Terrific Reasons Why Do Truckers Still Use CB Radios in 2023 (and You Should too)

We all know it. Aren’t we? It was the truck drivers who made the maximum use of CB radios back in the 80s and 90s.

But, it was in the past. With the advent of technology(introduction of smartphones), there has been a lot of changes in the game.

I am sure that the following questions have popped up in your mind at some point of time.

  • Do truckers still use CB radios?
  • Is it a wise idea for people to talk in CB in 2023?

We will find the answers in this article.

Yes, technology has advanced to a surprisingly high level in recent times. With the advent of the latest software and gadgets, almost all sectors- be it agriculture, industry, or service- have taken a giant leap through technology in this 21st century. The field of communication is no different.

Before the 2000s, cell phones were not so common for day to day uses. Citizen Band radios were very popular communication devices among people.

A CB radio is a public two-way radio which has access to around 40 channels. CB radios may be marked as the earliest available social media gadgets. People used to talk, listen, chat, and know the latest news or information via CB radios in those days.

With the advent of the latest and highly advanced technologies, CB radios are slowly leaving the communication field. Unable to connect beyond a fixed range and to be devoid of any securities, CB radios have, by large, become outdated. But despite all the shortcomings, many people, majorly truckers still rely on CB radios for communication.

Why Do People Still Use CB Radios in 2023?

For most of the drivers, truck CB radios are like friends to them. They have a great rapport with these beasts for the last 5-15 years or so. Yeah, it’s not that easy to say goodbye to them just like that.

The profession of truck driving is tiresome and pushes one into very long hours of solitude. Even if you are a person who loves to spend time alone in a peaceful atmosphere, you may not like it after a certain period.

The same is the case for most truck drivers. They develop an urge to talk to someone when they are bored with being alone for a long time. Being a very popular device to communicate with fellow drivers, a CB radio comes here for the rescue.

Let’s see why truckers and other ordinary people still use CB radios.

Social media on the road!

Even though truckers no longer need to rely on CB radio to do everything, nothing can match a CB radio in doing precisely what a CB radio does. These radios once served solely as the ‘social media of olden times.’

Friends and families who were miles apart could connect through CB radio. Moreover, communication through CB radios was quick and relatively cheap.

Nowadays, long-haul truck drivers frequently use CB radio for everything from relaying information regarding road conditions, the location of speed traps, and other travel information.

CB radio is still the fundamental form of social media always available for truck drivers. It is widely used for friendly chatters during long boring drives.

Cell phones can’t reach everywhere

In many parts of the country, cell phone reception is poor or unavailable. Imagine being stranded in a remote area, and there is no cell signal! CB radio comes to your rescue when you drive across such areas, assisting you with a point to point communication.

Another critical thing to remember is that we might not be having the phone numbers of every driver on our way. In that case, CB Channel 19 can function efficiently to pass relevant information to fellow drivers- all at a time- quickly without even knowing their contact numbers.

A major highlight is that you don’t have to pay for this service.

Off-roaders, RVers, and motorcyclists

Off-roaders always strive through the worst road conditions and availability of cell phone coverage in such areas is least expected. A CB radio comes very handily in such situations.

Off-roaders going in groups can easily communicate among themselves. They can also receive valuable tips or warnings via CB stations regarding the road they are going to pursue.

Emergencies are easily tackled, and immediate assistance is delivered with the help of CB communication. It is mostly used for casual chit chats and entertainments as well among such off-roader clubs or groups.

Hazards like storms, bad weather, and roadblocks are common for truckers and other people on the road. These people very much enjoy the benefit of information passed by the truckers from highways through CB radios.

RVers, while traveling alone or with families, can avail help via CB radio when there is no cell phone coverage.

Motorcyclists going in groups for long rides can easily coordinate between themselves with CB radios.

Hikers, hunters, and fishermen

Hikers usually go far and deep into montane or forest areas where there is the least coverage for cell phones. They benefit primarily from CB radios in case of emergencies. Larger hiker groups can easily coordinate their hiking activities with handheld radios.

Hunters mostly require a quiet environment. They have to get rid of all possible distractions. A cell phone that gives frequent notifications and alerts is not a good companion for a hunter. Here comes the handheld CB radio as a fantastic choice!

Same in case of fishermen. They use CB to keep in touch with their comrades and for emergency alerts.

Other than these, CB radios are extensively used on job sites by carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. There people who use CB radio as a hobby as well!

Disadvantages Of CB Radios

A notable advantage of Citizen Band radio is that we do not require any license to operate it. Be it for personal use or professional use; they provide you the simplest means of communication. But they have disadvantages too.

  • CB radios are neither very secure nor are much concerned about your privacy compared to the latest technology smartphones. Any information you pass through CB is shared among multiple CBers at a time.
  • The range up to which you can communicate has limits. Generally, you can talk over no more than 25 miles only with a standard CB radio. If you want to pass any vital information to a fellow driver say 30 miles apart, you will have to resort to smartphones or other latest technologies.

Nowadays, truckers widely use trucking apps and GPS for navigation and communication. The smartphone revolution has made a significant impact on their lives. The widespread popularity of the latest social media apps has brought friends and family at their fingertips. CB radios are not equipped enough to compete with these technologies.

So, Do Truckers Still use CB Radios?


A lot of truckers still use CB radios. The CB radios still have a separate fan base in this 21st century. Even now, there are people who pretty much enjoy small chatters with fellow truckers and other CBers through radio. CB radio is an inevitable part of their life. They can never sacrifice these radios for the latest technologies.

Also, some truckers have been working in the industry for so long that using CB radios has become a habit of their lives.

Modern-day CB radios are equipped with top-notch features like

  • Customizable backlight displays
  • Public address systems
  • SSB functionality
  • Cutting edge noise cancellation technologies
  • Best in class mic and speakers

Though not equipped enough to compete with the latest smartphones, CB radios have created a niche of their own.

The adoption of the latest technologies is making them more and more user-friendly and affordable. A recent report suggests that perhaps 50 percent of truckers who had used CB before still use the CB! That is something to rejoice for the CB world.