Cobra 29 LX Antenna Warning Light- The Easy Fix

The “Antenna Warning” light in Cobra 29 LX is a frustrating thing. If you are a newbie, I am sure that you will feel lost with such a warning. But the best thing (or the worst) is that people often report about the antenna warning in spite of everything being set up properly in the Cobra 29lx. It is without any shadow of a doubt that Cobra 29 LX is a killer in the CB radio of its kind. But even the best has its flaws. In this article, we will try to explain the “Antenna Warning” issue of Cobra LX 29 and its fix. So, if you own a 29 LX now or planning to own one soon. This is the perfect place for you. So, let’s get started.

What is Antenna Warning Light in Cobra 29 LX indiates?

Now that you own a Cobra LX 29. You have followed every step of the manual. And placed your CB radio in your vehicle perfectly along with great accessories. When you go up for the test. The legendary “Antenna Warning” Sign comes up on the right side of your Dot Matrix display. And while you are on your way to calibrate your SWR. You observe mismatched readings and the whole excitement of yours is replaced with frustration. The people who face the “Antenna Warning” issue usually face the following problems:

  • You will observe very high and irregular SWR readings while changing channels.
  • It happens when you try to go for transmission.
  • You will not be able to tune your radio.

There may be a number of problems that may trigger your “Antenna Warning” message in the Cobra LX 29. It may be an issue with the Antenna mounting, Antenna tuning, issue with the COAX, or even with the radio. Let’s see how you can fix it.

Where is the problem and How to Solve it

Firstly, find out the main culprit who is responsible for the warning. Is it your radio or your antenna or is it something else? To find out this, you would need a jumper and a separate SWR meter. You should get a dummy load and transmit it into the separate SWR meter. If it works then the problem is with your antenna system or you have issues with tuning your antenna properly. The length of the antenna also may be your problem.

And if it does not work then you have issues with your radio. In this case, just replace it or get expert support to fix your radio.

When your Antenna is the problem:

Secondly, let’s proceed with your main problem with the antenna. You should check the length of your antenna first. Adjust it and observe the changes. And if your problem persists then let’s move on with the next phase. As a CB enthusiast, you must know that the irregular SWR reading speaks a lot about the problem. If your SWR readings are 3 or around. It’s a threat to your radio and you must take the necessary steps.

Fix the problems with grounding:

In many cases of “Antenna Warning” people often fail to ground the antenna properly. Have you done the same mistake? Check it out. Because most of the time when the grounding is not alright. The SWR readings are high and your Cobra LX 29 “Antenna Warning” pops up. Fixing the grounding issue should solve the problem.

Issues with the Coax

Another mistake that shows the Antenna Warning is issued with the COAX. This happens while installing your CB radio with a faulty wire connection. Two common scenarios are broken wire or a compromised connection. In such a case, you will receive a high SWR reading along with the “Antenna Warning” message.

Is your Antenna Alright?

Finally, check if there is an issue with your antenna itself. Is the antenna alright? Is there any loose connection or physical damage? If yes then fix it and your “Antenna Warning” sign should disappear.

Final Words

The Cobra 29 LX antenna warning light does not mean that your radio is faulty. It means you have set a high SWR or your Coax is faulty and these may damage your radio. To be honest, this is good information although it’s a pain for most of us. The various steps we have recommended will definitely fix the antenna warning indication. Yeah, you can adjust the length and properly grounded the antenna, have a good COAX, and ground both the radio and antenna properly to get rid of the issue. If the “Antenna Warning” sign still appears, we would recommend you to seek an expert’s professional advice. Contact your nearest CB radio service and try to fix it up. Also, in many cases, if you are getting uninterrupted service even with the “Antenna Warning” you can just simply ignore the fact and move forward.