Complete CB Radio Kits to Buy for Your Jeep and Truck in 2023

complete CB radio kit

Ever wondered what is that one problem that I hate most about CB radios? It is getting all the accessories ready to set up my CB radio. You need CB radio(of course), a good antenna, CB amplifier, CB external speakers, batteries, CB mics, SWR meter, and what not! Most often, I have seen guys ending … Read more

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Midland 75-822 Review: Great Handheld CB Radio for the Money

Midland 75-822 review

Midland 75-822 is undoubtedly the best CB radio ever produced by the Midland brand. It is a two in one CB radio which can be easily used as a portable CB radio or a mobile radio. Compared to other handheld CB radios, the transmission and reception are outstanding for this CB. The lightweight nature, small … Read more

Best CB Radio for Cars in 2023

best CB radio for car

You will agree with me when I say that having a car CB radio will gift you insanely amazing opportunities. But the problem has always been finding the best CB radio for cars. I know you have faced this problem and you might have wondered why there are not good car CB radios. Let me … Read more

Best CB Microphones on the Market: 7 Noise-Canceling CB Power Mics for 2023

CB mic is a vital accessory for any CB radio. You need the best CB microphone for noise-free communication. People think the stock CB mic can provide you adequate performance. That’s a misconception. You need a replacement mic for your CB radio to ensure that you are heard accurately at the other end, without an … Read more