Uniden 510XL vs 520XL- Comparison

Uniden’s 510XL and 520XL are both great CB radios of almost similar features. Still, there are certain differences in specifications of these two CB radios that make some differences. In this article, we will compare Uniden 510XL vs 520XL to help you chose the right one for you. Both Uniden 520xl and 510xl are known for excellent build quality and a higher range of 60 miles. These radios are compact in design and hence they can be used in vehicles with small space, commercial facilities and so on. Basically, these are great versatile CB radios. Now, let’s compare both these CB radios.

Uniden 510XL vs 520XL

FeaturesUniden 510XLUniden 520XL
Dimension12 x 5.8 x 3 inches.4.5 x 6.8 x 1.4 inches.
Weight2.34 pounds.1.63 pounds.
DisplayLED frequency counter.LED frequency counter.
Public Address FeatureNot available.Available and accessible.
RF GainAutomatic.Manual and accessible.
Frequency response300-2500 Hz.300-2500 Hz.
ANL Noise cancellationAvailable and active.Available and active.
Microphone connector4-pin.4-pin.
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As per the comparison table, you can see, that Uniden 510XL and 520XL are almost identical products. But Uniden 520XL beats 510XL differ in features and specifications like:

  • Dimension
  • Weight
  • RF Gain
  • Public Addressing Feature

The Uniden 520XL is way smaller with better functionalities. So, 520XL is better for vehicles with less room for installation. The lower dimension of this CB also makes it lighter than 510XL. And so, the portability of Uniden 520XL is better than that of 510XL. So, if you are in a situation where movement is a priority, Uniden 520XL should be your priority.

In terms of technical specs, Uniden 520XL and 510XL are identical. But in certain categories, the Uniden 520XL outperforms the former one. One of such distinct features is- with Uniden 520XL you will get the Public Address feature and also a dedicated button to change into that mode. The Uniden 520XL also has a Manual RF Gain unlike the Uniden 510 which is automatic. You can have total control of RF gain with 520XL.

So, to conclude, both these Uniden CB radios may seem identical when seen from the outside. But it is not wise to judge a product by outer looks. And the fact is true in the case of Uniden 510XL and 520XL because here 520XL is a clear winner in terms of technical specifications.

What Should You Choose? 510XL or 520XL

Although Uniden 520XL is fairly better than 510XL, both can be ideal for you depending on how you intend to use the CB radios. If you are a newbie, we will not recommend you to choose the 520XL. Tell you what, 520xl will cost you almost the double price of 510xl. So, newbies and casual users are good to go with a Uniden 510xl. On the other hand, Uniden 520XL is the clear winner of people who look for advanced features.