Best Microphone For Ham Radio: Amateur Radio Mics to buy in 2023

When it comes to ham radio communication, there are certain accessories that are equally important as a good quality ham radio. The most important of those accessories is a ham radio microphone.

I am sure that at least one point in your life as an amateur radio operator, you might have heard some of these complaints from your partners:

    • Too noisy voice
    • Unclear sound
    • High pitch and high bass
    • ..and in the worst-case – not able to hear anything

I am sure that you don’t want to get feedback like that. You want your peers to hear you properly.

Having the best microphone for ham radio will ensure that you are heard clearly at the other end. So, you need to get a dynamic and noise-canceling mic for your amateur radio.

After all, what is the purpose of having an amateur radio if your partner at other end can not hear you properly?

Top Ham Radio Microphones

Our research and testing about the available mics for ham radios have narrowed down to five quality options. Below are our favorite choices:

  • Ranger SRA-198
  • HeiL HTH-Y

If you are in a hurry, I believe this comparison table will help you to select a good microphone for your ham.

Ranger SRA-198: Best Overall ➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon
  • Well-built mic with solid construction
  • A true noise-canceling transceiver
  • Fits in the hand easily
  • Produces loud and powerful sound
BTECH QHM22 ➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon
  • Rugged and durable design
  • Includes adjustable mic clip
  • Delivers loud and clear audio
  • Weatherproofing to prevent damage
EOOCVT : Most Budget-Friendly ➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Made with high-quality material
  • Excellent value for price
  • A top-choice as a replacement microphone
BAOFENG UV-82 ➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon
  • Compact and rugged construction
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Includes a small iron clip for hands-free operation
  • Affordable price
HeiL HTH-Y: Most Light-Weight ➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon
  • Lightweight headset
  • Hands-free operation
  • Economical price
  • Provides discreet two-way communication

Do I really Need a Mic for My Ham Radio?

If you still have a doubt like this, I am sure that you are a newbie in the business.

Most newbies typically struggle with amateur ham operating, which involves using different microphones. However, most do not live up to the expectations, and you end up losing your hard-earned money.

Replacements are a common sight as regular usage of your radio can result in a worn-out microphone. For this, a hand-held, the external gadget can come in pretty handy. It also offers a hands-free, convenient operation that can be helpful in professional settings.

The more recent designs even offer a clip that allows you to attach the device to your pocket or collar. It helps keep the transceiver accessible at all times.

Many of the top-rated microphones offer features that beat in-built microphones. By upgrading the HAM radio mic, you get amplified sound with minimal interference. It enhances audio, both transmission and receiving.

Best Microphone for Ham Radio: Reviews

Here are the reviews of some of the top ham radio microphones:

1. Ranger SRA-198 – Top-class noise-cancellation

➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon

The Rangers ham radio microphone is an ideal choice for operators looking for premium performance. It offers quality audio output with zero interference.

The microphone features a four-point connector, which is compatible with most ham radios. Additionally, the robust outer body makes it a durable gadget and offers excellent value for the price.

Some of its notable features include:

      • Active noise-filter to cancel any unwanted, disturbing sounds
      • Wired 4-pin connector
      • It is compatible with RCI/Cobra/Uniden/Connex/Galaxy/Stryker/Magnum etc.
      • Well-constructed with a rugged design

The rangers SRA-198 has an advanced noise-canceling technology that eliminates outside noise. It also reduces static, allowing it to work efficiently, even in quiet environments.

One excellent feature of the Rangers SRA-198 is the PTT, which has a smooth and solid feel. That definitely makes it a keeper!

2. BTECH QHM22 – Rainproof Construction

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The QHM22 is from BTECH’S line of Platinum radio speaker microphones. It is compatible with BaoFeng, BTECH, and Kenwood Radios.

It features a high-impact casing, along with high-grade re-enforced cabling. The heavy-duty, mic is a hot-seller among professionals. QHM22’s hands-free operation acts as an additional bonus.

You can add a 3.5mm listen-only earpiece for the ultimate solution in loud environments.

Here’s something you’re going to like. The QHM22’s casing is shock, wind, dust, and splash resistant. It limits damage to the microphone, increasing its overall product life. The best part is its crystal clear audio and high-quality sound output.

Unlike some of the other options on the market, this one is carefully curated for construction sites, industrial use, and other rough assignments. You’re free to communicate without holding your radio, all thanks to the heavy-duty, stainless steel clip-on lapel.

What we like the most about this microphone is its coil quality. Even after prolonged usage, the coil does not look elasticity and works fine.

Most operators find this ham radio microphone to be working great and the construction to be durable. However, keep in mind, it is single PTT only. That means you can transmit on channel B.

3. EOOCVT 6-Pin – Budget-friendly choice

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The EOOCVT 6-pin Microphone has become a trending choice for amateurs and experts, alike. Like many of the other hand-held microphones, this one, too, offers a clip-on for hands-free operation. It comes in handy in demanding covert security applications where this is of paramount importance.

Another key feature, to look for in a ham radio microphone, is sound clarity and durability, which the EOOCVT is known for.

It is fit for use with FT-7800R, FT-8800, FT-2800M, FT-2800M, FT-7100M, FT-7900R, FT-8800R, among others.

Customers that are using this device seem pretty satisfied with their purchase. The audio report and construction quality are two of the contributing factors. It works fantastically as a replacement mic, that too, at an excellent price.

      • 6-pin connector with an easy clip-on
      • Easily accessible PTT button
      • Works fantastically at an economical price
      • Top-choice as replacement mic

4. BAOFENG UV-82 – Sturdy Construction

➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon

Another one on the list is the Ham radio microphone by BAOFENG. The dual PTT speaker makes communication more comfortable with its accessible buttons.

The spring-clip, located on the backside, allows you to attach it to your collar or pocket. You can carry the microphone around without having to hold it. You may also use it as a shoulder mic when patrolling to free your hands.

The BAOFENG UV-82 mic is made with high-quality materials. Moreover, its compact and rugged design makes it a favorite among ham operators. Best of all, it fits into the hand, making it easy-to-operate.

The high-impact and strength construction prevents damage, allowing the device to last longer than most competitors.

It works with BAOFENG’s latest radio models: UV-82, UV-82L, and UV-89, GT-5, and UV-5R series.

5. HeiL HTH-Y – Lightweight Headset

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To complete our list of the best ham radio microphones is the HeiL Sound HTH-Y headset. The product is compatible with Yaesu/Vertex hand-held transceivers. It is among the most budget-friendly gadgets listed above, also because of how basic it is.

It doesn’t offer the most technologically-advanced features. Nevertheless, it provides hands-free operation and discreet two-way communication. It maintains comfort for prolonged use in moderate-noise environments.

Some of HeiL’s prominent qualities include:

      • Single-sided, lightweight headset
      • Compatible with iCom, Yaesu, Kenwood, and Baofeng
      • Affordable price
      • Excellent audio quality with digital modes

The headset features a left or right ear adaptable earpiece along with an in-line PTT switch. Customers have found it to be quite well-made for its economical price. It works efficiently for users looking to communicate without disturbing those around them.

One thing we would like the brand to improve is its plug quality. It wiggles a bit, and you may need to rotate it until you hear the audio.

How to Buy Ham Radio Microphones

ham radio microphone buying tips

Here are some of the essential pointers to consider when looking to purchase a Ham radio microphone.


Although microphones aren’t too costly; but frequently replacing them can be heavy on the pocket. To save the cost and effort of doing this, we suggest investing in a sturdy and robust product. One way to distinguish between the qualities is to look at the construction material.

Rough and regular usage can cause cracks in a plastic body. However, having a metal body can protect against all kinds of damage.

The undisputed winner, in terms of quality construction and durability, is Ranger SRA-198!


Different radios have a different microphone or headset jacks. For this reason, not all microphones may be compatible with your ham radio. It is essential to consider the device connecting port before going ahead with making the purchase.

For example, the Ranger SRA-198 is a 4-pin wired device, whereas, EEOCVT has a 6-pin connector!


If your job requires you to communicate outdoors, it becomes crucial to opt for a ham radio mic that is water-resistant. It prevents any unwanted damage and keeps the radio functioning under all kinds of weather conditions.

The BTECH QHM22 and BAOFENG UV-82 are two top-choices in this business. Not only do they outperform many other radio microphones, but are also pretty long-lasting.


Where is the Ranger SRA-198 made?
The ranger microphone is made in Vietnam.

Does the microphone require a battery?
The typical 4-pin microphones do not require a battery unless they are a particular variety of power mics. Their noise-canceling feature is passive, which does not require power.

What is the speaker output of BTECH QHM22 in watts?
It is above 1 watt.

Does the BTECH QHM22 have an A and B PTT button?
It has a single PTT button.

Does the Heil Sound HTH-Y have a volume control option?
No, it does not have a volume control option. You will have to use the volume control on the radio set.

Concluding Remarks

If you’re looking for amplified sound with little to no disturbance, a ham radio microphone is an excellent investment. It enhances your communication with other users and ham operators. Plus, a rugged hand-held microphone has a better feel!

If you’re confused about the design and model to opt for, go through our list of hot-sellers. Scan through the list and settle on one that best suits your needs and works with your ham radio.