How to Listen AM Radio Online- Guide

There are countless ways you can listen to AM radio online. The AM radio streaming websites and apps give you the opportunity to listen to AM channels through the internet. The most exciting thing about internet streaming is that you don’t need an actual AM radio.

Yeah, this is the 21st century- the age of personal computers, smartphones, and tablets and you can pretty much listen to almost all radio channels through these gadgets. Sounds interesting right? The biggest advantage of online radios is that you can listen to not just the local stations, but the international AM stations too.

So, how can you listen to AM radio online? To simply put, there are two ways- 1. Internet-based website streaming and 2. Applications.

All you really need to tune into your favorite AM station is a stable internet connection and a phone or tablet. Let’s dig in and learn more about the different ways one can listen to AM stations via the internet.

How to listen to AM radio online?

We will explore more about the two different ways of hearing the AM stations online ie. Internet website streaming and application-based streaming.

1.      Internet-based streaming service

Internet-based AM streaming employs dedicated websites for each AM station. Most big AM radio stations have their own websites where you can listen to their programs. There are websites where you can listen to different AM stations. The beauty is that almost all of these services are free.

WFAN, New York City’s iconic sports talk radio station, is available for free streaming online. From covering the Yankees to Giants and Jets, you get everything on the WFAN 660 sports radio, including interviews, game coverage, and podcasts.

Another free online radio streaming platform is the WABC 770 with its juicy podcasts, featuring crime mysteries, investigations, and powerful documentaries. You can tune into the station’s official website to listen to live. The RSU website brings you AM and FM radio stations from all over the US, by classifying them according to the genre: news/talk, sports, regional, and more. You can also tune into stations from Boston, LA, Chicago, and all major cities and states of the US.

You can also try the Online Radio Box, which features stations from across the globe, in all languages. You can also get access to the Family Radio network on it, an educational Christian broadcasting service that teaches the Bible, as well as worships and hymns.

2.      Applications on iOS and Android

The second and most common way to listening AM stations is through applications. There are countless applications available on Android and iOS platforms for this. Let’s see a few of them.


iHeartRadio is one of the most widely used internet radio platforms that offer free broadcast. It features a total of850 local AM/FM radio stations from all over the US. It functions as an online media player by allowing users to listen to and replay their favorite songs. You can also use iHeartRadio to create digital playlists. Like several other streaming platforms, you can listen to the radio for free or get premium access to iHeartRadio Plus and All Access. You can use the upgraded versions to enjoy features; such as skip songs, save to playlist, replay, and even play your desired song on demand. What’s more, is that you can also find ESPN and Fox Sports on this platform.

Here’s why you need to invest in the iHeartRadio All Access! By paying a small fee, you get offline streaming along with several other premium features. The application is available for download on iOS, which means you can add it to your iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch!


As opposed to iHeartRadio, TuneIn has a broader collection of AM radio channels from every country across the globe. It has an audience of over 60 million monthly listeners, all thanks to its collection of over 100,000 radio stations! The stations aren’t limited to a specific country or genre; in fact, you can find all sorts of channels, including local and regional from anywhere in the world! Simply tune into your favorite AM station on your computer, phone, or tablet at the touch of a button. The best part is that this service is also available on Samsung’s Smart TV, as well as media boxes, such as Roku and Sonos.

Another reason for using this excellent platform is that it’s available for download on your smartphone or tablet regardless of the brand. This means you can use it on your iOS, Android, Windows devices. You can also tune in to the free website on your computer.

Listen to your favorite talk show or podcast while working out or running errands. Simply create a new account and sign in to the TuneIn website or app for free. Next, discover top hits or recommended AM/FM stations. Alternately, you can use the search bar to find your desired station by location, name, or call letters. Like iHeartRadio, you can purchase a premium version of TuneIn to enjoy an ad-free experience along with access to commercial radio stations and live NBA games!

Even though Apple doesn’t offer AM/FM radio in their line of products, such as iPod, iPhone, and iPad, there are still ways you can tune into your favorite station. So, if you’re an Apple device owner, there’s no need to be disheartened!


Listening to AM radio online has been a game-changer for people who still love the AM setup. I can now access live news and sports and listen to music and podcasts in the comfort of my home and office, without even needing an actual radio.

You can stream free AM radio online or keep in touch with your favorite local station, from anywhere in the world, through Apps like TuneIn and iHeartRadio. These free-of-cost platforms bring you access to multiple radio stations from across the globe. Besides the apps that help you listen to AM radios on your phone, there are Internet radios that help you listen to the channels through any tech gadget.

Do let us know how you feel hearing your favorite AM radio stations via the internet.