Can You Bring Walkie Talkies on a Plane?

Most of us use walkie talkies in our family getaways. But things are not that smooth when you plan for a long-distance destination. Can you bring your walkie-talkies on a plane? This is an important question to ask while planning your next vacation. Whether you’re planning adventure-filled excursions or looking to connect with your group mates, you cannot do without two-way radios. Given the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines, it’s a good idea to get all the information you need. Just for safety, you should also check with your airline to get familiar with their rules and regulations about onboarding with a walkie-talkie in a flight.

Can I carry walkie talkies on a plane?

According to the TSA guidelines, you may carry your radio transceivers onboard in carry-on and checked bags. But you will need to make sure that the device fits into the overhead bin or under your seat. However, you will need to check the TSA rules regarding battery specifications to avoid facing any inconvenience at the airport screening. Although you may carry your walkie talkies on a plane, it’s the TSA officer that makes the final decision. Certain factors may prevent you to bring your devices beyond the checkpoint.

Most professionals recommend storing handheld radios in carry-on luggage so that you can explain the device to a TSA agent if needed. The officer may ask you to demonstrate if it’s a working device, by powering it on. Remember to carry an FCC permit if your device requires one. While onboarding flights, try to avoid carrying a complex radio setup that has messy wires, accessories, and gel batteries. Any unusual device that may make a TSA officer nervous will be questioned. However, you won’t face any trouble with a simple two-way radio setup. In regard to in-flight operation, a walkie talkie is pretty much the same as any other communication device. You will need to power it off or set it on airplane mode when asked by the Captain or flight attendants.

Walkie Talkie Batteries

TSA does not permit carrying loose lithium batteries in checked bags. As long as your battery pack is installed in the walkie-talkies, you’re good to go. You can also store loose batteries in your carry-on bags instead. But, once you reach the boarding gate, the airplane staff may request you to store these in the overhead cabin, to keep the battery terminals protected against short circuits. Therefore, if you’re carrying an external lithium-ion battery pack or chargers, you’ll need to follow the same procedure. You may also want to note that, according to TSA rules, you can only carry lithium metal batteries weighing 2-8 grams. For larger lithium-ion batteries, TSA permits one to two spares only. But this is subject to airline approval.


As explained above, you can bring walkie talkies to a place by storing them in your carry-on or checked bags. But, the TSA has certain rules concerning battery quantity and size, which you must note to keep your travel hassle-free. When you pack, store your loose batteries in checked bags. Do not carry over two large, lithium-ion spare batteries. Most importantly, speak to airline representatives to be aware of the airline’s regulations so that you travel worry-free.