Best CB Radio App Reviews: Free Trucker Citizen Band Radio Apps for iPhone and Android in 2023

CB radios were invented back in the 1940s. We have gone through a drastic evolution since then. The latest smartphones and gadgets have outrun the old technology CB radios.

However, we still can’t let the CB channels go like that. Do we?

This is why most people love to listen to CB radio on android and iPhone smartphones. And the best news is that many CB radio giants have come up with CB radio apps to enhance the CB experience.

Yes, you can listen to CB channels on your android and iPhones free of charge.

These CB apps function as internet radio to communicate with various CB groups or friends who use the same app on their smartphones. They serve as a bridge between your smartphone and your CB radio.

There are numerous such apps available these days. Moreover, the truth is that there is high demand as well for these apps. It is essential that you choose the one that best that suits your purposes. But you need not worry. We are here to help you.

Let us see some of the best and free CB radio apps for android and iPhone:

Best CB Radio Apps You can Get Free for iPhone and Android

Here are some of the top trucker CB apps you can use for iPhones and Android:

  • CB Talk
  • CB Radio Chat
  • Zello PTT Walkie Talkie
  • Virtual Walkie Talkie
  • TiKL Touch Talk Walkie Talkie
  • Voxer

Eager to get the in-depth reviews of each of them? Let’s start!

1. CB Talk

Midland CB app

CB talk is a trucker CB radio app designed and marketed by the CB radio giant Midland. CB talk is the best CB app you would get to experience real CB channels on your smartphone.

Although this app cannot turn your smartphone completely into a CB radio, CB talk is the best among all the CB apps that can give a closely similar CB radio experience.

CB talk is a free app available on android as well as the iPhone platform. The app is compatible with android version 4.1 and above.

  • You can create private groups of up to 5 members using CB talk to chat with each other. This gives the feeling of using a real CB radio.
  • The Push to Talk (PTT) function is very smooth in this app. You can easily switch from voice reception mode to voice transmission mode using PTT.
  • The DUAL MIKE microphone gives excellent sound quality to communicate with the CB community.

Midland has incorporated a surprisingly great user interface for this app. It is highly user friendly and designed to perfection. There are no distance limits for this app. You can choose people to chat with using their location shown on the map.

Wait, there is more!

Security assured by Midland for the users needs to be appreciated. There is a bidirectional blacklist system incorporated in CB Talk which works efficiently to blacklist any users who violate normal and healthy CB communication policies. Fake users are also blacklisted.

2. CB Radio Chat

CB Chat trucker CB app

With the CB Radio Chat app you can turn your smartphone into a fantastic walkie-talkie! With an outstanding interface and virtual control buttons that closely resembles that of a CB radio, CB Radio Chat stays among the top trucker CB apps.

With this app, you have the liberty to choose the channel and frequency standards of around 50 countries. So you can select which country and language you would like to communicate in. A significant attraction of CB radio chat is that it is globally compatible.

Interestingly, you can view all the statistics, including the number of online users and available channels on your phone’s display. Either you join an existing online chat or choose a free channel that is available to invite your friends for a conversation.

This app can run on Android 1.6 and higher. You don’t need to register on the app to use it. It can be instantly accessed. In essence, you can virtually turn your phone into a walkie-talkie with CB Radio Chat. But remember one thing, all your friends need to install this app on their phones to create CB groups and chat on!

3. Zello PTT Walkie Talkie

CB radio app from Zello

Zello PTT is an exemplary performer among CB radio apps. You can virtually turn your smartphone into a CB radio with this app.

The field of communication that Zello PTT opens for you so vast.

  • It provides you access to thousands of open and private channels.
  • Up to 2500 people may be connected through each of these communication channels.

You can either create a new chat group on a free channel or join an open or private channel to start talking to your friends. All the details regarding your chat group and other contacts are displayed on your phone’s screen by this app.

High-quality voice and real-time streaming are guaranteed by this app. The PTT function is lightning fast! It is an added advantage that Zello PTT Walkie Talkie supports Bluetooth headset for selected phones. Additionally, you get the option to map the hardware PTT button. What else would you ask for?

4. Virtual Walkie Talkie

Virtual Walkie Talkie Citizen band radio app

Virtual Walkie Talkie is an excellent CB app that you could try on your smartphone. The app is available for free on play store.

The primary advantage of Virtual Walkie Talkie is that you don’t need to be a pro to handle the app. This app is amazingly user friendly, and any unskilled user can smoothly play with all the functions.

Virtual Walkie Talkie is highly popular as an internet voice messenger. The app has a very efficient built-in multi-channel IP server to allow communication with many people at a time.

5. TiKL Touch Talk Walkie Talkie

Tikl CB app for iPhone and Android

TiKL Touch is a fundamental trucker CB app with excellent functionality. It is a highly popular communication app with around 10,000,000+ installs from play store!

The interface of the TiKL Touch app is very convenient and assures you a hassle-free experience. You can speak and text with your friends using the app, completely free of charges, just that you need a working internet connection.

What else do you get?

    • The app requires no setup.
    • You can switch your smartphone into a walkie talkie at the simple push of a virtual button
    • You can connect to your friends directly from your contact book.
    • TiKL Touch supports one to one as well as group conversations.
    • You can create group chats that can include up to 40 users.

Furthermore, the TiKL Talk app has been efficiently integrated with social networks, especially Facebook. This is an added advantage.

6. Voxer

Voxer free CB radio app

Voxer is the only trucker CB radio app with end-to-end encryption! With great customizability and provisions for personalization, Voxer stands out among other CB Radio apps without a doubt.

This app is designed for the industries. A single feature has been employed in Voxer, which is the image sharing ability. You can instantly share images making use of quick access to the camera.

Many industries widely use Voxer for customer service. The user’s location is shared through the app using the geolocation feature. Also, the messages are stored on the server. However, the app works wonderfully to fulfill your purpose.

Last but not least, you won’t see any advertisements on this app. That is a huge relief!

A Quick Overview

CB TalkAndroid/IOSMidland20 MB500,000+
CB radio chatAndroid/IOSPlugmind6.9 MB1,000,000+
Virtual Walkie TalkieAndroidandro iX2.5 MB1,000,000+
TiKL Touch Talk Walkie TalkieAndroid/IOSTiKL Inc.5.1 MB10,000,000+
Zello PTT Walkie TalkieAndroid/IOS/WindowsZello Inc.Varies with device50,000,000+
VoxerAndroid/IOSVoxerPro LLC25 MB10,000,000+


Can you get a CB radio on iPhone?
Yes, you can get CB channels in iPhone using CB radio apps like CB Talk.
How to get unbanned from the cb radio chat app
In order to get unbanned and enjoy the CB radio chat apps, follow these instructions:
  1. Be polite when you’re talking
  2. Listen to others with respect
  3. Follow all the rules and regulations of the channels and CB app
  4. If there is no reason to talk, don’t talk. Don’t overcrowd the CB app
Can you use your phone as CB radio?
No, you can’t use your phone as CB radio. This is because the frequency bands of the phone and CB radio are not on the same spectrum.
Is there a real CB radio app?
Although most CB apps are not real, there are exceptions. One of the best real time CB radio app you can get is Midland CB Talk.
Can I listen to CB radio online?
Yes, you can listen to CB radio channels online using websites like CBRadioClub (for the US). These online websites get the live feeds from actual CB radios. We would say that if your motive is to listen to the real CB channels, then these websites are better than the apps.

Summing Up

The previous decade has witnessed an unprecedented revolution in smartphones and related gadgets, thanks to the rapidly developing technology. The change is evident not just in the field of technology, but in the entire world!

But this has opened up the world bit more for CB enthusiasts in the form of CB applications. You really don’t have to own a good CB radio to ‘use’ them. Trucker CB radio apps or CB radio apps in common mainly serve as a virtual CB radio within your smartphone.

With the advent of the latest technology and diminishing demand for old technology CB radios, these apps help to a great extent to have the feel of using a CB radio without an extra penny being spent.

Numerous CB radio apps are available on different platforms like android and iOS. Each is unique in its own feature sets functions and overall design. Their primary aim is to keep you in touch with your friends and bring you entertainment, and most of them find success in that.