Midland GXT 1000VP4 Review

Midland GXT 1000VP4 Review

Midland GXT 1000VP4 is one of the best two-wary radios out there. This is a comprehensive review of the product. Let’s hop in to see more about this awesome radio. Performance Features Ease of Installation Value for Money The radio works well and provides superior reception in downhill areas with absolutely no issue! The sound … Read more

Motorola T465 Review

Motorola T465

Motorola T465 is ergonomic, user-friendly, and quite rugged, too! It’s the right transceiver for all your evening adventures. The device enables hassle-free, wireless communication no matter where you go. It promises a 35-mile maximum talking range under optimal conditions; perfect for hiking, hunting, camping, and emergency purposes.  This Motorola T465 review will give you a … Read more

Who Listens to AM Radio in 2023?

Let me tell you a surprising fact. AM radio has as many as 58 million weekly listeners (RADAR, 2017). Yeah, even after the advent of smartphones and gadgets, AM radio do have some serious listeners. I know you might be wondering who still listens to AM radio. Well, this article is about AM radio listeners … Read more

CB Radio Receives but Won’t Transmit-Troubleshooting Guide

troubleshooting CB transmission problem

One of the most frustrating CB problems is when your CB radio receives, but won’t transmit any signals. In these situations, you may either get weak transmissions or no transmissions at all. Being a long-term CB user, I have experienced this issue multiple times. But the good thing is that you can troubleshoot the problem … Read more

Are CB Radios Legal to Use? – Explained

legality of CB radios

The legality of CB Radios is a very confusing topic for most new CB users. It has been a hot topic of discussion since CB radios came into the market. If you are on the same page, you can find the answer in this article. Our experts discuss when and when not using a CB … Read more

Troubleshooting CB Radio Problems- Essential Guide

troubleshooting tools for CB radio problems

Troubleshooting CB radio problems is an essential skill to master if you want to be an expert CB user. There will definitely be a lot of minor issues that will bother you once you start operating a CB radio. It goes without saying that even the high-end units will also give you some trouble occasionally. … Read more

CB Radio Not Receiving- Troubleshooting Guide

CB radio not receiving troubleshooting

CB radio not receiving is a common problem most CB users face. If you’re receiving transmissions but they sound hard-to-understand and garbled, you most likely have weak reception. Troubleshooting the reception problem of CB radios is an easy job. This article explores helps you understand how it can be done. According to legal guidelines, your … Read more

CB Radio Static Problems and How to Eliminate it

CB radio static problems

CB radio static problems are real pains. This white noise makes it difficult for users to communicate, making it even more necessary to get rid of it! Therefore, it’s critical to first find out the sources of the interference to resolve the issue. This article explains what CB static problems are and how you can … Read more

What is S/RF on a CB Radio

SRF on a CB radio

S/RF meter is an “optional” feature in CB radios. You will not find it in all CB devices. This is why most people are not aware of the function. S/RF meter is a meter that shows the strength of your transmit and receive signal. As a newbie, you may find it challenging to identify and … Read more