Morse Code Walkie Talkies & How to Transmit Morse Codes in Normal Walkie Talkies

morse code walkie talkies

Walkie-talkies and morse codes come in handy in emergency situations. This is why you should be knowing how to transmit Morse Codes on a walkie-talkie. Morse code enables users to send and receive messages through telegraph lines. As one of the more secure methods of communication, it can come in handy when you’re looking for … Read more

Best Walkie Talkie Channels: What Walkie Channels Should I Use?

walkie talkie channels

If you’ve recently ventured into the world of portable radios, you may have several questions in mind, such as what walkie-talkie channels to use? Although relatively simple to operate, it’s essential to know the best channel for each situation type because different radio channels serve different purposes.  We’ll provide you with an in-depth guide on identifying … Read more

Walkie Talkie Frequency: What Frequency Do Walkie Talkies Use

walkie talkie frequency

Walkie-talkie frequencies are a little tricky when you are just jumping into the world of radios. When I used my first walkie-talkie, I didn’t know what frequencies to use or what worked best. I am sure most people have faced this. All two-way radios, including walkie-talkies, operate on FCC assigned frequencies. In this article, we … Read more

What are the Walkie Talkie Channels You Should Not Use?

walkie talkie channels not to use

Just like knowing the walkie-talkie channels to use, it is vital to understand the walkie-talkie channels not to use. This is a concern most beginners have in mind. Given the hefty fines, anybody would want to avoid the illegal channels. You might be thinking why should you avoid a few channels. Some walkie-talkie devices operate … Read more

Motorola T200 Review- Performance and Features

Review and testing report of Motorola T200 Talkabout

Motorola T200 is an awesome walkie-talkie designed for camping and hiking. In this Motorola T200 Talkabout review, we have evaluated every aspect of this handset. Right off the bat, the Talkabout series walkie talkie is pretty similar to the radios which came before. It features identical internal hardware and carries a quality feel, but at … Read more

What is VOX on Walkie Talkie? (Explained)

meaning of VOX in walkie talkies

With the first walkie talkie in your hands, it’s very common to wonder what does VOX mean on a walkie talkie. VOX stands for Voice-Operated Exchanged transmission. This is a feature which helps you use the walkie talkie hands-free. VOX is similar to PTT button. You will find VOX feature on several radio walkie-talkies. Some … Read more

Will Walkie Talkies Work after EMP Attack? (Explained)

Are walkie talkies capable of working after an EMP attack

Every walkie talkie possesses the potential for EMP attack since it is an electronic device. There’s a good chance you doubt your walkie-talkies will work after an EMP. High voltage and current surges may temporarily, or even permanently, damage your equipment in the case of such a malicious attack. But, walkie talkies can’t be affected by … Read more