Cobra 75 WX ST vs Midland 75-822: Which is the Best Choice for You?

We all look forward to getting high-quality CB radios, don’t we? The first thing we should look for is a reliable CB brand.

I don’t have to think twice to tell you that two such amazing brands in the market are Midland and Cobra.

Specifically, the Midland 75 822 and Cobra 75 WXST are two popular choices. The lightweight, handheld designs make them a perfect choice for frequent off-roaders. What’s even better is that their reception and high-quality performance are unmatchable.

But, with one better than the other, how do we pick between the two?

Let’s find out in this Cobra 75 WX ST vs Midland 75-822 comparison.

Midland 75 822

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Whether you’re a motorcyclist or a trucker, you cannot do without a handheld CB radio. What if I tell you Midland 75-822 is the best handheld CB radio you can get?

Yeah, fall in love with Midland all over again with their classic 75 822! It’s your ideal partner for all the journeys you embark on.

If you’re wondering what makes the model stand apart, here are some top features:

      • Rugged look
      • Compact
      • User-friendly

Designed to fit within your palm, the radio is an excellent choice for most. It offers 40 channels at a power output of 4 Watts. Not just that, its channel scan feature browses through all, settling on the channel that has active broadcast. The good news is that it also features NOAA and Emergency channels. The dual watch helps you monitor any other channel you would like.

The range may be problematic with Midland 75 822. However, an external antenna could help with it.

Cobra 75WXST

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When it comes to Cobra 75WXST, you can bid farewell to all others. The small-sized CB radio does a phenomenal job of giving you the best experience. The transmitter may be compact, but it sure is solid!

The mini, handheld CB radio is highly-rated in the market for its superior performance. It is great for vehicles with a limited room looking for clear transmission.

Moreover, it gives you access to weather and emergency channels with dual-watch and channel scan. However, you may be required to install an external speaker for better sound output.

Some of the other notable features in the Cobra 75WXST are:

      • Noise-reduction technology
      • Terrific off-road performance by means of remote mounting
      • Front Speaker

Cobra 75 WX ST vs Midland 75-822 Comparison

FeaturesMidland 75 822Cobra 75WXST
Dimension3.5 x 2.75 x 1.5 Inches4.2 x 2.8 x 1.8 inches
TypeHandheldUltra-compact Remote Mount
DisplayIlluminated Backlit DisplayIlluminated LCD Display
Instant Channel(s)9 and 199 and 19
Noise EliminationANL and Squelch ControlSound Tracker System
Price [amazon fields=”B00000K2YR” value=”button” ][amazon fields=”B00XJKRYKM” value=”button” ]

S0, Which One is the Best Choice for You?


The neck to neck competition between the two radios also falls close in their pricing. It can be seen in their range. The two are priced under $120, making them moderately-priced for the features offered.

However, if you’re interested in saving a few dollars, Midland 75 822 is a spectacular choice.


The power output of both Cobra and Midland 75 is 4 Watts. Their frequency range and performance are also pretty similar in the matter.

However, a few users found the range to be lower compared to other CB radios. You can improve it with the help of an external CB antenna.

Vehicle Type

Different radios work differently depending on the vehicle type. The ideal choice for Jeep and off-roaders is the Cobra 75WXST. With the remote mounting feature, you will not face any issue cruising through off roads.

On the other hand, most car and SUV drivers prefer the Midland 75 822 on normal roads. If you are a hiker or trekker, I would recommend Midland 75-822, considering its stunning performance as a handheld device.


When it comes to weight, the Cobra 75WXST weighs slightly more than Midland. The difference may appear minute to some, and significant to others.

While driving, most people prefer going for lightweight handheld radios. And, Midland 75 822 fits the picture perfectly!

Concluding Remarks

Midland and Cobra are both known for producing stunning two-way radios. The two products- Midland 75-822 and Cobra 75WXST- have further strengthened the statement.

But, choosing one out of the two is a tricky business. You need to account for factors like:

  • Your requirement
  • Mounting Space
  • Price
  • Range required

We really hope our Midland 75 822 vs Cobra 75WXST has helped in making a decision. Let us know what have you chosen!