Best Long Range Walkie Talkie Baby Monitors to buy in 2023

One of the easiest to use and pocket-friendly device to monitor babies is a baby walkie talkie. With functions like VOX, long-range monitoring is possible using walkie talkies. We have conducted a market study to find the best walkie talkie baby monitor in the market. We could narrow down to the top 10 products which are very effective in monitoring toddlers.

If you are looking for the right walkie talkie for your newborn, this is the article you should read. With one of these long-distance baby listener, your life will be better.

Top Walkie Talkie Baby Monitor- Overview

The best walkie talkie baby monitors you can consider buying are:

  1. BILLFET Audio Baby Monitor
  2. SereneLife SLBCAM20
  3. TimeFlys Digital Baby Monitor
  4. Topsung M880
  5. Radioddity FS-T2
  6. Retevis RT45
  7. VTech DM111
  8. Cobra MT975
  9. COBRA ACXT645
  10. Midland – LXT118

1.BILLFET Audio Baby Monitor- Best Choice

[amazon fields=”B07GR6YMDS” value=”button” ]
  • 32 channels to avoid interference
  • 150 sq. meters range indoors
  • Voice activation function
  • Supports USB charging

2. SereneLife SLBCAM20 – Walkie Talkie with Video Monitoring

[amazon fields=”B0752XB66F” value=”button” ]
  • 850’ long-range
  • 2.4 GHz wireless frequency
  • Screen sleep mode to reduce unwanted screen glow
  • 24-hour battery life and temperature monitoring

3. TimeFlys Digital Baby Monitor- Most Feature Rich

[amazon fields=”B077DBZFL3″ value=”button” ]
  • Zero radio emission in night mode
  • Up to 15-hours battery life
  • Temperature monitoring and alarm
  • 150 ft. range

4. Topsung M880- Customer’s Choice

[amazon fields=”B07BGT9MSJ” value=”button” ]
  • Smart functioning through auto-squelch and auto-monitor system
  • 22-main channels with 121 privacy codes
  • VOX mode for baby monitoring
  • Long-range coverage with long standby time

5.Radioddity FS-T2-

[amazon fields=”B081JYX1RH” value=”button” ]
  • 3454 channel options
  • Up to 1.5 miles talking range
  • VOX mode
  • Supports fast charging via micro-USB

6. Retevis RT45- Best Long Range Option

[amazon fields=”B00GMESUIC” value=”button” ]
  • Long-range and rechargeable walkie talkies
  • Dual-watch function
  • Features LCD and larger keys for ease of operation
  • VOX mode

7. VTech DM111-

[amazon fields=”B00JEV5UI8″ value=”button” ]
  • 5-level sound indicator
  • Crystal-clear and secure transmissions
  • Up to 1,000 ft. range
  • Parent unit alert tones

8. Cobra MT975- Highly Reliable Option

[amazon fields=”B002WM8JTI” value=”button” ]
  • Up to 5km range
  • Includes batteries and charger
  • VOX mode for baby monitoring
  • Eight channels, with dual-watch function


[amazon fields=”B01CTUIUFK” value=”button” ]
  • Up to a 35-mile range
  • 2662 channel combinations
  • Voice-activated transmission
  • VibrAlert and in-built LED flashlight

10. Midland – LXT118- Best Budget Choice

[amazon fields=”B007B5ZNV8″ value=”button” ]
  • 22-FRS channels
  • 18-mile rangee
  • VOX function
  • Dual power options

Best Baby Walkie Talkie Monitor Reviews

We have conducted thorough market research to bring you these top 10 walkie talkies for baby monitoring. Tell you what, these are the best choice for parents to monitor their infants. If you are looking for walkie talkies for your kids, you can check out our top kid walkie talkies here.

1.      BILLFET Audio Baby Monitor – Best Choice

Best Pick

[amazon box=”B07GR6YMDS” title=”BILLFET Audio Baby Monitor” description=”The most popular walkie talkie baby alarm among parents, the BILLFET audio monitor packs a whole lot of punch for a reasonable price!”]


  • Exceptional receiver sensitivity
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Clear sound with no interference
  • The dual-power function is quite convenient


  • Limited reception range

Our top favorite baby monitor walkie talkie is the BILLFET one. It speaks of superior functioning, high-tech features, and practicality. The radio offers an indoor range of 150 square meters and an outdoor range of 100 square meters.

Within this range, it delivers crystal-clear audio with no static or interference. That way, you can soothe your baby and speak to them without being in the room.

The best part about the BILLFET monitor is that it supports USB-charging. By plugging it in, you can operate it at ease without worrying about the battery running out! For parents always on-the-go, you can clip the parent unit to clothing and carry it conveniently.

Baby alarms cannot be solely relied on. However, the BILLFET audio monitor is a reliable gadget that you can trust. Its exceptional sensitivity picks on the faintest of sounds and helps you detect when the baby is fussy.

The walkie talkie package consists of one baby unit and one parent unit. In case the baby unit loses connection, an alert is sent to the parent unit.

Taking these factors into consideration, we find this radio monitor a top choice for anxious parents.

2.      SereneLife SLBCAM20 – Top Baby Walkie Talkie With video

[amazon box=”B0752XB66F” title=”SereneLife SLBCAM20″ description=”No other walkie talkie lets you watch over your baby as clearly as the SereneLife video baby monitor. From zoom to lullabies and temperature monitoring, it has it all!”]


  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Prolonged battery life
  • Decent picture quality
  • Outstanding value for money


  • It may disconnect if you’re out of range

The SereneLife baby alarm is perfect for your baby’s nursery or around the house. With its video monitoring ability, you can keep an eye on your little one while going about your daily tasks. For the price you pay, this walkie talkie monitor is stellar!

Here are some of its additional features to look out for!

  • Zoom function
  • Night lights
  • Plays music
  • Night vision mode

You can expect slightly grainy videos; nonetheless, it still is the clearest we have seen on a baby monitor. You can zoom in to see clearly and play around with tunes on this SereneLife monitor.

Another feature I’m fond of is temperature monitoring, which helps parents know if the baby is comfortable or not.

If there is a safe and secure baby monitor that is reliable, it is the SereneLife one. It’s got sensitive receive, sturdy construction, and top-notch features – what more can you want?

3.      TimeFlys Digital Baby Monitor – Best features

[amazon box=”B077DBZFL3″ title=”TimeFlys Digital Baby Monitor” description=”The TimeFlys digital monitor is the ultimate choice for doting parents. It’s got a wide display, modern appearance, and a whole bunch of impressive features, too!”]


  • Highly sensitive receive
  • Feature-rich
  • Decent battery life
  • Sleek and modern-looking


  • Poor cord quality

This audio baby monitor is one of the most modern-looking devices on the market today. The high-tech walkie talkie monitor uses Green Technology to limit radio emissions at night mode. Using the night light control, parents can adjust the light intensity for the baby.

It also displays the real-time temperature on the parent unit and sends a warning when the room temperature is past 60.8F – 86F.

The TimeFlys parent and baby units also come with a micro-USB connection to enable convenient recharging. What’s most interesting is the unique European design, where the middle structure holds the night light. When turned on, the light appears in the shape of angel wings.

Using these baby monitors by TimeFlys, I experienced a new kind of freedom around the house. If you’re looking for a gadget that is family-friendly, long-lasting, and feature-rich, look no further!

4.      Topsung M880 – Customers’ choice

[amazon box=”B07BGT9MSJ” title=”Topsung M880″ description=”This audio-only baby monitor offers excellent quality at an affordable price. It’s practical and functional for use not only in the early months but, in fact, their entire childhood!”]


  • Terrific audio quality
  • Decent battery life
  • Wide coverage
  • Sturdy and well-made


  • Not rechargeable

Get the Topsung walkie talkie to make day and night monitoring easier. The compact device easily fits into the palm and clips on to clothing for convenient carrying. It boasts long-range capabilities to help you keep track of your little one indoors and outdoors.

The Topsung is quite a hit among parents for its smart functioning. It offers auto-squelch, auto-monitor, auto-scan, and auto-power saving functions.

Its main parameters:

  • 22 FRS channels
  • 121 privacy codes
  • Keypad lock
  • Up to 4 days standby time

When switched to the VOX mode, the Topsung walkie talkie does its job of alerting the parent unit with a beep when it registers sound on the other end.

Overall, the M880 is a great walkie talkie with vast distance coverage capabilities. When used as a baby monitor, it does an equally awesome job. It’s highly recommended if you have a large condo and need a decent range along with superior functioning.

5.      Radioddity FS-T2 – Rechargeable audio monitor

[amazon box=”B081JYX1RH” title=”Radioddity FS-T2″ description=”Arm yourself with the Radioddity FS-T2 to get a better chance at putting your child to a good night’s sleep without going into the nursery!”]


  • Durable construction, certainly not toy-quality
  • Clear audio with minimal static
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to recharge with USB cables


  • Slightly confusing settings

The most unique walkie talkie baby alarm on our list is the Radioddity FS-T2. Its classic design and shape make it stand out from the other radios. It is quite portable and easier to fit into the pocket because of its compact design.

Most importantly, its bright orange color helps locate the device if you lose it around the house.

Compared to other radios, we find the construction durable and remarkably sturdy. In terms of audio quality, it surpasses other devices, in my opinion.

The only drawback I experienced with the FS-T2 was in regards to the menu and settings. However, through practice, you’ll be able to master the functions in no time!

6.      Retevis RT45 – Best Long-range choice

[amazon box=”B00GMESUIC” title=”Retevis RT45″ description=”With its impressive performance, the Retevis RT45 is a fantastic option for both indoor and outdoor usage. It offers zero interruptions and reliable audio connections.”]


  • Decent range
  • Includes monitor feature
  • Clear reception with no static
  • Easy to use


  • Not the best sensitivity – takes a bit of noise to transmit

The Retevis RT45 has various features that can transform this basic walkie talkie into a functional baby monitor. This audio monitor offers long-range capabilities to help you look out for your baby while outdoors. Some of its remarkable features include:

  • Flashlight
  • Dual-watch function
  • Supports USB-charging
  • 121 sub-codes

If you’re out of cellular and WiFI coverage for regular monitors, the Retevis RT45 can come in handy! Besides the range, its audio quality is noteworthy. It delivers crystal-clear sound with zero static.

The only downside to this Retevis model is its sensitivity. It only registers audio when the baby is crying or screaming. Hence, we only recommend Retevis RT45 for outdoor usage and as a backup baby monitor.

Overall, the device is uncomplicated and has a straightforward interface. If you keep realistic expectations, keeping sensitivity in mind, RT45 doesn’t disappoint.

7.      VTech DM111 – Best Value for money

[amazon box=”B00JEV5UI8″ title=”VTech DM111″ description=”A feature-rich audio baby alarm with impressive functioning! It’s the perfect way to give parents’ peace of mind of staying connected with their little ones without much effort.”]


  • Adequate battery life
  • Sufficient range
  • Convenient to setup
  • Affordable price


  • Static and white noise

The VTech DM111 helps you monitor your child almost effortlessly over a 1,000 ft. range with a 5-level sound indicator. This traditional audio monitor promises to transmit crystal-clear audio with graphic bars indicating the intensity of the sound.

Additionally, the DM111 uses DECT technology for secure and encrypted transmissions.

The device also uses silent alerts to indicate when the parent and baby units are connected. In the case of a low battery, it beeps twice every 10 minutes. When the devices are out of range, the DM111 beeps thrice every 30 seconds to alert the parents.

Although this VTech audio monitor is quite handy, there appeared static and white noise, contrary to their crystal-clear transmissions’ claims.

8.      Cobra MT975 – Reliable and high-quality monitor

[amazon box=”B002WM8JTI” title=”Cobra MT975″ description=”The Cobra MT975 guarantees exceptional performance, modern features, and no-frills peace of mind! Although pricey, it’s a great solution for monitoring babies.”]


  • Incredible distance coverage
  • Reliable audio connection
  • Sufficiently sensitive receiver
  • Adequate battery life


  • A bit costly

The Cobra MT975 doesn’t disappoint as a baby monitor! The range is adequate, even in areas with obstructions.  We also did not have any problems with the battery and found it to be long-lasting.

Here are some notable features of the MT975 that make it a decent choice as a baby alarm:

  • Up to 12km range
  • 121 privacy codes
  • Dual-watch facility
  • Power saver and battery level meter

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the performance and range coverage of these walkie talkies. They’re quite handy for monitoring children when outdoors.

Keep in mind; you may not hear the baby tossing and turning, but you’ll surely hear when the baby is crying. Besides this minor shortcoming, we find the Cobra MT975 has a stunning replacement for traditional baby monitors.

Despite being slightly pricey, it sure is worth the money spent!

9.      COBRA ACXT645 – For short-range use

[amazon box=”B01CTUIUFK” title=”COBRA ACXT645″ description=”The ACXT645 is a favorite among parents wanting to monitor their little one from around the house.”]


  • Loud volume
  • Adequate battery life
  • No static
  • Rugged and durable


  • Limited range

Although traditional baby monitors are fantastic at their job, walkie talkies are reliable, too. Moreover, their versatility makes them useful even when the babies no longer need monitoring.

The Cobra ACXT645 is one two-way radio that has emerged as an effective replacement for baby alarms. Besides working indoors, it claims to provide an extended signal range of up to 35 miles.

Additionally, it provides 3,124 channel combinations to ensure interference-free transmissions. It also includes an LED flashlight and NOAA weather channels for when you’re outdoors with the baby.  Another feature that I love about this Cobra walkie talkie is the water-resistance.

Overall, while ACXT645 delivered in terms of audio quality and sensitivity, it failed to live up to its extended range coverage claims.

10.  Midland – LXT118 – Budget option

[amazon box=”B007B5ZNV8″ title=”Midland – LXT118″ description=”This Midland walkie talkie is a cost-effective substitute for baby alarms. It delivers phone-quality audio and sensitivity, too!”]


  • Sufficient range
  • Reliable audio
  • Decent sensitivity
  • Water-resistant


  • Short battery life

While researching for two-way radio baby alarms, we found Midland LXT118 to be a reliable device. Considering its reasonable price, we found the audio quality to be pretty outstanding. Additionally, we found it performing well across the house with no interference in the voice transmissions.

Although Midland claims to cover a distance of 18-miles, we believe the realistic range to be as far as ten houses down the street. For a baby monitor, that’s more than sufficient!

My only complaint regarding the LXT118 is the shoddy construction and short battery life. This trade-off is pretty understandable considering the price.

If you want a baby monitor for short-term use, the Midland LXT118 isn’t too bad.

How to Buy a Long Range Baby Walkie Talkie


The feature that determines whether a walkie talkie can replace a baby alarm is the VOX function. It allows receives to activate with voice transmissions instead of pressing the Push-To-Talk button.

By switching to the VOX mode, you can place the walkie talkie in the nursery, close to the crib, to detect when the baby is fussy or uncomfortable.


Another critical aspect is the VOX sensitivity. As a parent, you would want to detect when the baby is tossing and turning or the slightest bit uncomfortable. Having greater receiver sensitivity means being able to pick on the faintest of noises.

When comparing different brands and models, you must take sound quality and sensitivity into consideration!


Many parents avoid opting for USB-supported devices to avoid dealing with cords. However, in doing so, they may face a trade-off between cables and battery life.

When purchasing a walkie talkie baby monitor, look for a radio that doesn’t deplete batteries quickly. When opting for a battery-powered device, look for features such as power saving, battery replacement reminders, and low battery indicators.

However, for extended monitoring, we recommend rechargeable units supporting USB charging.


Most standard baby monitors are small-sized and portable. A bulky device would be inconvenient for parents always on-the-go. A walkie talkie, the size of a smartphone, can easily fit into the pocket or be clipped to a belt.

Moreover, a bulky device is not recommended when you’re placing the baby alarm close to the crib. If it accidentally tips over, it could potentially hurt the baby.


Baby monitors and walkie talkies are quite costly, depending on the brand, model, and functionalities. In that case, you would want a gadget that fits your needs and also lasts long.

When searching for the best walkie talkie baby alarm, you should look into factors such as construction quality and product life.

Most parents do not use a baby monitor past the age of six to eight months. Having a durable walkie talkie would then come in handy for the second baby or use as a two-way radio!


Having a water-resistant design is a bonus. Some children can be exceptionally bouncy and hyperactive. Having a waterproof radio will come in handy when the device becomes a target of mushy baby food or a sippy cup!

Apart from these give due attention to material construction. Many infants have the tendency to take anything towards their mouth. You should ensure that the walkie talkie material is not allergic or harmful to your little ones.


Can walkie talkies be used as baby monitors?

Yes, walkie talkies are used as baby monitors by a lot of parents. These two-way radios are known to be versatile and perform across the board. When used with the voice activation feature, standard walkie talkies can serve as baby monitors.

They’re quite beneficial as radio devices cover vast distances and can be used indoors and outdoors. You can also get additional features such as lullabies, video monitoring, temperature monitoring, and much more!

In short, you may use walkie talkies as baby monitors as long as it features the VOX function.

What is the monitor button on a walkie talkie?

A monitor button typically sets the squelch up. Your walkie-talkie unit switches on to the ‘monitoring’ mode, enabling you to hear anything that is going on.

You will only hear static if there is no activity on the other end.

At what age can you start using a baby monitor?

Several pediatricians recommend using video baby monitors for infants and babies younger than six months. It enables parents to keep an eye on their little ones while going about their daily tasks.

You may continue using baby monitors for children older than six months; however, children are usually sleeping more frequently and soundly at this age. At a lower volume, you will still hear if the child gets very upset and needs comforting.

How to use walkie talkie as a baby monitor?

  • Enable VOX mode to activate transmission through voice and check the sensitivity levels.
  • To interact with the baby to say hello or comfort remotely, press and hold the audio button. The two-way walkie talkie mode allows for double-talking through the speaker.
  • You can also use the gadget to play lullaby music to help the baby sleep better!

How wide a range do you need for a baby monitor?

Generally, having a few feet of the range is ideal for using the baby monitor at home.

But, having long-range coverage with walkie talkie baby monitors also works as a bonus. When outdoors, you may leave one radio unit in the hotel room while enjoying your meal a few floors away.

How to use walkie talkie as baby monitor safely?

  • Device placement is critical when it comes to using a baby monitor.
  • Make sure to set a video-enabled walkie talkie in a position where it captures the baby.
  • Remember to place it so that it doesn’t hurt the baby in case the monitor falls.
  • Double-check the settings to ensure that your device is on monitor-mode, has plenty of battery, and is on e-VOX mode.


A baby monitor is essential for new parents to help them get their much-needed good night’s sleep. But, depending on functionality, baby monitors can be pretty costly. That is why many parents look towards walkie talkies as a replacement to the high-end baby monitors.

They are the perfect substitute, thanks to the VOX feature. By switching to the hands-free mode, the receiver activates by detecting audio, eliminating the need to press the PTT switch. Place a walkie talkie close to the crib to pick up on audios on the other unit.

Walkie talkies aren’t only great for audio monitoring! They also boast several practical features to help you look out for the little ones. Check out our list of top-rated walkie talkie baby monitors to make the best out of your radio handsets!