Best Bluetooth CB Radio Reviews: Enjoy Wireless Hassle-Free Calls through your CB

If you have been a regular CB radio user, you might know the hardship in attending your phone calls while listening to the CB channels.

What if I say that you no longer have to worry about this anymore?

Yeah, I am talking about Bluetooth CB radio systems.

With a CB radio with Bluetooth wireless technology, you can make your CB system a powerhouse.

You might be thinking how is it possible.

Here is how:

    • You can connect your smartphone to the CB radio
    • Enjoy hands-free calling(and texting) through CB radio while listening to CB channels

I am sure that most of you might be eager to get these wireless CB radios. I have made a list of our top choices below:

Best CB Radios With Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Cobra 29 LX MAX ➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon
  • Exceptional digital voice-recorder feature
  • 10 NOAA Weather channels 24 hours a day
  • Hands-free phone calls and text messages
  • Speed trap and live police alerts
Cobra 29 LTD Professional ➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon
  • Offers immediate access to Channel 9
  • Heavy-duty and durable microphone
  • Syncs with your cell-phone
  • 2-years warranty on the product
Cobra 29 LXBT ➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon
  • Text to speech conversion
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Weather and Emergency Alerts
  • Enables wireless Bluetooth connectivity

What is a Bluetooth CB Radio?

Bluetooth CB Radio is the revolutionary wireless technology that was designed for the sole purpose of improving communication convenience. Unlike the traditional radios, this one enables you to place calls and send text messages.

You would be surprised to know how easily your mobile can sync with a Bluetooth-enabled CB Radio.

The benefits are many, and surprisingly, they come in handy for many professional drivers!

The Infinite Advantages

Here are some of the amazing ways the Bluetooth CB radios will make wonders in your life:

1.      Stay connected with your loved ones wherever you head

This integration of technology allows truckers to attend important calls while still steering through mud and dirt. It typically takes too much struggle to park your car to the side for answering a call. However, this unique feature helps you can easily go hands-free!

While, of course, you cannot type text messages, it allows you to hear them.

How cool is that?

2.      Safe, risk-free travel at all times

Texting or calling while driving has always been linked to accidents. It takes away your attention from the road to your phone. But, you can get rid of this woe with this technological advancement.

By syncing your phone to your CB Radio, you get a risk-free experience. It cuts down the danger with its one-touch protocol and hands-free mode.

3.      No pullovers!

Drivers, spotted using a mobile phone while driving, is likely to get pulled over. The penalty ticket follows, and the embarrassment only grows from there!

But, with the Bluetooth CB Radios, you can forget all about the pullovers.

Best Bluetooth CB Radio Reviews

I am sure that you might be surprised to see all our top picks of Bluetooth CBs coming from Cobra. The truth is that there are no other CB brands that produce high-quality Bluetooth enabled CB radios as them.

In fact, all these CBs are a variation of Cobra 29- one of the top CB in the market(as given here).

Here goes the reviews:

1. Cobra 29 LX MAX – #1 Choice of professional drivers

➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon

The Cobra 29 LX MAX is a beginner-friendly CB Radio with Bluetooth wireless connectivity that could be a big seller. It is a powerful performer, designed for enthusiasts.

This iconic product by the reputable brand, Cobra, is a step up when it comes to innovation. The integration between CB Radio and Mobile is a smart one. It is specially designed while keeping in mind the needs of professional truckers who’re miles away from home!

The remarkable features offered by this CB Radio with Bluetooth are as follows:

      1. Allows for the replay of last 10 seconds of a missed message
      2. Road hazard, red light, speed camera, and police alerts
      3. Offers strong signals
      4. Easy-to-set-up

Talking about the features, this one is stellar! The Cobra 29 LX MAX offers live police alerts, as well as speed camera alerts.

It is super straightforward to install and works efficiently after syncing it with your phone. You may want to try it to see it for yourself!

2. Cobra 29 LTD Professional – Budget-friendly Bluetooth CB radio

Cobra 29LTD Bluetooth enabled CB

➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon

An outstanding Bluetooth-enabled radio, Cobra 29 LTD Professional, comes in a gloriously retro body.

Our second favorite CB with Bluetooth is also by none other than, Cobra! With 40 channels, emergency alerts, and a 9-feet long cord – this is one handy radio!

Here’s what all it offers:

      1. Adjustable ‘dynamike’ boost for increased voice clarity
      2. Reduce the unwanted static with the switchable noise blanker
      3. Durability and robust construction
      4. Relatively affordable

The Cobra 29 LTD has been designed to suit professional drivers on a spending limit. The best part about this Bluetooth CB radio is its super readable display. Furthermore, it also includes an antenna warning indicator.

All the features contribute to improving the overall performance of the CB Radio.

3. Cobra 29LXBT – Best Overall

➥Check the Latest Price on Amazon

This pro-level CB radio is the real deal. An excellent choice for pickup trucks, semi-trucks, and other vehicles with ample space for mounting a full-sized radio!

When it comes to all-rounded features, the Cobra 29 LXBT tops the list! It includes up-to-the-mark features never seen before. It is the ultimate Bluetooth equipped CB radio for professional drivers on the road for long hours.

Some of its notable qualities are:

      1. Quick and clear responses
      2. Easier to stay connected with Bluetooth calling feature
      3. Might require additional speaker and antenna
      4. Handheld microphone allows ease of communication

Not just that! To save you from pullovers and potential risks, the Cobra 29 LXBT offers text-to-speech features and voice caller ID. That means you can “listen” to all your unread emails and text messages. All that, without having to take your eyes off the road!

Wait, there’s more!

The one-touch protocol limits all unnecessary distractions. You can place or answer calls by just a single touch!

Comparison of CB radios with Bluetooth

ProductDimensionsDisplayNoise Reducing TechnologyWeather Channels
Cobra 29 LX MAX9.2 x 7.2 x 2.2 inLCDNoise-canceling microphone10 NOAA Weather Channels
Cobra 29 LTD9.2 x 7.2 x 2.2 inLEDSwitchable noise blanker
Cobra 29 LXBT8.6 x 7.6 x 2.5 inLCDNoise-canceling microphoneNOAA Weather & Emergency Alert

3 Steps to Get a Top CB Quality Wireless CB Radio

One-touch protocol

The one-touch protocol allows drivers the ability to stay focused on the road. This feature lets you answer calls, place them, or terminate them with a single touch operation. Say goodbye to juggling with phone keys and the chaos it creates!

It’s essential to look for a feature like this one when opting for a Bluetooth radio. The best part is, it gives you convenience and risk-free driving at the same time!

Noise-cancelling technology

What good would be the Bluetooth feature without noise or static reducing technology? When making calls, the voice most certainly should be audible over the loud engine of the truck. Luckily, Cobra takes care of it with its top-notch features.

The noise-canceling microphone gives your loved one, loud and clear transmission from your end! Moreover, Switchable noise blanker reduces unwanted electrical interference. Crystal clear audio is what you should be paying for!

Text-to-Speech and Caller ID with Voice

Staying focused on the CB radio while driving does nothing good for the user. Heck, it doesn’t even change a thing from using an ordinary mobile phone. Why integrate the two, then?

But, with the unique text-to-speech and voice caller ID, the radio helps you give your 100% attention to the road.


Can you use a Bluetooth CB radio without an antenna?

Like the traditional CB Radios, an antenna is necessary to receive and transmit signals. Only a properly matched CB Antenna will offer maximum power output.

Can any Bluetooth helmet communicators work with a CB Radio?

Adding a Bluetooth hub to connect to the helmet can enable communication. For example, you can pair the Sena SR-10 with the helmet where the CB input will go into. However, this will require you to mount the push to talk buttons on the motorbike bars.

Can you connect Bluetooth speaker to Bluetooth CB radio?
Cobra has introduced its line of portable Bluetooth external speakers. You can use them for better power handling, great sound, and rugged design.
What other accessories can you add to the CB Radio?
If you don’t wish to place or answer calls over the speaker, you can add a Cobra Bluetooth CB Headset. It is the ultimate solution to hands-free driving. The best part is, the kit includes a remote push-to-talk button.


While CB Radios have existed in the markets for over 60 years, the Bluetooth CB is a fresh take on it. The technological innovation gives professional drivers the ease of communication that they have always wanted.

The safer, risk-free driving experience happens to be a cherry on top!

When it comes to Bluetooth, these three radios listed above are the best at the game.