Midland 75-822 Mods: How to Modify & Increase the Channels to 120

To many, a CB radio appears like a mysterious box enabling short and long-distance communication. What they don’t know is that the CB radio is much more than that. With proper modification, you can easily expand the capabilities of your CB radio.

The same goes for Midland 75-822 mods too.

Made suitable, with its durable body, Midland 75 822 is a popular choice among truckers. The radio is built, keeping quality in mind. What makes it the best are its weatherproofed and sealed controls. In fact, it’s the best long range handheld CB radio on the market.

Not just that, it also features weather channels and has a backlit display. But, sometimes, despite all the top-notch features, problems like weak signals continue to exist.

For truckers and drivers always on the go, the radio CB must work to its best abilities. While it is a complex tool, there are ways for you to perform small repairs and adjustments. It spares you the expense and trouble of going to technicians.

Midland 75-822 Mods: How to Do it?

Midland 75-822 radio is designed for the US and European markets. Thus, it works with the standard US CB frequencies or European 80-channel band plan.

The most common midland 75 822 modification gives you 120 channels.


Disconnect your CB radio from the power supply. Detach the screws securing the case halves. Unscrew the bottom fastening the front half to the chassis.

During this step, make sure not to lose the battery latch return spring. Following this, you may remove the front case from the chassis. It will provide you with unobstructed access to the components of the PC board. You can recognize it through the solder spots and metal traces.

Be extra careful while removing the casing to not rip on the wiring. Now with so many components, it is often difficult to figure out midland 75 822 mods.


Locate jumper pads A, B, C and D.

      • For 120 channel operation, jumper pad marked A. It will offer 40 normal CB channels, along with 40 channels above and 40 channels below the regular channels. The coverage is between 26.515 MHz to 27.855 MHz.
      • The feedthrough point ‘E’ is grounded to reset the microprocessor.
      • When you jumper pad ‘A’ and ‘B,’ you will get the new European 80 channel band plan. The channels one to 3 are FM mode. Channels 4 till 15 are AM mode. Channels 16 through 80 are FM mode.
      • Bear in mind channels above channel 40 will have lower in frequency than channel 1.
      • Jumper B is grounded to provide the UK FM mode plan.

Configuring the jumper pads requires you also to reset the microprocessor. As mentioned above, point E does the task and needs to be used here.

400 Channel Modification

One user tried to modify their Midland radio, which made it possible for him to get 400 channels. However, the procedure is not as straightforward as the previous one. It requires expert soldering skills.

Here are the items required for the midland 75 822 mods:

      • Sharp soldering iron
      • Aluminum Cutter
      • Chip Picker
      • 3 Chips

It requires you to separate the motherboard and locate empty chip sockets. You can use chips from a spare radio to insert here.

Post this, reassemble the model and reset the motherboard.

Since the procedure is quite intricate and tricky, we recommend taking it to an expert. That will ensure there is no damage done to the wiring or the motherboard.

You are getting 400 channels over the standard 120, sure sounds like a dream!

Who should do the Midland 75 822 Modification?

If you’re confident and find the process uncomplicated, you can do it at home. However, if you are reluctant, we suggest hunting for a local technician. Damaging circuitry and wires can be a potential issue with doing the modification yourself.

Send your radio to a trusted store to ensure safety.

Concluding Remarks

To get the best results with your Midland 75 822, you may need to opt for a safe modification procedure. Remember, while hunting for the extra power output, it may result in illegal changes in your system.

Make sure to get the midland 75 822 modification through experts who know what they’re doing.

If you’re not too happy with your existing transmission, this procedure may benefit you.