Best Walkie Talkies for Kids in 2023: Reviews

Gifting a walkie talkie for your kid is an excellent decision. It’s a great way to shape the adventurist in your little ones by exposing them to the fun of outdoor activities.

Needless to say, you need to choose one of the best walkie talkies for kids. With this, you can be confident that your children are safe, secure, and not harmfully affected by these electronic gadgets.

You can easily get one of those kid-friendly walkie talkies. But the problem is there are a lot.

This is where we can help you. We have tested most of these children walkie talkies and come up with top 10 options.

Before we start with the extensive reviews, here is an overview of our top picks.

Best Kids Walkie Talkies: Our Top Choices

Here is an overview of the top rated children walkie talkies you can buy in 2023:

  1. Obuby T-388- Best Kid Walkie Talkie in the market
  • Anti-interference function to reduce noise
  • Simple push-to-talk operation
  • Up to 3-miles of transmit range
  • 22 channels with 99 CTCSS sub-codes for privacy

2. GOCOM- Top Long-range Walkie Talkie for Kids

  • Ergonomic design for easy grasping
  • Long battery life
  • Up to 15 miles range in top of mountains and 1 mile in city
  • Drop resistant

3. QNIGLO- Most Premium Choice

  • Wearable design
  • Rechargeable walkie talkie with 24 hours support
  • Includes FM radio
  • Clear reception with 2-miles range

4. Retevis RT-602- Terrific Rechargeable Option

  • Durable construction
  • In-built flashlight and backlit display
  • Rechargeable two-way radio toy
  • Features volume control and keypad lock

5. Little Pretender- Best Choice for Toddlers

  • Call alert function and in-built flashlight
  • Boasts an impressive 2 miles range and 3 channels
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Developed with clear voice technology

6. BYBOO BaoFeng T3- Budget Walkie Talkie for Kids

  • 3-5 miles range
  • Supports 22 channels
  • For ages 6 and above
  • VOX for hands-free operation

7. Selieve Toys- Top-rated Girls’ walkie talkie

  • Crisp sound quality with adjustable volume control
  • Small and light body
  • Intelligent alarm system
  • VOX function

8. Huaker- Exclusive walkie talkie for boys

  • Clear sound and VOX function
  • Drop-resistant
  • Noise reduction and stable signals
  • 22 channels and 99 subchannels

9. Retevis RT-628- Best Advanced Choice

  • Easy to operate
  • Built-in microphone VOX function
  • Lightweight and convenient to carry with belt clip
  • For ages 4-12

10. Obuby HK-288- Best 3 pack walkie talkie for Kids

  • Anti-interference, clear voice technology
  • 22 channels and privacy secure
  • LCD backlight display for night visibility
  • Simple instructions and clear buttons designed for 3-12 years old

Best Walkie Talkies for Kids – Reviews

1. Obuby T-388 – Best Overall Pick

A pack of 3 colorful long range walkie talkies designed for both boys and girls!

These ergonomically designed toys are perfect for adventurous children.


  • Set of three, instead of standard two
  • Features a combination of channels and sub-channels to avoid cross traffic
  • Sturdy construction and damage-resistant
  • Loud audio


  • Has an annoying beep that you cannot turn down

Obuby T-388 holds the top spot in this best kid walkie talkies list.

If you’re setting off on an adventure trip with multiple kids, this Obuby set of three will surely come in handy! Whether you have toddlers or early teens at home, the T-388 is the ultimate best when it comes to walkie talkies for kids!

Its ergonomic design makes it easy to carry for kids and offers a comfortable fit in hand.

The Obuby walkie talkies have become the town’s talk, thanks to their clear and top-notch sound quality. Along with adjustable volume control, it boasts an anti-interference function to cut out the noise. Furthermore, it is equipped with 22 channels, further reinforced by 99 CTCSS sub-codes, to protect privacy.

This Obuby model is also available as a pack of 2 with a price difference of about $10. The design and features are pretty much the same. In our opinion, the set of three is a better deal as it’s always good to have an extra unit as backup!

2. GOCOM G0100– Long-range Kid walkie talkie with an adorable design!

Drop-resistant walkie talkie that offers 25 miles range.

The clear sound and anti-interference will make your kid fall in love with this beast.


  • Perfect size for little hands
  • Batteries seem to last long
  • Offers excellent reception
  • Extremely easy to operate


  • Not rechargeable

Equipped with modern features, the GOCOM makes for a perfect gift for kids aged four and above. Its smart design allows for convenient grasping and is easy to carry around. Here’s what makes it worth buying:

  1. Adorable design
  2. Low battery alert
  3. Automated shut-down
  4. Long battery life
  5. Comes with lanyards and belt clip
  6. Easy to use features
  7. 5 ft. anti-fall

Apart from this, it’s constructed with environment-friendly material that is durable and long-lasting. Moreover, as kids are likely to get into accidents, the GOCOM walkie talkie can easily withstand drops from around 5 ft.

The device allows for seamless communication with a range of 1-15 miles, depending on the geographical conditions. In addition to the long-range, it also features nine channels with lots of privacy code, ensuring safe communication. 

If you’re worried about the non-rechargeable batteries, you must not worry! The automatic shut down and extended battery life features make up for it by lowering the cost.

3. QNIGLO – Premium choice, thanks to its clear sound and long-range!

A stunning FRS walkie talkie that offers crystal clear sound!

The unique wearable design will force you to gift this to your kid!


  • Functional design
  • Rechargeable units
  • Hard to break
  • Exceptional range and sound


  • Few customers have experienced issues with functioning

Compact and lightweight, the QNIGLO walkie talkie can easily be worn as a watch or necklace so that family members can stay connected. Its rechargeable batteries support 24 hours talk time. Your kiddos will have a ball using these!

Apart from the standard walkie talkie features, it boasts an in-built FM capability. It also delivers clear audio output at up to 2 miles distance in an open field. It is sure to keep adults entertained, too!

The adorable kitty design will undoubtedly appeal to young kids, especially with its flashy light. When you press the PTT switch to speak, the kitty eyes sparkle and flash colorful lights.

The instructions are slightly complicated, but you’ll get the hang of it once you play around it.

4. Retevis RT-602 – Rechargeable kids walkie talkie for outdoor adventures

A safe walkie talkie with built-in flashlight and backlit display!

It’s the right walkie talkie for adventurous kids


  • Decent range and sound quality
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Wide range of channels
  • Prompt customer service


  • Slightly tricky to navigate

Probably the most significant selling points Retevis RT-602 has are its rechargeable batteries and safe charging base. It features two charging slots so that two units charge simultaneously, saving time and reducing the cost of replacing batteries frequently.

The RT-602 has some of the most remarkable functions, making it well worth your money!

  1. Voice-activated
  2. Includes belt-clip
  3. Rapid, convenient charging
  4. Easy to use for three years and up
  5. Clear sound even outdoors

The voice operation is a superb function to make communication convenient and smooth. If your child struggles with the PTT switch, you can always switch to voice activation. Moreover, it is small enough to fit into the hands of toddlers and give a comfortable feel.

Retevis RT-602 looks fantastic and offers decent range coverage. The walkie talkie has become an instant hit among the young lot for its feature-rich functioning!

5. Little Pretender – Toddler-friendly design with a long-distance play

A walkie talkie for endless funs for your little ones!

This digital and power-efficient gadget is a must have for high energy kids


  • Sound clarity holds up even at a distance
  • Ideal size for small children
  • Affordable purchase
  • Simple operation


  • Need better button

The Little Pretender pair of radios are affordable, sophisticated, and feature pretty straightforward controls. Not only can children use them for playing walkie-talkie games, but also to keep parents in touch with their younger ones.

The walkie talkies have a very toy-like appearance yet perform better than expectations. Its sound quality is pretty commendable, even when there is a greater distance between the two radios!

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly purchase, we don’t see a better option than Little Pretender. However, the quality is not the best, given the lower price. A few users have complained of broken buttons, which must be kept in mind.

It is compatible with a full-featured FRS radio, a great option to connect a toy walkie talkie with mom and dad’s radio! Another exciting and handy feature is the built-in flashlight, which can be useful when kids decide to play out in the dark.

6. BYBOO BaoFeng T3 – Best budget walkie talkie with excellent ergonomics

A pack of 3 colorful long range walkie talkies designed for both boys and girls!

These ergonomically designed toys are perfect for adventurous children.


  • Great for children looking to stay connected with neighbors and friends
  • Sound quality is crisp
  • Well-built and durable
  • The flashlight is a bonus!


  • No auto turn off

Coming in at under $15, it goes without saying that the BYBOO T3 radios are pretty affordable. In terms of features and functioning, it does a fantastic job!

It offers a whole lot of fun and exciting features like:

  1. Cool backlit display
  2. Each channel with 38 privacy codes
  3. Auto channel scan
  4. VOX function
  5. Mini torch with blue LED

This inexpensive set of radios can be used both indoors and outdoors. They work exceptionally well in open spaces with limited obstruction, for example, on camping sites and barns.

The only slight drawback to the BaoFeng T3 is the lack of an auto switch down. It can eventually drain out the batteries and increase the cost of replacing them. We recommend popping out the batteries when not in use.

Even at a wider distance, the sound quality seems to keep up. I’m counting on these when outdoors! All in all, these work quite remarkably for the price and are highly recommended!

7. Selieve Toys – Modern and compact walkie talkie for girls

A small and lightweight walkie talkie for little girls!

It’s ease of use and ergonomic design will amaze even the expert users!


  • Compact design
  • Feature-rich unit
  • Fantastic volume level
  • Good quality for the price


  • Do not come with batteries

Are you searching for the right present for a birthday or special occasion to gift a young girl? What better than Selieve walkie talkies? Not only do they serve great entertainment, but they also provide educational benefits!

These pink walkie talkies aren’t “just” toys! They provide more than basic radio features by going a step ahead than the other brands. When outdoors, Selieve radios use its intelligent system to monitor the kid’s movement.  It uses an alert system to notify friends and family when the kid has wandered off.

Other than this, Selieve also takes note of privacy concerns that most parents have. It offers 22 channels with 99 sub-codes to prevent strangers from communicating with your kids. It also features voice activation and displays the battery status on the LCD.

We’ve had issues with the battery cover and recommend a walkie talkie cover to prevent it from falling off. It can also help protect the device against damage.

8. Huaker – Ideal birthday gift for boys 3-12

The perfectly designed walkie talkie for boys.

The device boasts of long-range transmission and clear sound quality!


  • Straightforward instructions and easy setup
  • Toddler-friendly
  • Decent range and battery life
  • Amazing sound quality


  • No auto-off

This one’s designed for little military agents aged 3-12. Huaker’s army design will undoubtedly appeal to young boys!

Here’s why it’s a pretty popular choice among the little ones:

  1. Built-in flashlight
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. PTT switch and VOX function
  4. Mutes background noise

The impressive 3-miles range in open fields, and the 22 FRS/GMRS channels ensure stable communication outdoors. Moreover, the anti-interference technology cuts down the background static to deliver crisp audio.

I wish the battery cover weren’t loose; however, there’s nothing that some tape can’t fix. Overall, the boys thoroughly enjoyed this set and used it around the house for their pretend play.

We bet that the little ones you gift to this shall be over the moon receiving the Huaker radios!

9. Retevis RT-628 – The best voice-activated device for hands-free operation

One of the most sold, trusted and most bought walkie talkie for little girls and boys!


  • Great range and clear signals
  • Lightweight and enjoyable
  • Does not look like a toy


  • Loud beep sound

Do you want to encourage your kids to communicate with their friends without exposing them to a smartphone? The Retevis RT628 Kids walkie talkie is an exceptional alternative!

It looks and feels just like a mini cellphone and pretty much functions like one, as well! Most importantly, it doesn’t have a very kiddy or toy-like appearance.

The RT-628 has a lightweight body, making it easy-to-carry in the hand, pocket, or bag. The belt-clip ensures that the device does not get lost or misplaced.

Retevis is here to change the one-to-one communication game with its brilliant functioning. The VOX feature allows for hands-free operation, while the keypad-lock prevents unintentional operation.

It is pretty much the perfect package minus the rechargeable battery feature, although you may add rechargeable AAA batteries. RT-628’s primary highlight is its outstanding range coverage between 1 to 10 miles depending on the terrain!

10. Obuby HK-288 – Top-rated and a hot-selling option for trios

A pack of 3 colorful long range walkie talkies designed for both boys and girls!

These ergonomically designed toys are perfect for adventurous children.


  • Toddler-friendly
  • Quality is excellent
  • Soft buttons that are easy to press


  • Each walkie talkie takes 4 AAA batteries

The Obuby HK-288 is a mid-ranged set of three radios available in cheerful colors for kids. Its simplified settings make communication smooth and do not require much effort.

For the price, it is HK-288 is extremely well-featured:

  1. Adjustable volume control
  2. Anti-interference technology
  3. Backlit display
  4. 22 main channels
  5. Weighs only 80 grams

Little pretend players can let their wild imagination make the best use of these walkie talkies! Besides using it for play, children can use it outdoors to stay connected with family while wandering off.

Kids will surely love the ability to transmit audio by voice, talking without holding down the button while they’re out and about. All in all, it’s an ideal first-time radio to fit into your kid’s life and their pocket!

This Obuby model is also available as a pack of two with the same functioning and qualities. The only difference between the two is in terms of the price and number of units offered. If three seems a bit too much, you can settle with two!

How to Buy Good Kid Walkie Talkies

We have given a list of top rated kid walkie talkies. These walkie talkies are exclusively designed for kids aged 2+ years old. If you are looking for walkie talkies to monitor your toddlers, check our top picks of baby walkie talkie monitors.

Now, if you want to buy a kid walkie talkie your own, this buying guide is going to help you out.

Features to look for

If you’re looking for more than basic radio features, you must check out the QNIGLO FRS unit with FM capability. They also flash a colorful light and can be worn as a wristband for easy carrying!

How many required

Most standard products come as a set of two or three. If you find an excellent price for a trio, we suggest going for it. If you have two children, you can hand them a device each and keep the third one for yourself to listen in!

Rechargeable vs. Batteries

A standard walkie talkie unit uses about four AAA batteries. For a set of two, you’ll need eight batteries. Multiple brands fail to provide an auto-off feature, which often drains out the batteries.

If you don’t mind bearing the monthly cost of batteries, then it should be okay. However, the other options available are rechargeable batteries, as well as rechargeable units with charging ports.


Range refers to the distance two walkie talkie units can cover to remain connected with each other.

Multiple factors like cloud cover, buildings, and obstacles can impact the range resulting in weak signal strength. As you select a particular set, make sure it meets your requirement of distance.

Privacy and Channels

The more channels your device has, the fewer interruptions in the frequency. Moreover, having narrow frequencies means that there’s a high possibility that strangers will communicate with your children.

We recommend choosing a device with a more significant number of channels and additional privacy codes.


If you’re looking for a device with straightforward instructions Obuby HK-288, and Little Pretender are excellent toddler-friendly options. If you want to gift a decent unit to a young teen girl, do not look any further than the Selieve pink walkie talkie!


How old should kids be for walkie talkies?

The standard radio sets are designed for toddlers as young as three and can be used by young teens. Toddler-friendly units offer basic features, which are easy-to-understand and come in handy.

For example, the channel locks prevent accidental switching of channels. A few units also feature settings that enable communication without having to hold down the button.

However, privacy can be a significant concern for parents with toddlers. Although the privacy codes come in handy, parents should also monitor usage. Moreover, make sure to warn your children against passing on critical information to strangers. 

Where can I buy a single walkie talkie for kids?

Walkie talkies are available as a set of two, three, and sometimes four. It’s always a great idea to have an extra unit as a backup or to keep one for you to communicate with the kids. For a single walkie talkie, you may check out Amazon or your local toy store!

What channel is best for kid’s walkie talkie?

Kids’ walkie talkies typically use the FRS and GMRS frequencies, although you may also find the UHF 462-467MHz band.

How do kids operate walkie talkies?

The standard walkie talkies use a push-to-talk button, which they need to hold down when speaking. Since this concept may not work well with young kids, Obuby offers a setting to allow communication without the PTT button. It is useful for toddlers who may find it difficult to hold the button.

Moreover, as kids fidget with their devices, they likely keep switching channels. Most kids’ radio sets come with a keypad lock feature to prevent this.

How can kids use walkie talkies?

  • Whether you’re going on a family shopping trip or heading to a theme park, it’s always a good idea to carry walkie talkies. In case young children get lost, they can try and contact parents or guardians using their easy-to-carry devices.
  • When camping outdoors, kids can enjoy the liberty of moving around the camping site while staying connected with family members.
  • If you don’t wish to get your kids a mobile phone at a young age, walkie talkies can be an excellent alternate.
  • You can use it while working on a different floor to keep an eye out on what the kids are up to.
  • It can also serve as a fun prop for kids when they’re role-playing.


There’s no better option than a walkie talkie when it comes to choosing gifts for little ones. The benefits are countless, especially with the academic and entertainment features!

As a parent or grandparent, privacy can be a significant concern; however, this can be taken care of with the sub-channels and privacy codes. The Obuby T-388 set of three is one of our personal favorites with its solid construction and modern functions.

It is super easy to operate, and kids can quickly get the hang of it! Moreover, the bright colors and compact size makes it perfect for children aged 3+.