Galaxy DX 949 Review: Highly Affordable SSB CB Radio for Trucks and SUVs

Galaxy DX 949 review

The reputable brand that Galaxy is, we expect nothing short of perfection from the Galaxy DX949! The high performance and user-friendly features are what prove us right. Like every other top Galaxy CB radios, this, too, offers premium transmission quality and signal strength. If you’re on the lookout for an AM/SSB CB radio, we believe … Read more

Most Powerful CB Radio: 7 Best SSB CB Radios for High Power

most powerful CB radio reviews

Single Side Band(SSB) CB radios are the most powerful CB radios. These are high-power CB radios which give superior performance in terms of more than 10 miles range. SSB CB radios have three times power(12 Watt) as that of standard CB radios(4 Watt) and hence they provide three times range too. This is why these … Read more