Galaxy DX 979 Review: Small Yet Outstanding Feature-rich SSB CB Radio

When it comes to top CB radios, Galaxy is one brand that comes to mind! It has trended for decades with its high-class and superior performance.

One such, much rooted-for product by Galaxy Radios, is the DX-979!

You get all the best and unique features like RF gain, Noise filtration, talkback, and much more!

We believe this smallest SSB capable CB radio from the brand is the right choice for SUVs, cars and pickup trucks.

Before we take up the detailed Galaxy DX 979 review, have a quick look at what we think about this stellar CB.

PerformanceFeaturesEase of InstallationValue for Money
Here’s the best choice from the top-selling Galaxy radios. The stellar performance is unmatchable!The 979 model has everything that Galaxy has to offer minus the Frequency Counter. But, it can be added using the built-in port.Ssuper convenient to install and also doesn’t take up much space in your vehicle.When it comes to price and performance, Galaxy 979 surely stands out! It is worth every penny spent.

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Galaxy DX 979 Review

Before we convince you to order the model, let’s first talk about what it has to offer:

      • Star Lite faceplate
      • Large, easy-to-read meter
      • Variable power output control
      • Variable talkback circuit with on/off switch
      • Automatic SWR circuit and an SWR alert LED
      • Variable dimmer control

If you’re already sold on the Galaxy 979, there’s more!

Galaxy 979 is one of the best Galaxy CB radios. The SSB CB radio also gives you features like variable microphone gain, and a blue, backlit display.

Small in Size, Yet Delivers Exceptional Performance

Older radios required external accessories to cash on the tech-savvy features. Galaxy, however, incorporates all the advanced features into a blend of their own! DX-979 is proof of that!

It is one of the best SSB CB radio you can buy for outstanding powerful performance.

Luckily, despite all the technological options, the brand offers a practical size at a competitive price! In fact, this is the most compact CB radio from the brand.

The audio and transmission on this CB radio are loud and clear.

Overall, we’re delighted with the range and performance of this model. It is to be told that the CB radio works quite better than expected. If you’re wondering if it’s a radio worth investing in, the answer is YES!

User-friendly model

Whether you are a CB Radio expert or a beginner, nobody wants to struggle with extensive menus for the most straightforward actions. Fortunately, Galaxy 979 keeps customer convenience their top priority. In doing so, they have designed the model to be foolproof.

The model has some clearly aligned knobs, where each performs a different task. That makes it easier to perform various operations without having to struggle or take the focus off the road.

You won’t find it challenging to reduce the volume or check the microphone gain. That results in lesser effort and time wastage.

The easy-to-read display is another plus point. It lets the user operate the radio without much hassle.

Feature-rich CB

Since most CB users experience a lack of space, Galaxy decided to incorporate all their exclusive and unique features into this compact radio.

    1. The factory Talkback is an excellent addition, which helps you hear what your microphone sounds like. If you’re interested in adding the echo sound, the feature will help you decide how much of it to add.
    2. With the variable power feature, you can dead key as low as 1 watt.
    3. With the large meter, you won’t even have to squint to read! It displays all the values (SWR, Power, S Units, and Modulation), readable in a single glance!

Best of all? The 979 has an Auto SWR calibration feature. That means you won’t have to mess with the calibration knob anymore! Oh, and in case of high SWR, it notifies you with an LED alert.

The only thing missing in this model that a hot-seller like DX-959 has is the frequency counter. However, this can also be a blessing in disguise for many drivers. The frequency counter on the 959 is five-digits. Whereas, you can easily add a six-digit external frequency counter to your 979.


The Galaxy DX 979 CB radio features an option to see your modulation level, which is quite helpful for professionals!

You can turn up the modulation on it, and you’ll be surprised by how the radio comes alive! We recommend trying a power microphone, which will blow you away with its crisp and clear audio.

As for tune-up, you can set the modulation to a high and low power setting. You can turn the variable up; swing upwards and dead key 4 watts.

Well, the swing numbers on this prime radio are quite remarkable. With just a little modulation tune-up, you can enhance it to 25 watts on SSB!

Tune and Range

When it comes to long-range communication, this CB radio is unbeatable. Despite its small size and mid-range price, the signal reception is fantastic! The best feature for us is the SSB capability, which offers you the ultimate CB experience.

When driving through areas with a weak signal, the RF gain knob allows you to adjust the receiver gain. With Galaxy 979, there is no compromise on the communication quality!

Galaxy DX 979 Problems

When compared to other older SSB radios or even the Galaxy 959, the Galaxy 979 CB radio fails to impress in few areas.

While the transmission is excellent, as is the range, the noise filtration isn’t as grand. It has Noise Blanker and ANL, yet the performance on this one doesn’t match that of the others.

Furthermore, a frequency counter is something this model doesn’t have. However, there’s no need to worry! It provides you with an in-built jack to add an external one!

While this may sound like a bummer, the truth is, the model is pretty fantastic for its price. It has all the advanced features you could look for in a small-sized radio like this one.


How to tune a Galaxy DX-979?

The Galaxy CB radios are equipped with an SWR circuit. It calibrates itself automatically. Hence you don’t need to make any adjustments in SWR on the Galaxy DX 979.

When the SWR/MOD/PWR switch is in “SWR” mode, the meter displays the Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) of your antenna.

How good is the Galaxy DX-979?

Our overall impression of this model is quite pleasant! The 979 has the overall look and performance of any high-rated CB radio. Moreover, you won’t have to struggle with space issues with this compact model.

Additionally, the full-featured set for this mid-level price range sure sounds like a deal to us!


After thorough research on long-range CB Radios, we have concluded that the Galaxy 979 CB radio is a perfect choice. It is the ultimate choice for professional drivers and newbies alike.

The remarkable features are what make the model a stellar! If you’re looking for a compact radio that is practical in cars and trucks, this one is a top choice.

Go ahead with the Galaxy DX-979 without an ounce of concern because you certainly won’t be disappointed!

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