Baofeng UV-5R Frequency List

BaoFeng UV-5R Frequency list

The BaoFeng HAM devices are inexpensive yet quite powerful. Additionally, these HTs cover a multitude of frequencies. When you purchase the BaoFeng UV-5R, it contains pre-set commercial, civil, and amateur frequencies. These can lead to accidental interference with other services. To avoid this from happening, you need to program the transceiver with local amateur frequencies. … Read more

BaoFeng UV5R vs UV5RA Comparison: The differences You Should Know

BaoFeng UV-5R vs UV-5RA

BaoFeng is a world-class manufacturer of top-notch handheld and mobile radio transceivers. In its category of basic HTs, the UV-5R generation has been a favorite! We often recommend the range to beginners looking for economical options. UV-5R has got a lot of cosmetic variations. This include UV-5R v2+, UV-5RA, UV-5RE, UV-5R+ (Plus). We have seen … Read more

BaoFeng UV-5R vs BF-F8HP Comparison: 12 Differences You Should Know before Buying

BaoFeng UV-5R vs BF-F8HP comparison

When it comes to picking the best portable HAM handie-talkie, you certainly have plenty of choices. BaoFeng has a varied range of transceivers to choose from. This wide choice can make comparing HTs tricky. Two such hot selling ham radios in the market are BaoFeng UV-5R and BaoFeng BF-F8HP. People often get confused about which … Read more

BaoFeng UV 5R vs UV 82: Which is the best?

BaoFeng UV 5R vs UV 82 comparison

UV 5R vs V 82 is a battle of ages. Since the release of both these models, people have been trying hard to find the right one among the two. Here’s a rundown on two of the best budget-friendly handheld amateur transceivers by BaoFeng. If you’re interested in getting started with HAM radio, this is … Read more

Ultimate Guide on BaoFeng UV-5R Range & Ways to Improve it

BaoFeng UV-5R Range

BaoFeng UV-5R has been a pleasant surprise ever since its launch. With its sleek design and power-packed functioning, it hit a wonderfully sweet spot in terms of specs delivered to money spent. Considering the cheap price tag, most people often think about the BaoFeng UV-5R range before getting it. The 5-inch stock antenna covers a … Read more

BaoFeng UV-5R V2+ Review

BaoFeng UV-5R V2+ Review

BaoFeng UV-5R V2+ is another cosmetic variation of BaoFeng UV-5R. It was released along with the UV-5R and UV-5R+(Plus). Since I had already reviewed the other two versions, I decided to test the BaoFeng UV-5R V2+ Plus Dual-Band Ham Two-way Radio. I bought it from Amazon and since I already had used many BaoFeng radios … Read more