Best 9 Cobra Walkie Talkie Reviews of 2023

I am sure that you have heard about Cobra walkie talkies and their performance. They are known for producing powerful two-way radios. You will never go wrong with a Cobra radio. If you have decided to buy a walkie talkie from Cobra, you have come to the right place. This article on Cobra walkie talkie reviews will help you find the right one for your requirements.

Cobra manufactures three kinds of walkie talkies- business radios, family series, and Adventure series. Cobra’s floating walkie talkies are the favorite of many adventurists. Our team has picked the top 9 walkie talkies produced by them.

If you are in a hurry and want to skip the reviews, here is a quick overview of the best Cobra walkie talkies:

Best Cobra Walkie Talkies- Overview

1.Cobra RX680- Best Choice

[amazon fields=”B07WQB1X3B” value=”button” ]
  • IP54 standard weatherproofing
  • Long-range of up to 38 miles
  • 18-hour ultra-long run time
  • 2662 channel combinations

2. Cobra ACXT1035R- Best Floating Cobra walkie talkie

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  • Floating and waterproof (IPX7 standard)
  • NOAA weather alerts
  • VibrAlert and Rewind-say-again
  • Up to 37 miles coverage

3. Cobra ACXT645

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  • Ten NOAA weather channels
  • Built-in VOX and flashlight
  • 35-mile range
  • Designed to IPX4/JIS4 waterproof standards

4. Cobra CXT195-4-

[amazon fields=”B088CQDGQ9 ” value=”button” ]
  • Extended long-range capability
  • Built-in NOAA radio receiver
  • Supports headset and microphone
  • Compact and lightweight

5. Cobra PX500- Best for Buisiness Uses

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  • Designed for business useSleek and modern look
  • Fast charging – recharges within 4.5 hours
  • Includes eight surveillance headset microphones

6. Cobra CXY800- Best for City Use

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  • IP54 waterproof standard
  • Power saving feature
  • An ultra-compact device with an extended antenna
  • 35-mile signal range

7. Cobra SH130-4- Best for Kids

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  • Vibrant and adorable design
  • Up to 8 miles range
  • Ten NOAA weather channels
  • Features 22 channels and call alerts

8. Cobra ACT120B- Best Family Cobra walkie talkie

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  • Unique, wearable design
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Features include voice prompts and roger beep
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight

9. COBRA ACXT145- Best Budget Choice

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  • Support micro-USB charging
  • An extended long-range capability of up to 16-miles
  • Power saver circuitry to extend battery life
  • Ten channel weather radios

9 Best Cobra Walkie Talkie Reviews

1.      Cobra RX680 – Best Choice

[amazon box=”B07WQB1X3B” title=”Cobra RX680″ description=”The best Cobra walkie talkie on the market today, RX680, is a brilliant piece of technology. It delivers best-in-class transmissions over a wide distance, regardless of the terrain.”]


  • Highly powerful walkie talkies with long-range capabilities
  • Durable build
  • Superb transmission quality
  • Feature-rich


  • Each button performs two functions, which can be confusing

Starting with powerful, long-distance coverage, the RX680 is the best two-way radio by Cobra. This FRS radio packs all of the brand’s top features to deliver outstanding value for money. It features VOX, weatherproofing, emergency alerts, weather channels, and much more!

The rechargable walkie talkie is cost-effective, making it one of the most sold in the market. It offers 18 hours of run-time and also supports micro-USB charging for when the battery runs out. 

It’s the top choice for activities like canoeing and snowboarding, thanks to its water-resistant construction. While you may use your cellphones, there’s always a risk of damaging them. Not with these cobra walkie talkies, though!

2.      Cobra ACXT1035R – Best Cobra floating walkie talkie

[amazon box=”B019RIP24E” title=”Cobra ACXT1035R” description=”If you’re an adventurer looking to upgrade your handset, then the Cobra ACXT1035R is truly a great option. In terms of hardware and features, it’s a superb all-round package.”]


  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Incredible transmission range
  • Simple to use
  • Rugged and well-constructed


  • The microphone volume doesn’t impress

If you are looking for Cobra waterproof walkie talkies, ACXT1035R is the right choice. There are several other reasons too why this walkie talkie deserves a place amongst the top cobra walkie talkies:

  • Voice-activated transmission
  • Records 20-seconds of incoming audio
  • Built-in SOS flashlight
  • Vibrating feedback

For starters, this radio does absolutely everything in one package. The audio quality is crisp and rich, while the construction is a solid ten on ten. It has a unique floating design with a bright orange casing to prevent you from losing your radio outdoors.

The best part about the ACXT1035R is that it provides instantaneous communication while offering ease of use. However, one slight drawback is the microphone volume, which is understandable given the waterproof and floating design.

Overall, this Cobra floating walkie talkie may appear slightly pricey but is definitely worth the money you spend. The benefits are tremendous, and we’re thoroughly impressed by its performance and usefulness.

3.      Cobra ACXT645 – Second-favorite adventure radio

[amazon box=”B01CTUIUFK” title=”Cobra ACXT645″ description=”ACXT645 is one of our favorite walkie talkies for outdoor usage for its ability to reach vast distances and deliver top-notch audio. It offers a stylish yet comfortable build at a highly attractive price point!”]


  • Great battery life
  • Super clear and loud audio with no static
  • Rubberized grip prevents the radio from slipping
  • Solid build


  • Fragile belt clips

By now, we have established that Cobra is the best when it comes to adventure radios. Besides offering long-distance signal coverage, the radios are solidly built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Whether you go river rafting or skiing, the weatherproofing keeps your walkie talkie well-protected.

The best aspect of ACXT645 is the incredible battery life. Ours lasted four days on a single charge.

In a nutshell, these Cobra walkie talkies perform exceptionally well. But, keep in mind, the belt clips on the ACXT645 aren’t very strong.

4.      Cobra CXT195-4 – For group travels

[amazon box=”B088CQDGQ9″ title=”Cobra CXT195-4″ description=”Stay connected while saving big with the Cobra CX195 pack of four. This 16-mile micro-talk radio is perfect for outdoor travels in groups and is also quite handy in emergency prep kits.”]


  • Easy to use
  • Quality for money
  • Great reception
  • Inexpensive


  • Not weatherproofed

Cobra provides an effective solution for keeping family members well-connected. These seem to work great in indoor and outdoor conditions, offering decent range coverage and transmission quality.

The rechargeability is the biggest asset of the CXT195. You no longer need to replace batteries every few days. Plug it in to charge overnight, and you’re ready to go. Here’s what else CXT195-4 offers:

  • Perfect for families
  • Compact design
  • Headset compatible
  • Roger beep tone

I highly recommend these walkie talkies for group trips and outdoor adventures. You won’t regret this buy!

5.      Cobra PX500 – Best for business

[amazon box=”B07RCTYJBX” title=”Cobra PX500″ description=”This handset is hugely impressive as a business radio. The build quality is high-class, and the design appeal is strong, too!”]


  • Very easy to operate
  • Clear voice quality
  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Exceptional range capabilities


  • Low volume if used in a noisy environment

PX500 is a good all-rounder for business communication needs, particularly if versatility and reliability are what you need. This compact radio offers the kind of audio you expect from a high-end transceiver, although it struggles slightly with volume. However, you can connect the headset for better audibility.

If you’re a fan of lightweight yet rugged devices that offer powerful transmissions, you’re in luck! The walkie talkies are small enough to fit into the pocket, and the belt clips are a nice feature, too.

Other neat aspects of the PX500 include:

  • Charging dock for drop-in charging
  • Auto-squelch
  • Volume knob
  • 360˚ swivel holster

6.      Cobra CXY800 – Best for cities

[amazon box=”B07BRFCXMQ” title=”Cobra CXY800″ description=”Ideal for tourists, the CXY800 helps you stay connected with friends and family while exploring major city attractions! This Cobra radio can be relied upon for strong reception and stable connection.”]


  • Withstands tough conditions
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Ergonomic design
  • Convenient charging


  • Not the best sound quality

Every cobra walkie talkie has its plus points. We’ve picked the CXY800 for its premium set of features, mid-range price, and superb ergonomic design.

  • Battery saving
  • Wet and dusty environment protected
  • Instant weather information at your fingertips
  • Charge via micro-USB

Cobra recommends this two-way radio for use in developed spaces and major cities. It covers wide distances despite obstructions. The CXY800 worked well for me and surprisingly withstood tough environmental conditions.

However, you may want to note that a few customers have complained of distortion in audio. That’s probably one aspect Cobra needs to improve.

However, overall, the CXY800 seems like a decent purchase for tourists wanting to explore metropolitan centers while staying in touch with their loved ones.

7.      Cobra SH130-4 – For kids

[amazon box=”B06X9XPXPK” title=”Cobra SH130-4″ description=”The tech wizards at Cobra have brought their expertise to cater to kids with the all-new SH130. This pack of 4 includes vibrant two-way radios that offer the best audio possible without straining your wallet.”]


  • Great range and clarity
  • Compact size for ease of use
  • Adjustable sound level
  • Sturdy


  • Could use rechargeable batteries or charging base

Walkie talkies are increasingly gaining popularity among kids, particularly, as they are the perfect substitute for smartphones. Keeping this in mind, Cobra has introduced family-friendly devices that are sure to appeal to the young ones.

Although designed for children, the SH130-4 works just as well as a standard walkie talkie does. It offers a decent range and audio clarity and is great for use around the neighborhood.

The only thing I felt lacking was the device’s power system. Cobra should add rechargeability to reduce the cost of replacing batteries.

On the whole, Cobra SH130-4 packs top-notch specs in an aesthetically-pleasing form. Your choices for colors include white, blue, yellow, and orange.

8.      Cobra ACT120B- Best for family

[amazon box=”B07D98VSZW” title=”Cobra ACT120B” description=”Whether you’re camping or exploring your local theme park, you cannot do without this compact and wearable walkie talkie by Cobra. Simply put, ACT120B is the best you can get when it comes to short-range communication.”]


  • Cool design
  • Super easy to use
  • Decent battery life
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The realistic range is far less than what’s advertised

There is quite a lot to like about Cobra ACT120B. It comes with a unique wearable design to give customers the best hands-free experience. The best part, however, is the audio quality. It’s pretty loud and crystal-clear.

You can use these with your family members while relaxing at the beach to stay connected. ACT120B is the ideal replacement for cellphones when the signals are weak. It has a great range and battery life, too!

  • 10-hours battery life
  • Clip-on for easy wearing
  • Battery saving technology
  • Audio feedback

9.      COBRA ACXT145 – Affordable choice

[amazon box=”B019RIOX12″ title=”COBRA ACXT145″ description=”You can pick up the Cobra ACXT145 if you’re looking for crisp audio output and effective communication at a budget price. Considering everything you get with this handset, we’d say this two-way radio offers excellent value for money!”]


  • Excellent voice clarity
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight
  • Very handy and easy to use


  • Not for long-range use

Cobra ACXT145 combines great specs with a decent design to help customers get an incredible two-way radio experience. The best part is the price, though: you get a pair of decent walkie talkies at fewer than 30 dollars!

This attractive proposition is not to be missed! These are cost-effective, lightweight, and quite simple to use. However, I would not recommend these for long-distance use.

Types of Cobra Walkie Talkies

There are basically four types of Cobra walkie talkies. It’s a good idea to know these types to choose the right one for you.

Adventure series

Cobra places immense focus on curating pieces of technology that are highly practical in all kinds of environments. This line includes weatherproof devices that can withstand wet and dusty conditions, besides offering powerful connections.

The ACXT1035R features a unique floating design. The design helps to retrieve the device if it gets dropped in water.

Another hot-seller from the adventure series is the water-resistant ACXT645, known for its solid construction and long-range transmissions.

Business radios

Cobra ensures reliable communication to take your business operations to the next level. The PX500 is designed for F&B, hospitality, retail, and event management. Besides offering long-range, it includes a surveillance headset to give you a better sense of hearing.

Most importantly, it does not require licensing, and there isn’t any service fee involved.


Stay connected with those you love while out making happy memories outdoors. Cobra’s family series includes high-tech two-way radios designed to cater to people of all ages. The ACT120B is a compact, wearable radio perfect for when you’re enjoying that crisp mountain air.

The SH130, on the other hand, is a perfect family vacation bundle for your kids. The vibrantly-colored walkie talkies are sure to appeal to the little members of the family.

Walkie talkies for big cities

When exploring major metropolitan centers, you need a device that is perfectly suited for developed spaces. Keeping in mind high-rise buildings and multiple obstructions, you need radios that help you stay in touch with your friends and family.

We highly recommend CXY800 out of Cobra’s metro series.


Are Cobra walkie talkies any good?

Cobra is a renowned brand in the world of radios for its highly-rated CB and Amateur radios. You can find a range of high-quality transceivers from handheld to base stations and devices for people of all age groups!

How far do Cobra walkie talkies go?

The signal range varies depending on the device model you choose. You can expect to get a minimum of 2 miles, up to an extended signal range of up to 38 miles.

Will Cobra walkie talkies work with Motorola?

Cobra walkie talkies are designed to work with other FRS radios from other brands too. To communicate from a Cobra radio to a Motorola device, all you need is to tune into the same frequencies.

How to use Cobra walkie talkies?

Cobra is a big name in the radio communication industry for its invention of the best and top-notch amateur two-way radio devices. The rigs are known to be long-lasting, durable, and versatile. Arguably, Cobra is a global leader, particularly when it comes to two-way walkie talkies.

  • Cobra’s micro-talk walkie talkies are the best for users looking for compact yet effective communicative devices for outdoor use.
  • When you go hiking or camping in the backcountry, these walkie talkies can come in handy when cell coverage is unavailable. Moreover, their sturdy construction makes them able to withstand tough conditions.
  • If river rafting, canoeing, and kayaking interest you, you must not do without the Cobra ACXT1035R walkie talkie. You never know when the floating and waterproofing feature can come in handy!
  • Did you also know how versatile these Cobra radios are? The VOX function on the ACXT645 can be used to transform this standard transceiver into an audio baby monitor?
  • Besides manufacturing adult walkie talkies, the brand has also ventured into producing radios for kids. The SH130-4 is the perfect replacement for cellphones for young kids, and are super entertaining, too!

How to charge Cobra walkie talkies?

With the advancement of technology, Cobra is moving towards rechargeable radio transceivers. This move isn’t just cost-effective but is also better for the environment. Some of the Cobra radios are supplied with charging docks, which promote fast-charging. Other devices support micro-USB charging.

  1. Insert the rechargeable batteries included in the package.
  2. Insert the charging cable into the charging jack, and plug it into a USB power source.
  3. For devices that come with charging cradles, plop the walkie talkies onto the base and connect to a power source.

How to reset Cobra microtalk walkie talkies?

You can Press and hold the “Mode” button for 15 seconds to factor reset the Cobra microtalk walkie talkies.


If you mean business and need a device with an extended lifetime that is also reliable and does the job right, we recommend the Cobra radios. They offer solid bang for the buck by offering quality transmissions for the price you pay.

The brand’s most sought-after radios include RX680 for its powerful range, ACXT1035R for its weatherproofing, and ACXT645 for its solid build. You can also find professional radios for business, vibrant walkie talkies for kids, and budget-friendly transceivers, as well!

We hope this article on Cobra walkie talkie reviews has helped you to find an amazing two-way radio. Enjoy the handset for your adventures and what not!