How to Improve AM Radio Reception in Car

AM radio reception car

Boosting the AM radio reception in your car is not an easy task for everyone. It’s a big headache as most AM radios in cars are prone to interference because of poor signals, obstructions, weather disturbances, and electrical appliances. Compared to FM radio, AM has poorer audio quality, yet, it’s a top choice for long-distance … Read more

How to Make an AM Radio at Home- Complete Guide

how to make AM radio

Building an AM radio yourself is not a difficult task. With some basic engineering, you can create your own simple AM radio receiver at home. Connecting the components creates a functional AM circuit, which you can use for broadcasting. Keep in mind; this method will work to tune into stations nearby and not too far … Read more

How to Make an AM Radio Antenna- Complete Guide

DIY AM radio antenna

The best way to boost your AM radio reception is by building your own AM antenna. You might ask, why not get a high-quality antenna. High-quality antennas can make a significant difference to the reception but are also highly costly. To cut down on cost without compromising on audio quality, you can try out a … Read more

How to Improve AM Radio Reception at Home

boosting AM radio reception

One of the main reasons why most people dislike listening to AM radios is poor AM signals. Is there a way to boost AM radio reception at home? Yeah, there are and this article explores different ways you can get better AM radio reception at home. Amplitude Modulation (AM) radio is still popular among radio operators for talk shows, news, sports, and broadcasting; although it has lost its golden glory. Although … Read more