What is RF Gain on CB Radio?

What is RF gain on a CB radio

One of the most commonly asked questions by beginner-level radio operators is: what does RF gain do on a CB. As a newbie, you must learn the function of each control knob on your device. It helps you maximize the efficiency of your gadget and delivers clearer transmissions. RF or Radio Frequency refers to wireless signal … Read more

What is Dynamike on a CB Radio and What does it Do?

What is dynamike on a CB radio

The Dynamike control on a CB is a feature that controls your microphone’s audio sensitivity. If you have a CB unit, you may need to know how to use this function so that you’re able to get through and are audible. If you don’t adjust the dynamike control correctly, you may not be heard by … Read more

What is Delta Tune on a CB Radio and What does it Do?

What is delta tune on a CB

If you have an older, crystal-controlled model, you may want to know about the delta tune feature on a CB radio. The feature may not be present in the newer models, as it was designed for the older CBs that worked on crystals. There was an increased chance of users going off the frequency with … Read more

What is SWR and SWR CAL on a CB Radio?

SWR and SWR CAL on a CB Radio

Something most newbies struggle with understanding is SWR on a CB radio. SWR is essential to any CB set up as it helps the equipment run to its full potential. It enables users to match the antenna to the signals being transmitted. In simple words, the right SWR reading can help you get the best … Read more

What is Squelch on a CB Radio and How to Use it?

Squelch on a CB radio

Knowing how to use squelch is arguably one of the most important basics that any new CB operator must learn. It’s key to effective communication! This feature is so crucial that you won’t find a CB radio without the squelch circuitry. This article explains what Sqelch is on a CB radio and how you can use it. … Read more

Uniden 510XL vs 520XL- Comparison

A comparison of Uniden 520xl and 510xl

Uniden’s 510XL and 520XL are both great CB radios of almost similar features. Still, there are certain differences in specifications of these two CB radios that make some differences. In this article, we will compare Uniden 510XL vs 520XL to help you chose the right one for you. Both Uniden 520xl and 510xl are known … Read more

Best Dual Band Mobile Ham Radio Reviews 2023

best dual band mobile ham radio

Well, everyone in the two way radio industry knows the exceptional performance of dual band mobile ham radios. If you are looking for a ham radio that delivers, this is what you need to buy. They offer two bands for simultaneous communication; giving you more freedom. In this article, we have reviewed some of the … Read more

Best Low Profile CB Antenna Reviews: Short CB Antennas to buy in 2023

best small cb antenna

Small CB antennas also provide stunning performance. Yeah, you don’t always need longer antennas for your CB radios. You can get a short CB radio antenna when there is a space constraint in your vehicle or you want to give aesthetic appeal. This is why CB radios in SUVs, pickup trucks, cars, motorcycles, etc. have … Read more

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