It is the perfect size for most jeeps.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy Tune
  • Flexible
  • High-performance
  • Blackcap


  • Taller than FS-2BK
  • Mount is not included

One reason to love this antenna is how durable it is. It shows no signs of wear and tears even after 2 years. You may have to purchase the mount separately.

Other than that, this one’s a great CB Antenna for all your uses.

3. TRAM 703-HC – Low Profile CB Antenna


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     Like the FS-2BK, this TRAM antenna is also 2-feet tall. Priced at $17.47, it includes the antenna and the mount.

The TRAM antenna is made of stainless steel and has a strong magnetic base. This feature prevents any damage to the car. The stainless steel will prevent any rusting from it.

This feature makes the TRAM antenna a durable one.

Along with that, this one is adjustable. This means you can easily tune to connect to a CB Radio. The cable length also seems appropriate.

A slight problem with this is the low range that it offers. But, what can you expect with a 2-feet antenna, priced under $20?

It also turns to be a little noisy when under the wind. You can fix the problem by mounting it away from the driver’s position.


  • Includes mount
  • Stainless steel
  • Strong magnet
  • Adjustable
  • Small CB Antenna


  • Lacks range
  • Wind Noise

For a product under $20, this is a great purchase. It can work well with most CB frequencies. The best part is how durable and lasting the product is.

4. Midland 18-2442 – Damage Preventive

Midland 18-2442

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This is another stainless steel antenna that comes with a magnetic base. Like the TRAM antenna, this one’s also great with preventing rusting.

The best part is that it gives a range of over 2 miles. This is extremely important to ensure clear signals and audio.

The Midland radio is priced higher than TRAM and Firestik. However, it is still under $20. The small antennas sure prove to be cost-effective.

Another great feature is the center-loaded coil. This makes the radio antenna more efficient than the others.


  • Prewired
  • Stainless Steel
  • Relief spring
  • Center-loaded coil
  • Magnetic base


  • Costlier than Firestik and TRAM
  • No instructions

We suggest weighing a product’s features against the price. For under $20, this radio offers some great services. The stainless steel and the center-coil, make this a durable one.

For Midland Radio, we recommend going for the Midland 18-2442 antenna.

Buyer’s Guide

best low profile CB antennas


Antennas are added to CB Radios, to increase the length. Small CB Radios are often poor in their ranges. A whip antenna can add a great range to your radios.

Whereas a good-quality antenna can help you reach signals within miles of range.

The Midland 18-2442 Antenna gave a range of 4 miles. This makes it efficient for long-distance drives.


Looking for an affordable antenna? We suggest opting for a radio that gives you all the right features.

FireStik FL3-B is the most affordable among all these radios. For $14.14, it seems like a great antenna! It offers a great range and has a lightweight whip.


This one is extremely important! A metallic base and stainless steel are just what you need. The two prevent any rusting and damage to the car.

The Midland and TRAM Antenna offer both these features. On the other hand, Firestik fiber-glass offers flexibility.

Mounting Location

You may install the antenna on the roof of your vehicle. Alternately, you could use the mirror bars, bumper, and trunk, etc.

The higher you mount it, the better the signals will be.

It is also important to ground the antenna firmly. This prevents the whip from any damage or from falling off.


You can opt for a radio-based on its length. The length is important for individuals looking for range and compact size.

The Firestik II FS-2BK is a compact, 2 feet tall antenna. Despite being a compact size, it has great length coverage.


Each antenna comes with a different coil or load style. Practically, the antennas are required to be a certain length. A tall length antenna can be inconvenient for most vehicles.

The Midland 18-2442 antenna comes with a center loaded coil. Truckers often use them for the convenience they offer. The center-loaded coils also have a high-watt capacity.

Concluding Remarks

Make sure to look at all the qualities to ensure a great purchase. We recommend finding out about the coil, range, material, and mount location.

A magnetic base will keep your antenna in place. Moreover, it will also prevent any rusting in your car.

Oh, and don’t forget a whistle-free whip. Nobody wants wind noise disturbing their peaceful trips!

Opt for a durable and powerful antenna with the right sound quality. The antenna will also ensure a great signal strength.

Frequent use of a CB Radio calls for a high-quality antenna. They can prove to be effective in giving you the desired range. It will surely make long-distance or group travel easier.

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