Best Walkie Talkies for Schools in 2023- Reviews & Buying Tips

Buying a walkie talkie system for schools is an excellent idea. Used along with other modes of surveillance, these two-way radios will boost the overall security and surveillance of your school. School walkie talkies help to control rushes during pickup and drop times. Further security persons, teachers, and faculties can use them as an effective communication mode.

Schools don’t need powerful walkie talkie systems. Compact and mid-range 2-way radios are enough in most cases. Many teachers and principals might not know this fact. That’s why we have framed up this reviews of best walkie talkies for schools.

If you are in a hurry, you can check out an overview of the top three two way radios for schools below

Best Two Way Radios for Schools-Overview

1. Retevis RT22- Best Choice

[amazon fields=”B00JEY6YV2″ value=”button” ]
  • VOX for hands-free operation
  • Emergency alarm and channel lock
  • Easy to carry and operate
  • Compact and slim for business use

2. Retevis H-777- Best for Big Schools

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  • Simple operation, even for beginners
  • Light and small
  • Supports USB-charging
  • Large battery capacity

3. Midland GXT1000VP4- Premium Option

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  • Jis4 waterproof protection
  • NOAA weather scan and alerts
  • 142 privacy codes
  • 36-mile coverage

Best Walkie Talkies for Schools- Reviews

Among the various two way radios in the market, not all are good for schools. We have made a through research and found the top 7 walkies you can use for school activities:

1.      Retevis RT22 – Best Choice

[amazon box=”B00JEY6YV2″ title=”Retevis RT22″ description=”The Retevis RT22 has a distinct, professional appearance and is choke-full of handy features that the school management will appreciate.”]


  • Extensive range coverage
  • Loud and crystal-clear sound
  • Prompt and friendly customer support
  • Outstanding quality for the money


  • The channel lock resets itself if the walkie talkie is powered off.

Some of the buying aspects worth looking forward to in the RT22 include:

  • Emergency alarm
  • Six-way charger
  • Channel-lock
  • Adjustable VOX
  • Over-voltage and short circuit protection

These Retevis radios are a great size to be carried all day. They’re super lightweight and compact but high-quality.

The walkie talkies cover vast distances both indoors and outdoors while delivering clear transmissions. If you want to use UHF frequencies, these exceed nearly all UHF units.

Retevis has quick and efficient customer service to take care of all your feedback!  Once you try the RT22, you will be coming back for more! If you’re looking for a school walkie talkie that will work for a large complex, you don’t need to look any further than these!

2.      Retevis H-777 – Best Walkie for bigger schools

[amazon box=”B00GNUDUB2″ title=” Retevis H-777″ description=”This best-selling walkie talkie for school is excellent value for money with its pack of 20 units. It’s an ideal package for large campuses!”]


  • Easy to find channels with minimal interferenceThese are priced fairlyOutstanding range coverageReliable quality


  • Belt clips aren’t the strongest

Retevis H 777 is designed to fulfill the needs of bigger schools. When I stumbled across these, I was surprised at it’s affordable price. At less than 250 bucks, you get 20 whole units! Yes!

The most remarkable aspect of these radios is that they are programmable using a cable and software. But, you may need to refer to a couple of tutorials if you’re new. Besides that, for the money, you cannot go wrong with the H-777 units. These are simple yet powerful radios, perfect for large school campuses.

3.      Midland GXT1000VP4 – A premium choice

[amazon box=”B01786WDT4″ title=”Midland GXT1000VP4″ description=” While Midland has produced several radios, the GXT1000VP4 is where they have nailed it! These walkie talkies are a brilliant solution to improve on-campus communication.”]


  • Clear transmissions
  • Clear audio without interference
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Decent range


  • Slightly bulky

Besides value for money, some killer features of GXT1000VP4 are:

  • 50 channels
  • Splash resistant
  • 3,124 channel combinations
  • Ten weather band channels
  • Includes boom mic headsets

If you’re looking for a device that aids communications during field trips or on-campus, this Midland device is a great place to start. The GXT1000VP4 is a bit costly. However, it is loaded with features to give you a pleasant experience.

It offers clear transmissions and significant range coverage. Although for the best results, you may need the high-power GMRS channels.

One important point to note about these Midland radios is that the battery capacity is low. We recommend users to opt for better rechargeables to get the most out of the batteries!

4.      Rivins RV-7 – budget School Walkie Talkie

[amazon box=”B07Z3NZRMP” title=”Rivins RV-7″ description=”The Rivins RV-7 is our favorite walkie talkie for its mix of modern and retro appearance. The radio is simple to use and feels just right in hand”]


  • The batteries last longEasy to useSuperior sound quality Excellent value for money


  • The hand straps are fragile

You need a device that is powerful and efficient to ensure the security of the students. What better than the Rivins RV-7?

The radios hit home in terms of range coverage and battery life. After using these for a couple of days, I was satisfied with my purchase. You can be at ease about audio quality, signal strength, and overall construction with these RV-7 radios. These are handy in enhancing communication and are very easy to use.

5.      Midland LXT600VP3 – An impressive handset

[amazon box=”B07BRW56JJ” title=”Midland LXT600VP3″ description=”This minimalist and user-friendly two-way radio is a hit among school personnel. It is designed for high-quality and noise-free communication.”]


  • Small and lightweight
  • The DCS and CTCSS modes can enhance privacy
  • The device snaps right into the charging base
  • Overall excellent sound output


  • Short ragne

Midland LXT600VP3 has a long list of impressive features to convince you with!

  • 36 channels with channel scan
  • e-VOX with three sensitivity levels
  • 2,662 channel combinations
  • Ten weather band channels

Midland radios are a reputable two way radios brand. This model is another one of their creations that is fit for schools. Its slim and compact design makes it easy for carriage. With LXT600VP3, you get plenty of features to suit your needs.

We recommend operators to purchase headsets to go with these radios.

On the whole, they seem decent for environments like school ground and field areas. You can enjoy uninterrupted communication in open spaces with no problems!

6.      BaoFeng BF-888S – Customer’s pick

[amazon box=”B00ECWHI8E” title=”BaoFeng BF-888S” description=”You can’t beat these BaoFeng radios. The BF-F888S is a class apart when it comes to the quality of sound and value for money.”]


  • Decent build quality
  • Easy to program
  • Low-cost radio with outstanding value for money


  • Needs an external antenna for extensive range coverage

BaoFeng BF-888S is another large pack to accommodate a sizable school campus. These BaoFeng walkie talkies offer an intuitive interface for ease of operation. If you have teachers with no prior experience of using radios, they’ll have no trouble learning these.

I find these radios to be well-built for the price. They appear durable and can withstand impact. Due to their low price, there appears to be a trade-off between the cost and sound output. I can say that it’s not the best, but seems sufficient for school needs.

If you’re looking for impressive range coverage, you may want to add in external antennas, which can increase the cost a little bit.

7.      Ansoko – Best Bundle Package

[amazon box=”B07C3MWHBM” title=”Ansoko 10-Pack” description=”For sheer sound quality and user-friendliness, you cannot go wrong with these Ansoko handsets. My advice would be to buy some!”]


  • Very easy to operate
  • Sturdy exterior
  • These perform decently in indoor and outdoor conditions


  • The quality of the earpieces is disappointing. Use your own earpieces

These Ansoko two-way radios don’t quite have it all but are a decent choice for budget buyers. Some of the key features of the walkie talkie are:

  • 16 preprogrammed channels
  • 50 CTCSS and 105 DCS codes
  • Emergency alarm and LED torch
  • 1-year warranty
  • VOX capable

Ten walkie talkies for $120? We bet you can’t find a better deal than this! The package is apt for decent-sized schools. Besides adequate range and clear voice output, you get sufficient battery capacity for prolonged use.

I recommend these radios for budget buyers looking for reliable communication tools at a cost-effective point.

School Walkie Talkie Buying Guide

Features to look for

Here are some functions to look for in a school walkie talkie before sealing the deal:

  • Headset Jack for hands-free and silent operation
  • Weather channels and alerts to stay up-to-date with weather information.
  • Backlit display for easy viewing in both light and dark.
  • Battery saving feature can conserve battery while on standby and reduce the need for charging.

How many required

The number of radios you need to purchase depends on your campus’s size and employees’ number.

For example, when organizing a large-scale event, you will need multiple devices to smoothly facilitate communication and manage operations. In such a case, we recommend opting for packs of ten or twenty. For a smaller school campus, you can comfortably do with a set of 4-6 radios.


Two-way radios consist of multiple channels for different reasons. Knowing the number of channels in a device is essential for making the final purchase decision.

Radios with more channels are priced higher. Having more channels makes it easier to communicate and limits people from talking over one another.


Security is a primary concern that most school staff has. Radio communication is open to access for everyone. That means while exchanging crucial information; there are chances for strangers to eavesdrop.

It is good to opt for a device with multiple channels and privacy codes to enhance security. These CTCSS or DCS codes create multiple channel combinations to reduce interference.


For school activities, the personnel will require a compact and lightweight device to carry throughout the day. Opt for a unit that can fit into the palm or back pocket. You should look into features like belt clips and hand straps for convenience.


Why do schools need walkie talkies?

Walkie talkies are great devices to improve coordination among the staff in school campuses. Here’s a look at some of the top reasons schools should start using two-way radios:

  • While most schools boast up to mark surveillance systems, there can still be a need for walkie talkies, for example, when a student indulges in violent behavior. Moreover, security personnel can also inform emergencies through the radios for up-to-the-minute updates.
  • In case of a natural calamity or any other crisis, teachers will have a source of reliable communication in the form of these devices to take control of their classrooms.
  • When planning field trips or events, the overall operation and management can be quite challenging. Having radios can enable quick communication at all times for better team coordination.
  • School pickup time usually results in the adjacent area to be congested with traffic. Two-way radios come in handy at times like these to manage traffic and smoother drop-off and pickup operations.

What channels to use for school walkie talkies?

We recommend school administration opt for walkie talkies with multiple channels to prevent talking over each other. Using privacy codes is another useful tool to ensure privacy and to prevent strangers from eavesdropping.

What are school walkie talkie protocols?

Walkie talkies are essential to improve overall operations and crisis management. It is imperative to set up protocols to stay prepared for using them in all kinds of circumstances.

  1. Place a walkie talkie in different areas of the school, depending on the layout. Most guidelines recommend having one unit per classroom.
  2. Make sure that the staff and teachers are aware of how to use the radios.
  3. One smart idea is to have a user-friendly instruction guide on how to operate them.
  4. Use group-call modes to reach everyone with access to a walkie talkie in the school.
  5. Use a keypad lock or pre-set the radios to ensure that everyone is using the same frequency channel.
  6. It is imperative that the radios are ready for use in emergencies and must have extended battery life.

Which among analog or digital is the better choice for school walkie talkies?

If you have a large campus with a sizable staff to manage, digital radios are a better choice. Their group-calling modes can deliver your voice to several users at the same time regardless of the frequencies they’re tuned in to.

Further, digital radios reduce background noise and deliver clearer audio. They are more secure than unencrypted analog devices.


If you’re a principal or a part of school administration, having a walkie talkie is crucial. You never know when the radios can come in handy! They offer adequate services for the monitoring and surveillance of students and can be instrumental during emergencies.

Among all of the school two-way radio options listed, our top favorite is the Retevis RT22, which is a solid all-rounder. It boasts all the essential features you need to manage school activities effectively.

If you want a budget option that improves on-site communication without breaking the bank, you can check out the Rivins RV-7 pack of six.