How to Listen to AM Radio on iPhone- Guide

Even when you own an iPhone, it’s very natural to think of listening to AM radios on your iPhone. But, the issue is that your iPhone is not a radio. Most Apple device owners already know that these devices lack AM/FM radio functionality. So, how can you tune to AM radios with iPhones?

Third-party sources, such as online streaming platforms and iOS applications help iPhone users to give them AM radio experience. These third-party applications bring you access to local and international AM radio stations, along with a bunch of other features. But did you know there’s a new iOS update that allows users to stream AM/FM radio for free? We will discuss that too in this article.

Can I listen to AM radio on iPhone?

The short answer to this question is “Yes”. But we need to explore more.

iPhone and other Apple device users cannot stream AM radio because these gadgets lack an in-built AM/FM tuner. Even though several Android devices support this functionality, Apple is yet to add this feature. Why?

Adding AM circuitry to the iPhone shouldn’t be a problem. But, the resulting impact would be poor battery life. AM and FM Radio would take up a significant amount of power, making it an inefficient and impractical function. Moreover, installing the AM antenna system and circuitry in the iPhone would mean making the device bulkier. Not to forget, the iPhone may interfere with the AM signals, causing excessive distortion and white noise. Most importantly, Apple iTunes enables users to create customized digital music playlists. Adding an AM feature in the iPhone doesn’t make much sense then.

However, because of the increasing demand, Apple has finally introduced a new feature in the recent iOS updates, enabling users to listen to live broadcast radio. It doesn’t operate using airwaves. Instead, it uses third-party platforms to play live stations on its music app. 

How to listen to AM radio on iPhone?

Listen to local AM stations on your iPhone through third-party sources or the Apple Music app in iOS. Previously, in-line radio tuners were available as an add-on for Apple iPhone and iPod devices. However, these only work with the FM band. Because of a lack of such external tuning components, there’s no option but to rely on online streaming services and iOS apps. There are a couple of reliable platforms that enable users to tune into live AM stations to enjoy news, sports, music, and talk shows.

Online streaming platforms

Internet streaming services have made listening to terrestrial radios on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs easier. These platforms stream programs directly on their websites, so any user can tune in, as long as their iPhone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. The best part is that they allow access to stations from across the globe! Enter the name, location, or genre to find your desired AM radio station. 

AudacyAudacy is a live and on-demand audio home for all your needs, from news and sports to music and podcasts. It has hundreds of radio stations from all over the US, including 1010 WINS, KNX 1070, CBS News, WWL, and 830 WCCO. You can also find live sports stations, such as WFAN, WEEI, 670 The Score, and 105.3 The Fan.   

A free digital radio service, the Online Radio Box, brings you AM stations from across the world at just a click away. You can find a variety of programs, by styles and trends, or by genre and country. It allows users to save radio stations in the “favorites” section to have them at their fingertips. The broad range of genres includes heavy-metal, politics, news, weather, sports, business, education, and even religion! 

iOS applications

Besides streaming online, you can also find various iOS apps that give you access to popular music and AM/FM radio stations. 

With thousands of global radio stations, iHeartRadio keeps users entertained for hours. Browse through local AM/FM stations, internet-only Radio, or create your playlists. iHeartRadio is quite a versatile platform! Subscribing to the app allows users to skip any song they want or play on-demand. In addition, listeners can also save a song and create a digital playlist to listen to while offline. You get all this and more with iHeart Radio Plus and All Access. 

TuneIn is a favorite because of the ease of use it offers. The iPHONE app has over 60 million monthly users and about 100,000 radio stations. With TuneIn, you get access to news, sports, talk shows, podcasts, on-demand music, and much more. Discover what’s in trend in your country or globally by listening to the current top hits. TuneIn Premium comes at a small subscription fee that gives you access to ad-free Radio and live NBA, NFL, and NHL games! 

Another popular radio streaming app on the iPhone is Simple Radio. Enjoy listening to over 50,000 live radio stations from all genres and languages. Find content based on your interest, from trending music, breaking news, talk radio, and live sports, such as the NBA, football, soccer, and Nascar. Simple Radio is home to all your favorite stations, like ESPN, Radio 24, WJR, NPR, and more!

Apple Music app

If you have recently upgraded your iOS, you’re in luck. You can now stream thousands of AM radio stations on your iPhone, as long as your phone has access to Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. 

Simply activate Siri and ask: “Siri, play WFAN radio station” or “Hey Siri, play KDKA, 1020 AM radio station”. You can also select a station in the Apple Music app by clicking on the radio icon on the bottom right. Search for the desired AM station by name or call sign. Once it appears in Apple Music, click to play. The best part is that you don’t need an Apple Music subscription for this, although you will need to log in using your Apple ID!

Keep in mind; this feature is only available in a few selected countries. 


Yeah, you can play live AM radio stations on your iPhone by transforming it into a portable radio or music player. There are several choices available that offer users a lookalike AM experience on their iPhones. The top favorite among radio listeners is iHeartRadio and TuneIn as far as apps go.

With the new iOS update, you can now access live broadcast radio on your Apple Music app by asking Siri to play your favorite AM station.