Best Small Walkie Talkie Reviews 2023- 7 Tiny & Compact Picks

You don’t always need a bigger and powerful walkie talkie. Even the small walkie talkies are enough for some people. These compact and lightweight walkie talkies fit our pockets and are enough to serve the basic purposes. If you carry out a good market study, you might even find smaller models offering the same performance as the powerful ones.

But, what if I say you don’t have to do anything? Yeah, we have done the market analysis to find the best small walkie talkies of 2022. We have picked the top 7 tiny walkie-talkies which provide great value for money and offer similar capabilities as the bigger models.

Tell you what; these models can be your close friend during your next backpacking or a family outing. They are cheaper, easy to carry around, yet provide critical functions.

Smallest Walkie Talkies of 2022- Overview

  1. Retevis RT15- Best Compact Choice
  • Suitable for outdoor usage
  • Durable construction
  • 10-12 hour battery life
  • Weighs only 0.24 pounds

2. VECTORCOM RD08- Walkie Talkie Watch

  • Unique wrist design
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Includes VOX mode, Electronic volume control, and earbuds

3. Retevis RT20- Most Lightweight Option

  • Mini size and lightweight design
  • 50 CTCSS/208 DCS codes
  • USB-charging
  • Integrated antenna and sling

4. Westminster EG7950- World’s Smallest Choice

  • Tiny size
  • Available in three colors
  • Flexible 4-inch antenna
  • Morse code key

5. Cobra ACT120B- Long Range Option

  • Up to a 12-miles range
  • Rechargeable, 10-hours battery life
  • Unique wearable design
  • Offers hands-free comfort and manageability

6. Radioddity FS-T2- Most Feature-rich

  • Supports USB charging
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 22 preset channels
  • PC programmable

7. Topsung M880- Customer’s Choice

  • Smart, automatic functioning
  • Up to 16 miles of range
  • Palm-size, lightweight design
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities

Best Small Walkie Talkie Reviews

1.      Retevis RT15 – Best Compact Walkie Talkie

[amazon box=”B00JEY6YV2″ title=”Retevis RT15″ description=”The Retevis RT15 has seriously wowed us – it’s powerful, well-built, and compact. It’s got everything you could want in your search for the best small walkie talkie in the market!”]


  • Decent sound
  • Good quality and lightweight
  • Works out of the box
  • Easy to use for people of all age groups


  • The range falls at extensive distances

Here’s what makes it one appealing package:

  • Compact size to easily be placed in the pocket or clipped on a backpack
  • Suitable for outdoor adventures
  • Mini-USB interface to allow charging from a power bank or car charger
  • VOX for transmission without pressing PTT

Thanks to its compact size and ease of use, the RT15 constitutes an ideal solution for outdoor family travel like camping or hiking. It connects you to 16 FRS channels and offers 0-9 levels of squelch to minimize noise and deliver clear reception.

The highlight of this particular radio is its tiny size. It’s smaller than a deck of cards and easily fits into the palm. Radio users can hook these onto their pockets or clip them onto clothing using the sturdy belt-clip on the back.

While Retevis RT15 packs a whole lot of punch, the RT22 is another impressive walkie talkie by Retevis. It is compact but boasts powerful functions along with exceptional sound quality. If you’re looking for incredibly strong performance, you may want to upgrade to the RT22!

2.      VECTORCOM RD08 – Small walkie talkie watch

[amazon box=”B00N1CNNEY” title=”VECTORCOM RD08″ description=”The VECTORCOM RD08 wearable radio delivers truly outstanding value. It’s perfectly portable and has a wide variety of features to play around with.”]


  • Reliable construction quality
  • Adequate battery life
  • Ideal for short-range communication
  • Easy to operate


  • Low volume

The VECTORCOM wrist walkie talkie doesn’t only impress kids. It’s frequently sold as wearable adult radios, thanks to its modern appearance. One key reason for its popularity is how well-laid out and easy-to-use the controls are.

We find the volume pretty low on this unit, but adding in a headset can do the job!

The RD08 is the perfect outdoor companion. Besides being so lightweight and compact, the radio also features VOX mode for hands-free communication. If you’re taking an evening stroll through the park or running errands, all you need is to speak into the watch and activate sound transmissions!

Simply put, this compact and wearable unit will be the perfect choice for many users. It combines quality spec and everyday use design at an affordable price point. Moreover, this is one of the best wrist watch walkie talkies in the market.

3.      Retevis RT20 – The most lightweight Walkie Talkie

[amazon box=”B00MHKW4K0″ title=”Retevis RT20″ description=”Retevis RT20 is for those of you who want something as lightweight as possible. If you’re willing to pay for it – the RT20 is capable of performing with great aplomb!”]


  • Ideal for short-range communication
  • Simple to use for kids and elderly
  • Decent battery performance
  • Small and portable


  • Spotty reception in obstructed areas

Retevis RT20 radios are beat cellphones when it comes to reliable communication. You can use these to relay messages when the cellular connection is weak, bearing in mind the frequency range. The wearable units can be used for everyday activities like shopping, jogging, and monitoring kids or the elderly.

There are several reasons why RT20 is rated top three among our favorite small radios; take a look!

  • Safer conversations using 50 CTCSS and 208 DCS codes
  • Easy operations with clearly laid buttons
  • Durable design for everyday use
  • VOX mode for hands-free operation

Although it cannot keep up with long distances, it sure gets a lot done despite its simple user interface.

4.      Westminster EG7950 – World’s smallest walkie talkie

[amazon box=”B004F23M6I” title=”Westminster EG7950″ description=”The Westminster set of walkie talkies is a fantastic toy to have for kids. The miniature radios are lightweight, stylish, and certainly affordable.”]


  • Highly affordable
  • Fun toy for kids
  • Durable device
  • Pretty straightforward to use


  • Low range Static

Westminster walkie talkies, intended for use for young children, sure have a cute appeal. These are dubbed as the world’s smallest walkie talkies, and rightly so!

Besides the cool appearance, the device offers communication within a range of 100 ft. We highly recommend these if you’re looking to encourage your kids’ creativity and imagination through role-playing.

Keep in mind; the Westminster radios are worth purchasing if the size is the sole criterion. It easily passes off as a toy but doesn’t impress in the areas of range and performance.

5.      Cobra ACT120B – Long-range, small wearable Choice

[amazon box=”B07D98VSZW” title=”Cobra ACT120B” description=”The Cobra ACT120B is a beast of a radio and a worthy entry in our list of best compact walkie talkies. As you would expect from Cobra, the device is powerful, built with the best finish, and loaded with features.”]


  • Easy clips on to a shirt
  • Stunning design
  • Loud and clear sound output
  • Long battery life


  • Not quite durable

Cobra ACT120B is a hit among customers for several reasons:

  • Small, wearable design
  • Crystal clear sound with internal antenna
  • UHF/FM capabilities
  • Micro-USB charging

This walkie talkie by Cobra shines in terms of its unique design and lightness. While testing it, we were thoroughly impressed by its range and audio quality.

Okay, the construction isn’t very durable; despite that, we expect the ACT120B to comfortably last a couple of years. If you need a compact yet high-functioning device, you can’t go far wrong with this walkie talkie!

6.      Radioddity FS-T2 – Feature-rich Tiny Walkie Talkie

[amazon box=”B081JYX1RH” title=”Radioddity FS-T2″ description=”Weighing only 0.26 pounds, the FS-T2 packs in excellent internals! It combines plenty of performance with a sleek and stunning chassis.”]


  • Solid construction with sturdy belt clips
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • The range is good, with no distortion
  • The volume is plenty loud


  • The settings are slightly confusing

When it comes to Radioddity FS-T2, these walkie talkies are far superior to other FRS radios. The construction is rock-solid and durable, sure to last you a number of years. Additionally, the device supports USB-charging, which means there is no charger base.

You will be surprised by their size, functioning, and astonishingly affordable price. Most importantly, these Radioddity units include earpieces with microphones to support hands-free and private communications.

Overall, whether you’re going hunting, cruising, or running errands, you cannot go wrong with these FS-T2 FRS radios!

7.      Topsung M880 – Customer’s favorite Compact Walkie Talkie

[amazon box=”B07BGT9MSJ” title=”Topsung M880″ description=”Specs-wise, the Topsung M880 is a rock-solid performer. It can handle all your communication needs with ease – as long as you’re looking for short-range transmission!”]


  • Exceptional sound quality for the money
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Sturdy and well-made


  • The range may be restricted depending on terrainThe menu is slightly confusing to navigate

These FRS radios are ready for almost all kinds of activities with these stunning features:

  • Auto-squelch to minimize noise
  • Keypad lock to prevent accidental switching of channels
  • Durable construction using environment-friendly material
  • Backlit LCD

One intriguing feature of these radios is the auto-functioning, which helps make the communication process smooth and efficient.

The M880 by Topsung are an ideal choice for short-range communication and superior sound quality. The most-loved aspect of these units is the long-lasting battery, which holds up for approximately two weeks with everyday use.

It’s worth noting that the M880’s performance is highly dependent on conditions such as weather and area. Despite that, it can do a fantastic job of simplifying your communication needs significantly.

How to buy a Compact Walkie Talkie


When purchasing a walkie talkie, one of the most critical buying aspects includes size! It is essential to identify the kind of model you’re looking to buy. Having a compact and lightweight model aids convenience of use.

Such a handy size becomes easy to manage for people of all age groups. Having a compact design with a straightforward interface surely helps!

How much range

Range refers to the distance two radios can be apart while staying connected. The coverage your device offers may be impacted by factors such as cloud cover, buildings, terrain, and other obstructions.

Several brands advertise their products as having extensive ranges. However, compared to the realistic conditions, these claims appear unlikely.

Thus, when choosing a handset, you must look into the range, depending on the conditions you are looking to use them in.


Besides size and range, you must compare walkie talkies for their functions. Here’s a list of handy features to look for when purchasing a handheld radio:

  • VOX

When trekking or hiking, we bet you would want to keep your hands free. In such cases, VOX mode on your walkie talkie can come in handy! The hands-free mode activates sound transmit as you speak and does not require you to press the PTT button.

  • Design

Another critical aspect is the design. Having a durable radio unit is essential, particularly when you’re looking to use the walkie talkie in tough conditions.

Having a wearable design also helps. The VECTORCOM RD08 doubles as a digital wristwatch, whereas the Retevis RT20 is a unique neck-wearable mini walkie talkie.

  • Battery

Carrying extra batteries becomes inconvenient at times. Instead, a USB-supported device can easily be charged wherever you go, with a car charger or a power bank!


How much range can I get with small walkie talkies?

As mentioned above, most brands advertise their walkie talkies as having long-range capabilities. However, the truth is, such results are only achievable in ideal conditions set by the companies.

The actual range of your device will vary depending on the terrain. For example, whether you are operating the radio in a hilly area or a busy neighborhood can affect the signal strength. In short, as with any walkie talkie, the real range capabilities will depend on the environmental conditions.

With the Westminster set of small walkie talkies, you can expect up to 100 feet of coverage. On the other hand, you can communicate up to 2 miles away (on average) with the other adult walkie talkies.

Are small walkie talkies good?

A walkie talkie has become an integral part of daily communication, thanks to developments in radio technology.

  • Despite being down-sized, they come packed with features like those of a standard walkie talkie. You can add external microphones, headsets, and speakers, along with hands-free operation with VOX capabilities.
  • A low weighing, compact device is an excellent choice for when you’re looking to head outdoors.
  • A mini walkie talkie is an ideal solution for hunting or hiking activities as it makes operations quicker and more efficient.
  • Most importantly, a smaller-sized radio is perfect for daily use and can easily clip onto your belt or pocket.
  • A bulky unit may be a fine choice for average adults but may become inconvenient for children or the elderly.

What is the average battery life of compact walkie talkies?

Despite having reduced in size, there is no compromise on a compact walkie talkie’s performance. It functions like a standard, full-sized radio.

The average battery life of Retevis RT15 is 12-hours, while the Cobra ACT120B runs up to 10-hours on one charge cycle.


Selecting the right walkie talkie includes choosing between performance and functioning, but most importantly, design, as well. The vast majority does fine with bulky radios. However, if you’re interested in outdoor usage or want easy-to-use units for your family, a small-sized device is a good choice.

Mini walkie talkies are cheap but come loaded with all the features of a standard handset.

The adequate range, battery life, and convenience of use are features that make a compact radio a must-have! If you plan to use them while hunting, hiking, or trekking, the handhelds we have recommended are all excellent radio options.