Galaxy DX 2547 Review: Outstanding Base Station CB Radio for the Money

Wireless communication has diversified over time. Many manufacturers now focus on introducing more and more mobile CB radios. However, despite many options, Galaxy DX-2547 continues to reign as one of the most widely used base station CB radios even today.

The highlight of this radio for us is the built-in power supply and user-friendliness.

Before we start with our Galaxy DX 2547 review, here is what our experts have to say:

Galaxy DX 2547 is the best pick for commercial and resident CB radio users who want to set up a base station. It’s SSB driven outstanding long range coupled with advanced features make it a perfect pick for serious users.

Here is an overview of the CB radio:

PerformanceFeaturesCustomer ServiceValue for Money
Built with all the class A features, this base station CB radio delivers an outstanding performance along with high-quality transmission.DX-2547 is packed with all the features you would like to see in a base-station CB Radio. Mic/RF gain, Talkback, and Roger Beep are only a few to name.The hands-on client service by Galaxy is perfect. The two-year warranty takes care of all your problems, keeping you at complete ease.This awesome piece is priced a bit heavy.

However, despite being priced over $300, DX-2457 delivers exactly what it promises!

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  • Disturbance-free, long-range communication
  • Noise Blanker and Galaxy Noise Filter
  • Easily controllable knobs and controls
  • Exceptional signal quality
  • User manual available for alignment and modes
  • Expensive
  • Flip-up feet may be breakage-prone

Galaxy DX 2547 Review

Along with connecting drivers with their loved ones, the radio has some exceptional signal quality. Amongst best Galaxy CB radios, this is a beast when it comes to base station performance.

Base-Station CB Radio

With very few options in Base-stations to choose from, this terrific CB from Galaxy works well for business and personal usage. It is especially loved by mine owners who have enjoyed using DX 2547 in their mines.

The simple reason for this is superior sound quality and minimal noise. That acts as a plus in a home environment.

One notable feature of this particular model is its streamlined styling. That makes it quite distinct from the older base radios. While looks may not be necessary for a few, it sure makes a lot of difference when you have limited space at hand.

The compact size, high-tech features, and remarkable performance are just some of the features to look for in 2547!

If you’re wondering what’s so different about DX-2547 compared to older models, the answer is advanced features! This one includes talkback, RF power, roger beep, and so much more.

We firmly believe Galaxy 2547 is one of the best Citizen band CB you can ever get. If you want to check out other such CBs, click here: Best CB Radio for the Money: Top Rated High Performance CBs on the Market


The strong signals and quality transmission on this radio make it a top-choice of truckers and even mine owners. Its advanced tech features have received high ratings from both fresh and expert users.

DX-2547 has a natural and clear sound on the sideband, which is easy to listen to. Additionally, the frequency counter on this radio is precise and accurate.

Some users have also modified their radios for additional channels. The frequency counter displays readings even after such mods.

We found the radio to have excellent receive and transmit abilities. It faces no challenges when picking from stations located far off.

Customer Ease

The stunning, large display on this model makes life easier for drivers. It allows easy reading of 4 scales, which means you won’t have to scan through various menus to look for signals.

Additionally, the variable RF power gives you control to set the radio at 1-watt dead key or up to 4 watts for a full dead key.

Another remarkable feature is how each knob has its function to perform. Even newbies can master the controls in no time!

Galaxy is a trusted brand when it comes to quality and superior build. You can check out some of their best selling CB radios here.

The customer service and support make the entire experience quite enjoyable. If you receive a faulty model, don’t worry! The Galaxy representatives will get in touch with you and offer a timely replacement.

Galaxy DX-2547 Features

Galaxy 2547 CB radio

  • It operates on both AC and DC.
  • Six-digit frequency counter
  • Auto SWR circuit
  • Galaxy noise filter
  • Clarifier knob
  • Variable RF output control
  • Built-in power supply
  • Large meter
  • Automatic noise limiter
  • Squelch

And, best of all, a two-year warranty by the manufacturer!

Galaxy 2547 Modulation

The DX-2547 is an AM/SSB CB radio with a spectrum of features to give you the ultimate experience. It offers several neatly aligned knobs to let you control RF/Mic gain and talkback. It also allows immediate access to channel 9 and 19.

Experts tested the transmission on this radio and found a 4-watt dead key. With some modulation, they could swing up to around 18 watts. Some fine-tuning can enhance it from 1 watt dead key to 15 watts.

Add in a base-station antenna and enjoy crisp audio and clean reception!

Galaxy DX 2547 Problems

While most customers are delighted at their purchase, the radio does have a few downsides.

  • Few experts believe DX-2547 is not the ultimate choice for sideband communication. It needs to warm up for use, which eventually takes up a lot of time.
  • The Galaxy Noise Filter also seems to deliver an unsatisfactory performance, which can be a bummer!
  • And, with base station radios’ prices hiking, this one isn’t left far behind. It sure doesn’t come cheap!


How to add extra Channels in Galaxy 2547?

Here is how to add extra channels to your DX-2547:

Unscrew the bottom cover from your radio. Locate J33 on the mainboard. Next, situate wires on pins P5 and P6.

Cut the former and install an SPST switch in line. Repeat the process with P6.

What should I do when Galaxy DX-2547 squeals when receiving?

One primary reason for a squeal is when the microphone is placed too close to the speaker. It can also occur when the talkback function is adjusted to a loud setting. A sensitive mic can also result in squeal at the transmission.

Adjust the distance between your mic and speaker, and it should rid you of the problem. If you have an external speaker, turn its face away from you and turn on the noise filter.

How to turn up the modulation in a Galaxy DX-2547?

Here’s how to adjust the modulation on your Galaxy DX-2547:

  1. Turn up your transmitter’s wattage
  2. Adjust the modulation for max output
  3. Align the receiver to the ideal noise and signal ratio
  4. Alter the squelch range
  5. Modify the mic circuit for enhanced gain when required
  6. Adjust the transmit and receive meter
  7. Alter frequency to zero tolerance

After performing these tasks, the radio’s output typically increases by approximately 50%!


While base station CB radios have vanished from the scene, if there is one that continues to trend, it is the Galaxy 2547! While some may find it over-priced, we say, it is worth the investment given how feature-rich it is.

Keep in mind; this radio may not work for everyone. If you have space in your vehicle and money to spare, this one’s a pretty fun choice!