Morse Code Walkie Talkies & How to Transmit Morse Codes in Normal Walkie Talkies

Walkie-talkies and morse codes come in handy in emergency situations. This is why you should be knowing how to transmit Morse Codes on a walkie-talkie. Morse code enables users to send and receive messages through telegraph lines. As one of the more secure methods of communication, it can come in handy when you’re looking for fast communication during emergencies.

There are hardly a few walkie-talkies like Batman 1238 and Sakar NERF 37756 that offer dedicated Morse code buttons. But still, you can use walkie-talkies to transmit Morse codes. You can transmit through the device’s microphone by holding the playback and speaking the code words. But, in case verbal communication is not possible, you can use the device buttons to transmit uninterrupted carrier waves for SOS transmission.

How to Send Morse code With a walkie talkie

Receiving a Morse signal on a walkie-talkie device can be slightly tricky. Therefore, it’s vital to understand that you may hear clicks or plunks when receiving a signal on a standard domestic radio, keeping in mind the signal’s power. Additionally, for transmitting a Morse tone, ensure that your unit has a Beat Frequency Oscillator (BFO) or a Carrier Insertion Oscillator (CIO).

It reads the carrier signal’s presence or absence at its tuned frequency. But, since it’s not designed to respond to SSB or AM, it does not affect the modulated sound. Since the carrier wave is more potent than the sidebands, the Morse signal is typically at a greater range.

The Morse code is an informal language that uses dots and dashes to represent numbers, letters, and other procedural notations. It’s based on Latin alphabets and Arabic numerals. To send these Morse characters to a walkie-talkie, you need to turn the signal on/off in the correct manner. The primary advantage of using the Morse code is that it allows you to communicate with people with very little English knowledge. Besides, it’s also a concise form of communication. You can send Morse code messages as abbreviations to HAM and other radio operators. The number of words you can send in a minute to use Morse effectively is typically 20.

Keep in mind that you need to adhere to all the radio communication guidelines when using walkie-talkie devices. Most importantly, you must maintain the confidentiality of any information being transmitted. Therefore, use the Morse codes or call signs to disguise any necessary operation or transmission.

When sending the codes, you must follow the defined lengths for the elements:

  1. DOT = 1 dot length
  2. You must space each element of character with one dot length.
  3.  DASH = 3 dot lengths
  4. Space each Morse character with three-dot lengths and each word with seven dot lengths.

Morse code walkie talkie

Walkie-talkies that have Morse codes are the best picks for emergency situations when you don’t want your voice to be heard. With these walkie-talkies, keying the talk button on/off will enable you to transmit a carrier wave transmission. Some of the top walkie talkies with the Morse code button are:

1. Batman 12383

These Justice League walkie-talkies are the perfect addition to your radio stash. These batman-inspired handsets enable high-quality transmission with mid-range communication capabilities. Compact and portable, they’re the ideal devices, especially for Morse code applications. It also features a PTT button, a flexible antenna, and a battery-saving feature.

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2. Sakar NERF 37756

These NERF handsets give you 10-miles of communication for your outdoor adventures. The radio is quite an amazing tool due to its high-quality transmission at a distance. The rugged, sporty design makes it a perfect gift for your pal! Lastly, the Morse code button on this device is not to be missed!

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Learn Morse code

Since the codes are difficult to decode, especially for beginners, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the Morse code.

  • Since each alphabet is represented as a series of dots and dashes, keeping the Morse code chart is a great way to memorize the combinations.
  • Each of the letters is separated with intervals of dash and dots. Make sure to follow this so that the receiver understands your message clearly.
  • The most effective way to learn Morse is through recordings. You can find these in the American Radio Relay League archives.
  • Most libraries also have codebooks to help you decode messages.
  • You can find several online videos and resources to help you train.
  • You no longer need to step out of your comfort to learn more about Morse. You can download Applications on your smartphone or tablet to get familiar with the Morse alphabet.


Morse code on a walkie-talkie relays messages through clicks, signals, and tones represented as dash and dots. You can send Morse codes through walkie-talkies during challenging situations as a means of fast communication. All you need is some knowledge and practice to make it a part of your radio application. To get familiar with the Morse code, you can refer to the Morse Codebook, online resources, or even smartphone applications that teach this language. If you plan on using the Morse code on your walkie-talkie, remember to separate each letter with one dash and each word with seven dots. It’s essential to follow this step so that others understand your message correctly.