Cobra 29 LX 40 Channel CB Radio Review: The Best CB Available in the Market

Cobra 29 LX 40 Channel CB radio is a classic beast with modern capabilities. The old school look may confuse you, but the performance will make you own it. It is crafted ideally for the cross-country truckers and driving enthusiasts.

The best of all is, this miracle is equipped with industries first and only Radio check diagnostic. Old yet modern, simple yet powerful is the real essence of Cobra LX 29.

What’s more?

We had conducted a detailed survey to find the best CB radio in the market, and Cobra 29 LX has topped the list.

Before we start the review, here is a quick overview of what we think about the CB:









Undoubtedly the best CB in the market, Cobra 29 LX comes with an antique essence and modern performance

Jampacked with advanced features, the CB showcases aesthetic design and excellent functionality

A slightly bigger CB radio that’s ideal for vehicles having the luxury of space. It’s very easy to assemble and install.

Although it’s priced less than $150, Cobra 29 LX never fails you when it comes to performance.

Pros and Cons


  • The best in the market
  • Industries’ first Radio check diagnostic
  • Aesthetic display with a dimming option
  • Highly advanced modern radio
  • Great build quality
  • Weather and Emergency alerts.


  • Knobs and buttons are not backlit

Cobra 29 LX Review

If you have been into two-way radios, I am sure that you know the Cobra brand. Cobra 29 LX CB radio is the most interesting CB the brand has ever produced. They have few amazing CB radios in the 29 series and all of these heavy products are the favorites of serious CB radio users.

It is one of the best professional CB radio ever produced. Here is our verdict about this radio:

A Trusted Companion for Weather & Emergency Updates

Weather is a big concern for any long-term drives. So, if you are a cross country truck driver. Cobra LX 29 is the perfect companion for your adventure. You may drive through the unknown, but this radio will never keep you uncharted about the weather.

It has got the provision of instant Channel 9 and 19.

What I love the most about weather channels is another new feature. The CB radio automatically advances to the next clear channel when driving cross-country ensuring the driver is always getting the latest weather alerts and warnings. Amazing, isn’t it?

It comes with ten NOAA Weather channels too. So, anytime, anywhere in any emergency weather situation, you will always get notified by your trusted companion the Cobra LX 29.

Take advantage of an Excellent Display:

Never judge a book by its cover. This notion is perfect for the Cobra 29 Lx. It looks like an old school radio but at the same time. It is unique in terms of aesthetics. This radio comes with a 4-color dot matrix display.

The red, blue, green and amber brightness-adjustable display is the perfect fit for your vehicle. No matter how the interior of the vehicle is, or how the weather is. You can always adjust the colors and brightness as you seem fit.

Clock and Radio at the same time:

A perfect driver always keeps track of his time. And we know how annoying it is to get distracted from driving while looking at the watch or other devices. Cobra LX will save you from this particular distraction while driving.

It’s not just a radio, but it comes with a lot of utilities.

Clock and Alarm are two of its most important built-in utilities. You can set your clock and alarm here. So, with this radio never lose track of time. Always remember a stitch in time saves nine.

An efficient diagnostic:

The Cobra LX 29 is not just a heavy-duty radio. It is also very much user-friendly and comes with great diagnostic. The efficient diagnostic of this radio will give you full control over the radio. It is based on classic 29 LTD.

Cobra claims this radio has got the industries’ first and only Radio check diagnostic. And you can directly get an insight into the RF output, SWR setting and the voltage of the battery. It also comes with a 40 channel scan and memory channel programming.

Crystal Clear Noise-free Voice Communication

The main function of the radio is communication. And without perfect clarity of speech, you can’t communicate properly.

Cobra 29lx will give you excellent clarity of speech even if you are in heavy traffic.

It supports the standard 4 pic microphones as well as wireless headphones. The adjustable Dynamike feature will boost your microphone performance. And the Delta Tune feature will clarify your incoming signals effectively.

You can also RF gain and take total control of your receiving signals. The built-in microphone also comes with a 9-foot cord, so you will never have to worry about the distance between your driving seat and radio.

Best Antenna for Cobra 29 LX

You definitely want a perfect antenna to enhance performance and increase reliability. Cobra LX 29 will work with a lot of CB antennas. But our verdict on its best compatible antennas is Wilson 5000 Magnet CB antenna and Cobra HGA 1500 CB antenna.

1.     Wilson 305-38 Magnet CB Antenna

If you are looking for a magnetic and easy to use antenna for Cobra 29LX, Wilson 305-38 is your best shot. It integrates easily with Cobra LX 29. It is one of the best long range CB antennae you can get. You will simply love their dual combination if you are looking for a high-end setup.

With the high range of the antenna, you can embrace the full potential of Cobra LX 29. It works great within a radius of up to 6 miles. We recommend it for anyone who doesn’t want to compromise with quality.

2.     Cobra HGA 1500 CB antenna

If you want both the accessories from the same brand. You have indeed made the right decision. Because better compatibility is always noticed in such a case. Cobra HGA 1500 (check the latest Price in Amazon) can be a great choice for you in this case.

You would love its portability and it easily fits in any type of vehicle. The Magnetic base ensures easy installation and works great with a broad-banded frequency of 26-30mhz. Besides its weather channel ready and so you will get a great duo with LX 29 CB radio in case of the weather forecast.

Best CB Mic for Cobra 29lx

If you own a good CB radio you will definitely long for a perfect microphone to pair with. Cobra LX 29 with its universal 4 pin sockets supports almost any microphone out there. But for better performance, we suggest using Uniden BC645 CB Microphone or Ranger SRA-198 CB Microphone. Let’s take a look at their amazing specs:

1.     Uniden BC645:

If you are a long-term driver you will love using this amazing mic- Uniden BC645. The lightweight microphone with excellent sound quality is very easy to handle. The 8-foot cord length will also provide you enough flexibility.

2.     Ranger SRA-198:

Ranger SRA-198 is another amazing option you have in compatible CB mics for Cobra 29 LX. We are sure that you will love its robust build quality. The metal finish gives it a premium feel during and strength at the same time. With its small size, you can handle it easily. And the noise cancellation works great with Cobra LX 29.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to calibrate SWR in Cobra LX 29?
SWR calibration is necessary for good communication using the CB radio. In Cobra LX 29 it is straight forward. Firstly, select a channel. Then push and hold the mic button. Afterward using the SWR/CAL button select CAL. And then finish calibrating using the SWR/ CAL knob.
How to make various adjustments in Cobra LX 29?

Using an easy diagnostic and menu of the radio, you can easily adjust the following elements:

  1. Brightness
  2. Display Color
  3. Contrast
  4. Key Tones
  5. Settings
  6. Radio Check
  7. WX Alert
  8. WX Auto Scan

The Menu and diagnostic are very user-friendly and lets you customize the radio as per your taste.

What is the specification of PA jack for Cobra LX 29?
The Cobra LX 29 comes with standard PA jack. You should have a Speaker with 8-ohm impedance and should be able to handle at least 4.0 watts.
What is the frequency range of Cobra LX 29?
This is an AM CB radio which uses the following frequency range:
  • AM CEPT Approved Channel Range 26.965 to 27.405 MHz
  • FM CEPT Approved Channel Range 26.965 to 27.405 MHz
What NOAA channels does the Cobra LX 29 receive?
With Cobra LX 29 you will get Instant Access to 10 National the Weather Channel. It also has Automatic Weather Alert Scan
How is the display of Cobra LX 29?
The dot matrix display is unique and aesthetic. It comes with 4 colors (Red, Blue, Green, and Amber) and Day/Night Dimmer Control.


If you are a trucker, you would definitely understand the necessity of a CB radio. The Cobra LX 29 is the perfect CB radio for your purpose. We recommend you to try this CB radio, because of its heavy-duty performance and every possible modern utility.

The Cobra LX 29 is the best radio that has an old school outlook with a modern framework. Some things never get old and Cobra LX 29 is one of those. If you own an RV, have the enthusiasm of wild adventure, or a cross country Truck driver.

Cobra LX 29 is the best option for you. It’s just the perfect radio that you would definitely want to have in your Vehicle.

It’s Delta Tune, Dynamike Boost, user-friendly diagnostic, etc. will make you fall in love with it. The backlit multi-color display too works amazingly great

This beast will never fail you in your long drives. It’s a great product to invest in if you are a serious CB user.