Best Magnetic CB Antenna Reviews: Easy to Install & High Performing Mag Mount Antennas

There is no doubt that a magnetic CB antenna can improve the performance of your CB system exponentially.

But, don’t expect miracles if you don’t have any plan to get the best magnetic CB antenna out there.

Buying an inferior quality mag mount antenna will open your doors to two pitfalls:

      • Clearance issue when you mount it higher
      • Durability problems

What if I tell you that you don’t have to worry about these problems?

We have reviewed the top magnetic mount CB antennas here. These beasts are known to give high performance and are designed to last longer.

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick look at them:

Best Magnetic Mount CB Antennas

Wilson 305-38- Customer’s Choice[amazon fields=”B001AAT94W” value=”button” ]
  • 300 watts power handling
  • 10 Oz magnet
  • Heavy-duty coil
  • Low loss coil design
K-30-K40-Budget friendly[amazon fields=”B000H2W270″ value=”button” ]
  • Stainless steel finish
  • 26 to 30 MHz Frequency
  • 300 watts power handling
  • 15 ft. cable length
Wilson 1000-The Best[amazon fields=”B003H3L3U8″ value=”button” ]
  • High-impact thermoplastic
  • 2-year warranty
  • Weather ready
  • 15 ft. cable
Tram 703-HC-Best for the Money[amazon fields=”B002IP3WV4″ value=”button” ]
  • 2 ft. tall whip
  • Stainless steel
  • 17 ft. RG58 cable
  • 3.5” magnet mount
Hustler IC100W-Ideal for Truckers[amazon fields=”B00SVFYLQK” value=”button” ]
  • 15 ft. coax
  • 41” whip
  • 100 watt power handling
  • 3.5” magnet base
Cobra HGA1500-Stong and Highly Durable[amazon fields=”B00005N5X2″ value=”button” ]
  • Nonabrasive, heavy-duty magnet
  • Ideal for SUVs and trucks
  • 15 ft. matched-braided coaxial cable
  • 100-watt rating
Luiton [amazon fields=”B07BDJ8HN9″ value=”button” ]
  • 28” tall antenna
  • Comes with pre-installed 10 ft. cable
  • Weather channel capable
  • 12-months warranty

Why Buy Magnetic CB Antennas?

long range communication with magnet CB antennas

You may have figured by the name;

A magnetic CB antenna comes with a magnetic mount. This mount helps in securing the base of the antenna to the vehicle.

You might be wondering, what’s all the rage about?

Let us take you through on what makes them better than the competitors.

  1. They have a fantastic reception. For a 3 feet magnetic antenna, transmit and receive range can be anywhere between 3 to 4 miles.
  2. Most other antennas have a complicated installation Mag-mount antennas, on the other hand, are easier to install. All you need to do is set it in place, and you’re good to go!
  3. Due to their ease of installation and high performance, they are the most popular CB antennas in the market.
  4. Lastly, the exceptional performance of these antennas is unlike any other. Clarity and efficiency are two qualities that you can expect from them.

Want to know the best part?

All the components and accessories of magnetic CB antennas come in a single-pack. I know this is pleasant news for most of you guys. Getting individual pieces from the market is a hectic process.

Moreover, some products come with a pre-installed cable, which makes the entire process effortless.

Now let’s get straight into the business!

Best Magnetic CB Antenna Reviews

All the magnetic mount CB antennas are not the same. The built quality and performance are the two things you should focus on before choosing these antennas.

Read on to find the ultimate mag mount CB antenna for your needs.

1. Wilson 305-38 – Customer’s choice

[amazon fields=”B001AAT94W” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Wilson 305 38″]

[amazon fields=”B001AAT94W” value=”button” ]

Known as Little Wil or Wilson 305038, this is by far the best mag mount CB antenna in the market. Wilson 305-38 is a favorite among experts! The decent whip size gives you ample clarity and range for short-distance travel.

Most tall antennas are likely to get struck by the roof of your garage. Wilson 305-38; however, offers the perfect height of 36”. It means there are no chances of damage to your whip!

Magnet mounts typically scrape off paint from the surface they are placed on. However, this mount will do little to your car.

Its high-impact plastic also keeps it rust-proof.

Here’s what makes it the best in the market:

      • It has a power handling capability of 300 watts.
      • The large 30 oz. magnet doesn’t slide, nor does it damage the exterior.
      • There will be no scratches on the roof of your car.
      • Follow instructions or watch YouTube tutorials to get through the installation with complete ease.

Here’s the bottom-line! Wilson 305-38 is the one for professionals. The brand name and supreme quality make it worth the price.

2. K-30 – Budget-friendly

[amazon fields=”B000H2W270″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”K40 K30 magnetic CB antenna”]

[amazon fields=”B000H2W270″ value=”button” ]

Manufactured in the USA, this magnet CB antenna is the ultimate pocket-friendly option. You couldn’t have asked for a better antenna than K-30 by K40 for your truck at an affordable price tag.

With a power rating of 300 watts, you can be at ease about its performance. The 15’ cable is another plus-point which works well for all radio types.

If you’re a newbie and don’t know much about CB radios, this one’s super hassle-free. That means you would not have to deal with the installation as the mag-mount is easy-breezy! The antenna works well out of the box; however, in some cases, it might need some tuning or trimming.

The durable magnet doesn’t pry even at a speed of 70mph, which says a lot about its quality. If you’re on a bumpy road, take a backseat because that mount won’t budge!

If you’re worried about overspending on a whip, K40 from K-30 is a fantastic option.

3. Wilson 1000 – The best you can get

[amazon fields=”B003H3L3U8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Wilson 1000 CB antenna”]

[amazon fields=”B003H3L3U8″ value=”button” ]

Being a prestigious brand in the market, you cannot go wrong with Wilson antennas. It is undoubtedly a substantial investment for long-distance communication!

Here’s the amazing deals you get out of this magnetic mount CB antenna:

      • The antenna is weather-ready. It will pick up all weather stations your CB radio has.
      • It is easy-to-install, as well as to detach.
      • Wilson offers a high-quality cable to ensure effective performance.
      • Moreover, the Wilson 1000 whip is the tallest among other competitors. It is 62.5” tall, compared to Hustler’s 41”, and Wilson 305-38’s 36”. Yes, you read that right!

When it comes to CB radios, Wilson tops all. The extra length of the antenna gives a significantly better result when it comes to range. Moreover, the strong magnet stays put no matter what speed you drive at.

To prevent the magnet from sliding off the vehicle, you also get a cover on the side. You can use it to store the antenna housing to keep water and muck away.

4. Tram 703-HC – Best for the money

[amazon fields=”B002IP3WV4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Tram 703 HC antenna”]

[amazon fields=”B002IP3WV4″ value=”button” ]

Designed to fulfill all your needs, this mag mount CB CB antenna is a phenomenal choice keeping in mind its price.  It is an outstanding choice for SUVs and Trucks.

Here’s what the TRAM 703-HC box includes:

      • 2 ft. tall CB antenna whip
      • 5” magnet mount
      • Shock spring
      • 17 ft. cable

One of the most common issues with mag-mounts is how easy they are to detach. With this durable and heavy-duty magnet, the mount stays on even on windy days.

The best part about the TRAM 703-HC is the adjustable and tunable tip. Moreover, adequate cable length ensures superior performance.

If you’re all about the looks, this 2 feet tall whip is the perfect size for you. Not only does the antenna look phenomenal, but it also works wonders.

If you’re on a restrained budget and only need an antenna for your infrequent trips, this is a great choice.

5. Hustler IC100W – Ideal for truckers

[amazon fields=”B00SVFYLQK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Hustler 1C100w”]

[amazon fields=”B00SVFYLQK” value=”button” ]

Take a look at this highly functional CB antenna curated to match all your needs. Its 41″ whip makes sure to get you vast range and clarity.

Users who tried out the Hustle IC100W are pleased with the results. They were able to connect with users 7-miles apart with absolute clarity. What more do you want?

One significant aspect of this magnet mount CB antenna is the built-in, attached standard cable. You will not be required to purchase one additionally.

Moreover, the adjustable tip helps with tuning. But here’s the thing, along with adjustment, you may need to trim the cable. You may also need an SWR to get it right.

However, with the adjustments made, the product should work well without any issues.

6. Cobra HGA1500 – Strong and durable

[amazon fields=”B00005N5X2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Cobra HGA 1500″]

[amazon fields=”B00005N5X2″ value=”button” ]

One of the most durable antennas offered on our list, Cobra HGA1500, is resilient and stronger than many others!

It is a trouble-free antenna, made to install with convenience. Another feature is that it is reliable and offers value for money.

Here’s why customers find it worth purchasing:

      • The non-abrasive 4-inch magnet outperforms competitors.
      • It is the ideal choice for recreational vehicles.
      • Cobra HGA1500 works well with all CB radios.
      • The antenna is removable for when not in use.

The stainless steel whip is made to endure almost any weather conditions. And, the best part is consumers do not need to adjust it much. It comes pre-packaged and does not fail to impress.

It won’t let you lose reception and will come in handy for small vehicles. Cobra HGA1500 is an excellent purchase as the range or transmission doesn’t get affected by mount location.

7. Luiton – Best deal

[amazon fields=”B01MQT044S” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Luiton magnetic CB antenna”]

[amazon fields=”B07BDJ8HN9″ value=”button” ]

Looking for top-class features to also match your budget requirements? Luiton does it all.

This 28-inch magnetic CB antenna, pack of 2, is a great deal for individuals always on the run. If you need a back-up or want a dual-antenna setup, Luiton is an apt choice.

The kit consists of a mag-mount with a pre-installed cable. It also includes a coil load and stainless steel whip.

Why we love Luiton so much is that it covers all CB frequencies and is weather-ready. The brand also offers a warranty against manufacturing defects!

What impresses us the most about this product is its build quality. The center-loaded coil makes it more efficient than the bottom-loaded coils.

In short, the setup is ideal for off-roading and in areas with rain and humidity. Moreover, the 12-month warranty is a feature to look forward to!

Comparison of Top Mag Mount CB Antennas

ProductCable LengthPower HandlingAntenna WhipWarranty
Wilson 305-3815 ft.300 watts36”
K-3015 ft.300 watts35”
Wilson 100015 ft.3000 watts62.5”2 years
Tram 703-HC17 ft.200 watts24”
Hustler IC100W15 ft.100 watts41”
Cobra HGA150015 ft.100 watts36”
Luiton10 ft.300 watts28”1 year

CB Radio Magnetic Antenna Buying Tips

magnet mount CB antennas

Here are the important things you should follow before buying a CB magnetic antenna:

Opt for Heavy-Duty Mounts

Mangetic antennas with more than 100lbs weight and 10 Oz magnet will give you strong CB antennas which will stay put even at high speeds

Magnetic mount antennas are convenient to attach and detach from the car roof. Ideally, the magnet mount should be strong enough to sustain wind forces.

Non-magnetic antennas are installed by drilling them onto the roofs. However, magnetic antennas are simply placed on top and don’t require much installation hullabaloo.

Having a strong magnet prevents the mount from slipping off and damaging the antenna. Driving on the highway, the weather conditions can sometimes get problematic. However, with a magnet of 10 oz. for example, there’s no way the mount is getting dislodged.

The bottom line is that you should opt for a heavy-duty mount that is heavy and requires force to move. It will make sure that the antenna does not come loose and stays kept.

Antenna Length

Among the many crucial factors is the antenna length. It can make or break your communication and signal quality. To put it in simple words, the taller the antenna is, the better range you will get.

Now there is one more detail I need to add. Taller antennas have their share of drawbacks. They are likely to get struck by tunnels, trees, and underpass roofs.

Following is the expected range based on the length of magnetic antennas:

      • 3 to 4 miles with a 3’ magnet antenna.
      • 5 to 7 miles with a 5’ magnet antenna.


Since most magnet mount CB antennas come in a pack of all the accessories, it is very important to get good quality coax cables.


This is because the quality of the coax cable has a direct relation with the signal quality you will receive. Ordinarily, the length varies between 7 to 20 feet.

When going for the cable, take the size of your vehicle into consideration. So, for a truck, you will need a longer cable.

Ease of Installation and Removal

One of the biggest issues you might face with a CB magnetic antenna would be protecting it in the low clearance area. Although having a heavy-duty magnetic mount is a great idea, you can also go with easy to remove antennas.

You can add life to your antenna by doing so.

So, how can you make the process an easy one?

Antennas like K30 K40 are coming with the twist-to-remove feature which makes removing the antenna from the base an easy affair.

Power Handling

When looking for a better range, what’s most important is the power handling of the antenna. The higher the wattage, the antenna can handle translates into better quality signals.


How long is the typical magnet mount CB antenna?
Typically, a magnetic mount CB antenna is 3 feet tall.

Where to mount a magnet mount CB antenna?
You can install it on the metallic surface of your vehicle, typically: the bonnet or roof.
How to install a mag mount CB antenna on vehicle?

The first step is to select a mounting location that acts as a ground. As CB Radio Guru says, you don’t really have to ground a magnet mount CB antenna. Typically, the center of the car roof is the best choice. Next, set the magnet mount on the selected spot.

Following this, you will need to connect the coax cable with very little of it showing. Avoid running the wire next to other cords.

Tune the antenna to optimize the system. You may need an SWR meter for this step

How do I set up a magnet CB antenna at home?

Magnetic CB antennas are designed to install on vehicles. In order to install them for at-home use, you can install it on large metal sheets. These sheets can act as a ground plane just like the roofs of the vehicles.

How to glue a magnet on a CB antenna?
Instead of damaging your car, use a magnet for an elegant result. Strong adhesives like super glue can work well for this purpose.

How can I get better ground on a magnet mount CB antenna?

When installing the antenna, make sure to mount it in the most metal area of the car. Using a ground strap, bond the metals, pulling the metals together. To improve the ground, shift the antenna, and mount it to a better location.

Alternately, you can add in an extra grounding strap to the mount.

If you aren’t concerned with the look of your car, scrape off some of the paint. It will enable a metal-to-metal contact, enhancing the quality.

How to install a magnet CB antenna onto fiberglass?

Fiberglass cannot send the radio waves off. It contributes to reduced quality transmission. In such a situation, it becomes crucial to create a setup that enhances communication.

Opt for a standard fiberglass roof kit or install a 10 x 10 1/16” steel plate on your roof. Mount your mag mount CB antenna over the fiberglass through-hole mount.

Do I need a spring for my CB antenna?

Spring is a metal coil that is often added to increase the length of the antenna. It helps with SWR improvement. Another reason to add a spring is for stress relief in a windy situation.

If you fear your antenna is likely to strike a tree or any other obstacle, a spring may be a good idea.  Make sure to use a conductive coil of the right size according to the antenna.

Are dual magnetic mount CB antennas better?

A common misconception among many is that two antennas are better than one. It is not practical for ordinary vehicles to install two antennas. Most 4×4 drivers go for the dual antennas solely for the look of it.

However, dual antennas are only useful for big rigs. Larger trucks use this method to radiate signals on both sides of it.

The size or shape of the vehicle can block the signal of the antenna mounted on one side.


If you’re a trucker or love being on the highway, CB radio is for you. A CB antenna is equally important as the radio itself. It can improve the performance, giving you high-quality output.

If you’re looking for high performance and ease of installation, there is no better option than buying a magnetic CB antenna.

If you have paid attention, I am sure that you might have found out the best magnet mount CB antenna for you by now. Install it and enjoy the high reception!