Galaxy DX 949 Review: Highly Affordable SSB CB Radio for Trucks and SUVs

The reputable brand that Galaxy is, we expect nothing short of perfection from the Galaxy DX949! The high performance and user-friendly features are what prove us right.

Like every other top Galaxy CB radios, this, too, offers premium transmission quality and signal strength. If you’re on the lookout for an AM/SSB CB radio, we believe this one could be an excellent choice.

The best part?

Galaxy 949 comes in a highly affordable budget. Yeah, you will get stunning long range SSB CB radio performance coupled with top of the line features at a cheap price tag.

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Before we check our Galaxy DX 949 review, have a look at how we have rated this beast:

PerformanceFeaturesUser InterfaceValue for Money
DX-949 has time and again proven to be durable. The optimal power output and range are what make it purchase worthy.Galaxy incorporates all technologically advanced features into this radio!The radio functions are laid out in a driver-friendly manner. It lets you drive without having to take your eyes off the road.DX-949 is the most affordable CB radio that Galaxy has to offer! It delivers premium features at an economical price.

Galaxy DX 949 Review

Top of the Line Performance

The Galaxy DX 949 CB radio intends to give drivers a user-friendly experience. This one is easy to operate even for new CBers. You will be surprised by the exceptional signal strength with this radio. I must say DX 949 is one of our top choices for trucks, pickups, and SUVs.

The best quality of this radio is how fantastically it works even in some of the harshest conditions. It also works at a 5-miles radius from the highway.

In addition to this, the radio filters out unnecessary noise and static to give you the best quality communication. This is being done through Galaxy’s Noise Filter.

Long-range communication

If long-range communication is what you seek from your radio, Galaxy 949 is a top choice.  The Single Side Band (SSB) capability on this Galaxy model gives you the ultimate CB radio experience.

If you think that’s all that the radio has to offer, wait, the best is yet to come!

The Galaxy 949 broadcasts legally at 12 watts compared to 4 watts on the other models. It triples the distance at which you can communicate, giving you a more extensive range!

Moreover, the adjustable RF gain keeps your range at check at all times. In areas with weak signals, you can use this feature to get optimal range while driving for long hours.

The higher range and power is what places this radio among some of the mighty radios on the market!


  • Easy-to-read meters
  • Variable power output control
  • Variable dimmer control
  • Automatic SWR circuit
  • Roger beep
  • Two-digit channel display
  • Propriety Galaxy noise filter

Listed above are a few of the features that this Galaxy CB Radio has to offer! It also features an LED talkback circuit, which helps you hear what your microphone audio sounds like. This option also enables you to decide on the amount of echo to add to the audio.

What we love about the DX-949 are its various knobs and toggle switches. Each of these works to perform a different function. After getting used to these functions, it will be easier for the driver to operate the radio without having to take their focus off the road!

The power wattage output feature is what makes operation a breeze. It also complements the adjustable wattage output option. Additionally, the model has three differently-colored LED’s to indicate various processes. For example, there is one light that changes its color from red to green when broadcasting or receiving.

Along with these remarkable features are the well-lit digits on the backlit display. These, and the analog meter, offer precise readings than most other radios!


The radio is capable of functioning on both AM and SSB modulation. The SSB function or transmission means more power and improved range.

The Single Side Band (SSB) transmissions make use of frequencies just above and below the standard 40 CB channels. As mentioned above, it legally transmits at 12 watts (instead of 4 watts for standard CB radios) and can achieve significantly enhanced range.

The scale on this radio displays signal strength, which shows signal strength up to 60 dB over S9. Moreover, the Galaxy 949 is easily compatible with all CB antennas on the radio market.

Minor Drawbacks

While the product is a fantastic addition to the Galaxy family of CB radios, it does have a few shortcomings.

It sure is loaded with all the advanced tech features one could look for in any radio. However, it still lacks a few functions that other CB radios offer.

In particular, the frequency counter and Starlite faceplate are two such features. Another thing to remember is that the Galaxy noise filter of DX 949 is slightly unsatisfactory. You may be required to add an external speaker for better audio quality and noise control.



How to change meter light on a Galaxy DX-949?

Spare DX meter bulb is available for sale online and in stores, which makes replacement a breeze. If you have necessary soldering skills, all you need is to remove the knobs. Following this, unscrew head screws from the chassis.

Every board is modular, and the screws are easily removable. Next, inspect the wiring going to the meter. You can do this using a voltmeter to check the four diodes right in front of the meter.

Check for continuity to see which one is bad. If you find a bad one, replace it, which should make it work.

How to tune a Galaxy DX-949?

To get the optimum SWR, we recommend starting with antenna tuning.

  • Push the PTT or push to talk switch, and shorten the antenna, while setting the transceiver to channel 20. The SWR meter will display the readings at this time.
  • If you continue to tap or shorten the antenna at this point, you will notice lower SWR readings. After reaching the optimal level, the reading will lower but then start to rise again.
  • Following this, the reading should be almost similar for channels 1 and 40.

There are no manual adjustments in the SWR meter. That is because the SWR circuit in the DX-979 calibrates itself automatically.

Where can I use the 949 CB radio?

CB users looking for a full-featured radio can benefit long-range SSB communication at an affordable package. You can use it in semi-trucks, pick-ups, and other vehicles with sufficient room for mounting a full-sized radio.

However, we do not recommend it for industrial or high-impact use.


Galaxy is one of the top CB radio brands out there. Their products never disappoint us, and so is this beast too.

If you’re looking for a full-featured radio at an affordable price, DX-949 is an excellent CB radio for the money. Due to it’s bigger size, it suits well for trucks and SUVs. Despite a few features missing in this model, the robust construction and excellent transmission are what makes it a must-have!

With a two-year warranty at hand, what more could you ask for from the Galaxy 949?

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