Midland X-Talker T71VP3 Review

Our team in XRoadGPS has been using the T71VP3 for quite some time and we are happy with the FRS radio. It was only recently we decided to write the Midland T71VP3 review to help others know why it’s one of the best radios out there. Midland is the industry leader in terms of radio communication technology. Its X-talker range features some of the most powerful 2-way radios you can get on the market. The T71VP3 from this range is one beefy, well-designed walkie-talkie that is made to satisfy. Before going into the detailed review, this is what our team think about the radio:

PerformanceFeaturesUser-interfaceValue for Money
The X-talker T71VP3 is a powerful handset that offers top-notch functionality and plenty of performance!GMRS, NOAA, VOX, and call alerts are just some of the key features that make it worthy of consideration.Despite its strong specifications, this Midland X-talker is pretty straightforward to use and set up.At under $90, it has a high potential and is a great purchase as long as you take full advantage of all its features!

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Who Should Use This Product?

The X-talker T71VP3 offers a ridiculously vast range, along with several handy features that make it fit for use outdoors. The 38-mile range is of course, subject to obstacles, such as terrain and weather. Such a range is only possible in areas such as flatlands and open water. If you’re around dense woods and tall buildings, the range may ultimately fall. Therefore, this two-way radio is best for areas where cell coverage is spotty. If you’re an outdoor fanatic and enjoy hunting, camping, or hiking, the T71’s high-power setting may keep you well within the signal range.

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Besides, its ultra-compact size makes it easier to fit in hand. The handset feels quite sturdy and is packed with features, such as water resistance, VOX, and NOAA alert that are excellent for outdoors. It comes with a high-quality charging base that recharges the radios to full power within three hours! The units have an incredibly long battery life of 15-hours and are also compatible with AA batteries. It’s a feature to have, especially for emergency purposes. In addition, you can also connect the charging base via USB cable to a portable charger when outdoors.

Overall, the Midland X-talker T71VP3 is an excellent choice for those involved in emergency services and outdoor recreation.

What You Should Know

T71VP3 X-talker is a license-free, low-cost two-way radio. Here’s some more on its power-packed features:

  • 36 FRS channels
  • Water-resistant
  • 121 CTCSS privacy codes
  • Weather scan and alerts
  • Silent operation
  • e-VOX for hands-free operation
  • Easy button access
  • Long range of 38-miles
  • High/Low power settings
  • Three years warranty

The package also includes belt clips, rechargeable battery packs, charger, micro-USB cable, and user manual. In terms of specs, you get several top-of-the-line features you may not get in most other radios at this price!

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The Use Phase

With expertise in making radio gadgets, Midland doesn’t certainly did not disappoint with the X-talker T71VP3.

  • The handset’s simple exterior and easy to access buttons makes navigation easy for first-timer operators.
  • The user manual pretty much covers all aspects of setup with easy-to-follow instructions. That’s what makes it an excellent choice, even for beginners.
  • It also mentions troubleshoot instructions to resolve any twitches you may face.
  • You can also find a detailed guide on frequencies and privacy codes.
  • The Midland X-talker manual also lists out compatible accessories that can be purchased from the Midland website.
T71VP3 specifications

Midland’s three-year product warranty and prompt customer service make the experience enjoyable. The easy-to-operate interface is the biggest talking point, which makes the device an excellent purchase for experts and newbies alike.


My experience with this set of Midland X-talker walkie-talkies was quite a pleasant one. My first impression of the handset was that they felt remarkably well built and weren’t too bulky. I used the radios for several hours throughout the day, but they never seemed to run out of power, thanks to their long battery life. If you’re an adventurer, you shouldn’t have trouble operating these out in the field, as they’re compatible with rechargeable battery packs.

In terms of range, the 38-miles claim seemed pretty exaggerated. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent gadget for extending the range to keep in touch. The communications were crisp and clear because of its superior audio quality. Although the earpiece included in the package wasn’t up to the mark. Therefore, it’s a good idea to switch it up with a higher-quality headset for crystal-clear transmissions. The most noteworthy feature of this X-talker radio was the weather scan and alert system. It’s a must-have, especially if you’re looking for a survival two-way radio. It’s the ultimate source for reliable weather-related information for when you’re off-the-grid.

On the whole, the device is a solid choice, with well-thought-out specs that meet all expectations. In terms of price point, it’s the perfect deal to watch out for.

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Highly recommended for camping and huntingMediocre earpiece
Compact and sturdy
Exceptional sound quality
Long-lasting battery


Will Midland X-Talker T71VP3 communicate with CB radio?

The Midland X-talker T71VP3 features 36 Family Radio Service (FRS) channels. This consumer radio is not cross-compatible with CB radios, which operate on the 11-meter AM band. CB radios have their own channels and frequencies.

Can Midland T71VP3 contact repeaters?

Handheld two-way radios communicate line-of-sight, depending on their power, weather, and terrain. Therefore, a standard consumer radio may not communicate across vast distances. Besides, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does not permit the use of a repeater on the FRS frequencies. Although you may use these to contact GMRS repeaters, the Midland X-talker T71VP3 is exclusively an FRS radio.

Do Midland GXT1000VP4 and T71VP3 operate on same frequency?

Both Midland GXT1000VP4 and T71VP3 operate on the same frequencies, 462-467 MHz. However, the former is an FRS and GMRS radio, the X-talker T71VP3 is for FRS use only.

Where can I get owner’s manual?

You’re most likely to receive the user guide along with the product. But you can also find the Midland X talker manual here.  

Midland AVP-H3 is compatible with Midland X-Talker T71VP3?

The AVP-H3 surveillance headsets are compatible with all Midland FRS/GMRS radios.


Before ending the review of Midland X-talker T71VP3, we want to say that this is a premium handset with powerful internal hardware, battery life, and range capacity. The device is built to last in tough conditions. The audio quality has improved significantly and the sound on this was crisp and clear. This two-way radio remains a fantastic choice for an outdoor lifestyle because of its incredible battery capacity. Besides the long battery life, you get a rechargeable battery pack along with a micro-USB compatible charging cradle. Although the earpiece with the Midland T71VP3 is questionable, it’s too good a deal to miss for under $90!

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