Walkie Talkie Black Friday Deals 2022

With Black Friday approaching soon, we’re all ready with our shopping lists. This sale event offers the lowest prices across all categories, with the best discounts in the tech department, including that of walkie-talkies..

Walkie-talkies are as good as most smartphones and serve many purposes. These make the perfect gift for those interested in radio communication gadgets and kids too young for smartphones. This year’s walkie-talkie Black Friday deals are going to take everyone by storm.

The early sale has already begun, and we’ve rounded up the best offers. In this guide, we are going to unveil the ultimate Black Friday deals on walkie-talkies available at the least possible price.

Black Friday 2022 Walkie-Talkie Deals

Although the discounts are pretty generous; but, you won’t find them on all the brands and models. Nonetheless, there are good discounts well worth checking out!

Huge discounts on Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online shopping platform with Black Friday deals that are always a hit, all thanks to the substantial price cuts on a range of products. It’s the best place to look when you need new tech devices. Among these exclusively discounted offers are some hidden gems that are worth adding to your shopping cart! Here are some of the deals we’ve been eyeing:

  • Get the Cobra SH130(click here for Price on Amazon) pack of four at -22% for only $39.22! These kid-friendly walkie-talkies offer a decent range of coverage that stretches up to 8-miles.
  • Save 20% on the Nerf walkie-talkies(click to buy from Amazon) in Amazon’s Black Friday sale and enjoy a powerful range of 1000ft. These fun child and adult toy walkie-talkies guarantee you a blast of fun at the touch of a button.
  • Before you think that all the best deals are only for kids, here’s something for you! Save 25% on the Motorola T600 Talkabout(check price on Amazon) pair of radios. You get waterproof walkie-talkies with a built-in flashlight, weather alerts, privacy codes, dual-watch, and more for just $89.99.

Get $10 on Cobra’s Walkie Talkies Pack of 3

If you’re looking to invest in a portable two-way radio that appeals to everyone, from beginners to professional radio enthusiasts, look out for Cobra’s Black Friday deals.

Get the Cobra ACXT145 pack of three for $39.95 instead of $49.95 and enjoy crystal-clear transmissions inside and outdoors.

There are several reasons to consider this bundle offer seriously. Not only is the deal affordable, but it also comes with features to look out for. You get three lightweight radios with up to 16-mile coverage, NOAA weather alerts, a power-saving option, roger beep, and more!

Exclusive Discounts on Hot Deals

Save up to $10.98 on the Motorola T42 red with exclusive discount codes and coupons on Hot Deals!

Big savings with Wowcher’s Black Friday deals

Wowcher is all set for the holiday season with its early Black Friday sale. Get big tech at low prices and save up on your favorite products. Do not forget to miss their daily offers and flash deals.

Wowcher’s Black Friday deal on walkie-talkies sure caught our attention. Get a pair of toy walkie-talkies for £9.99 instead of £39.99 and save up to 75%. This high-in-demand offer is genuinely a steal deal.

Get 73% off on the Benzbag pair of walkie-talkie watches at £7.99 instead of £29.99! It’s the perfect holiday gift for kids as it boasts seven-in-one functions, including an intercom, watch, magnifier, night light, compass, and more!

55% off on kids walkie-talkies on Pigsback

Get the perfect pair of outdoor kids’ walkie-talkies at €24.99 with 55% off and save €30! These walkie-talkies are the perfect alternative to smartphones and come in handy in supermarkets, shopping centers, and outdoor events. It’s easy to use, lightweight and has all the essential features that kids may need. Not only that, but you also get exclusive savings & discount codes on Pigsback, including their Black Friday specials!

Save up to £11.50 on very.co.uk

VTech’s KidiGear walkie-talkies are a must-have this holiday season. Help the kids stay warm and cozy by letting them indulge in pretend play and indoor activities. What better than these child-safe talkies that feature a digital connection to keep the little ones entertained? Get the VTech KidiGear pair for £28.49 instead of £39.99 and save up to £11.50!

Save 25% on Cobra Walkie-Talkies with Canadian Tire

Cobra is one of the most popular two-way radio brands for its high quality and range of modern features. Canadian Tire’s Black Friday offerings are here to help you save extra money on gadgets. Here are some of their best deals:

  • Avail 25% off and save $32 on the Cobra AXCT645 Two-Way Radio pack of two.
  • The Cobra RX380 (2-pack) is the sleekest portable radio device on the market today. Get 25% off on the walkie-talkie pair to get crystal-clear transmissions over a 32-mile range.
  • Cobra AXCT1035RFLT walkie-talkies are the perfect gift for adventurers who’re into camping, kayaking, and hunting. These premium-quality walkie-talkies are packed with features that are sure to impress! If you’ve been eyeing these two-way radios but couldn’t seem to find the right budget, now’s the time to shop. Save $50 and get 25% off on these Cobra talkies only at Canadian Tire.

Hottest deals on BestBuy

BestBuy saves you time & money by bringing a wide selection of products just a click away. It’s a key retailer during Black Friday and the holiday shopping season for its exclusive deals on tech and more.

While most websites have limited options on discounted prices, you’ll be surprised to find a wide array of walkie-talkies on BestBuy.

  • Get the Motorola Talkabout pack of three or the Cobra MicroTalk (3-pack) at $49.99 and save $10!
  • If you’re all about rugged designs, weather updates, and clear transmissions, the Motorola Solutions Talkabout 402 is up for grabs at $74.99 instead of $94.99 only on BestBuy!
  • Save $61 on Midland’s Business FRS radios pack of eight. It’s the perfect purchase for users with business needs and we bet you won’t find a better offer elsewhere.


Ever since walkie-talkies came out, the device has remained everyone’s favorite, from kids to adults alike. The handy, portable gadgets enable effective two-way communication, along with many other modern features that make walkie-talkies as good as any smartphone.

We have covered all the stores that come big with their Walkie Talkie Black Friday deals, where you can save plenty of bucks with every purchase. Our favorite offer has to be the Cobra AXCT, Cobra RX380, and Cobra AXCT1035RFLT on Canadian Tire, where you can save anywhere between $30 and $50 with their flat 25% off deal.

With Cobra dropping their prices ahead of Black Friday, we recommend you check out the deal on the ACXT145. This pack of three walkie-talkies at $10 less is the best offer you can get this year!