Motorola MR350R Review- Specifications and Testing Report

To summarize the Motorola MR350R review, this walkie talkie is one of the best affordable walkie talkies for you. It delivers decent range coverage along with all the essential features, without breaking the bank! If you don’t want to splash out on a two-way radio, then this handset is one to consider! With a durable design, dependable performance, and affordable price, the MR350R is a quality pick for any radio operator!

PerformanceFeaturesUser-interfaceValue for Money
At this price range, MR350R is quite a decent performer and handles most tasks with ease!This two-way radio is a solid all-rounder, with features that make it hard to resist.The operating system on the mr350r seems pretty intuitive and easy to use.This low-cost walkie talkie is the best you can get at this price!

Who Should Use This Product?

The Motorola walkie talkie MR350R meets all criteria as an efficient and simple transceiver. Owing to this reason, it’s an excellent pick as a beginner-level walkie talkie. It’s affordable yet packed with plenty of features you will likely use. It’s also an ideal choice for when you need a dependable two-way radio for all your outdoor endeavors. Thanks to its weatherproof design, it’s fit for all weathers, be it snow or rain!

The 35-mile range is another key factor that makes it worthy of consideration, especially if you’re looking for long-range reception. The MR350R model is a perfect fit for your emergency kits. It features 22 GMRS channels, besides 11 weather channels. You can get up-to-the-minute updates and alerts in case of any storm. 

The iVOX feature on the MR350R enables hands-free communication, which is great to have, especially for outdoor travels. Simply clip on your transceiver to your pocket and activate it through voice prompts while out and about. This practical feature also makes this unit handy as a baby monitor walkie talkie. Set up one of the walkie talkies near the baby’s crib on iVOX mode to get alerted when the baby’s up and fussy.

What You Should Know

Sure, the Motorola MR350R specs aren’t too fancy, but its price reflects everything it offers: quality and reliable communication. Nonetheless, it boasts plenty of useful features, including:

  • 22 channels
  • 121 privacy codes
  • 11 weather channels and alerts, including 7 NOAA channels
  • VibraCall
  • iVOX/VOX
  • 35-mile range
  • LED lights
  • Dustproof and water resistant
  • 1-year warranty

The Use Phase of Motorola Walkie Talkie MR350R

The Motorola MR350R manual includes a detailed setup guide with labeled illustrations regarding all controls.

  1. Begin setting up your unit by first installing the batteries to power it on.
  2. Next, set both transceivers to the same channel and privacy code to limit interference.
  3. Once that’s done, you’re all set to transmit.

The best part about this Motorola radio set is its traditional interface. The classic operating system is quite natural to operate and offers ultimate ease of use. Additionally, the hybrid radio set features both FRS and GMRS channels. Therefore, the only downside to the radio is that you will need an FCC permit to operate on the high-power channels, which will incur an additional fee.

Motorola MR350R boasts an ergonomic design that gives a comfortable feel in hand. During the test phase, I found the device sturdy enough to withstand falls and wet weather conditions. That’s all thanks to its weatherproof and durable construction! But, despite the solid build, the device isn’t too heavy and doesn’t weigh you down.

Another plus point I found was the LED flashlight, which is a useful emergency feature, especially for night trekking. It also features an emergency alert system that sends a warning to those around in case of danger. When I activated the emergency alert button, it automatically switched to hands-free emergency control mode for about 30 seconds.

The only drawback, however, was the Motorola MR350R battery. But, given its price, it’s the best you can get! I recommend carrying docking stations, spare batteries, and portable chargers to prevent your radio from running out of juice.

Easy to read displayPoor quality belt clip
Long-lastingInsufficient battery capacity
Highly affordable
Lightweight and compact


Does the Motorola walkie talkie MR350R come with a charging station that will recharge the batteries?

The package includes a charging cradle for the mr350r units.

Does MR350R work with AA batteries or a rechargeable battery pack?

It comes with a dual-power option of AA alkaline batteries, or rechargeable batteries that connect to a charging dock. Make sure to only use your mr350r with 1.2-volt, AA or 650mAh NiMH batteries.

What accessories should I buy for Motorola MR350R radio?

Some useful accessories you can get for your mr350r include:

  • Spare battery pack
  • Docking station
  • Speaker microphone
  • Earbud and headset
  • Carry cases, lanyard, and belt clips

You can find compatible accessories on the Motorola website.


Motorola MR350R is the best pick if performance and quality are what you need in your two-way radio. This is a highly versatile walkie-talkie you can use for almost anything. It comes with a LED flashlight, weather channels, and an expansive range, so it’s a must-have in any emergency kit. In addition to that, the MR350R makes a great baby monitor too. In the end, this radio fits most people’s needs. It’s powerful enough to cover a vast distance and has very few bells and whistles, making it a straightforward piece of tech.