Most Powerful CB Radio: 7 Best SSB CB Radios for High Power

most powerful CB radio reviews

Single Side Band(SSB) CB radios are the most powerful CB radios. These are high-power CB radios which give superior performance in terms of more than 10 miles range. SSB CB radios have three times power(12 Watt) as that of standard CB radios(4 Watt) and hence they provide three times range too. This is why these … Read more

7 Best Handheld CB Radios 2023: Most Powerful Long Range CB Radios for Truckers and Off-roading

best handheld CB radio for long range

Handheld CB radios are compact, easy to use, and give noise-free communication for short distances. The best handheld CB radios are capable of providing long-range communication. These radios don’t need an external CB antenna, making it very easy to operate them. Also known as portable CB radios, they are ideal choice as a two-way radio … Read more

7 Best CB Radio Antenna to buy in 2023 for Long Range: Reviews

CB Antenna reviews and buying guide

The selection of a good CB antenna is critical for CB radios. CB antennas decide the performance of your CB set-up. You might already be knowing that all the CB radios are pretty much alike regarding power. The power is either 4 Watts or 12 Watts (in the case of SSB CBs). With identical power, … Read more

Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB CB Review: A Highly Advanced Super Modern CB with SSB

Uniden 980 SSB Review

Uniden Bearcat 980 is a SSB performance driven CB radio with an impressive design and stunning multicolor display. Loaded with advanced features, this easy to set up CB radio is great for monitoring both weather and CB communication. We highly recommend the powerful CB for truckers, pickups and job sites for it’s high quality performance. … Read more

Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck in 2020

best CB antenna for pickup truck

It’s no secret that no vehicle can give the same look and feel like a pickup truck when it comes to installing a CB antenna. In fact, a good share of CBers is pickup drivers. If you’re one of these amazing guys, you might have already sorted out the best CB radio for your truck. … Read more

Best CB Radio Reviews: 7 High-Performance Citizen Band Radios on the Market in 2023

best CB radio on the market

The best CB radio in the market will give you reliable short-distance communication and timely channel updates. Features like Instant Channel 9/19, noise cancellation, RF gain, rugged design, etc. are must to have in a good CB radio. Our team has researched the market and tested 23 two-way radios. We have narrowed it down to … Read more

Best Magnetic CB Antenna Reviews: Easy to Install & High Performing Mag Mount Antennas

best magnetic CB antenna

There is no doubt that a magnetic CB antenna can improve the performance of your CB system exponentially. But, don’t expect miracles if you don’t have any plan to get the best magnetic CB antenna out there. Buying an inferior quality mag mount antenna will open your doors to two pitfalls: What if I tell … Read more