Walkie Talkie Games: 7 Games You Can Play with Walkie Talkies

Walkie-talkie games offer you an extra level of excitement and fun. There are fantastic games you can play with these two-way radios with your family and friends.

Walkie-talkie radios are quite versatile; besides serving as practical communication tools, they’re also quite fun to use. Whether you’re out in the neighborhood or camping in the middle of nowhere, walkie-talkies are a great way to stay connected and safe. The gadgets ensure kids’ safety and help parents monitor. Besides, the devices boost communication, creativity, and encourage children to use their imagination.

We will see some of the funny games to play with walkie-talkies here. Yeah, these are the games both adults and youngsters can play.

7 Fantastic Games to Play with Walkie Talkies

1.      Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt is the right walkie-talkie fun game to play indoors. You can have your kids moving and entertained in the indoors during a rainy day or winter season with this game.

How do you play Scavenger hunt? You need to create elaborate clues regarding locations and items, hide the treasure at the last destination, and hand out the scavenger hunt walkie-talkies. It’s a great way to encourage cooperative play but can also empower children to complete tasks on their own. To make the hunt more interesting using radios, divide the kids into teams to guide each other to the clue locations. Or, you can have one kid at the treasure point providing directions to the other children on where to find the clues.

2.      Capture the Flag

If you’re looking for a strategic walkie-talkie game that aids team coordination, then capture the flag is an excellent choice. The rules are the same as in the regular game of Capture the Flag. But with the addition of radio sets, you can easily take the play up a notch.

The kids will get to communicate with their handsets to direct each other towards the opposing team’s flag. The objective of the play is to steal the opponent’s flags. Start by creating two teams and give them a flag. Next, hand out the walkie-talkies to each team member and discuss rules. This game is most suitable for extensive areas where the players can spread further away. Then, they can discuss strategies to trick their opponents to grab their flags.

3.      Hide and seek

Hide and seek is a popular kids’ game and a classic too! While you may have played this iconic game as a child, we bet you haven’t tried it on the radio! Make the game a bit more interesting by giving the kids walkie-talkies to exchange directions for seeking. Like in the regular hide and seek game, have a seeker count to ten while the remaining run to hide.

With the walkie-talkies, the kids can give each other instructions for hiding. Or, those hiding can direct the seeker to find their friends. If you wish to make it more challenging, add in two or more seekers who can coordinate over their radios to find the hidden kids. It’s best to try this over a large space of land where the kids can spread further away. Parents can use their handsets to monitor the children to make sure they are keeping safe.

4.      Follow the directions

Play a fun game of Tag using walkie-talkies with a fun twist! Blindfold the “it” and direct him/her to the other players over the radio. Make it even more challenging by setting up obstacles. This blindfolded play will surely inculcate listening habits and will also develop trust among the players.

5.      I Spy

If you’re tired of looking for games to play over the radio, here’s another fun suggestion. Keep the little ones occupied with a classic game of “I Spy.” Have the child inspect their surrounding for an object. He/she can then use the walkie-talkie to instruct the other kids by saying, “I spy with my little eye, something….” They can complete the sentence by stating color, shape, or any other clue. The other kids will then scatter and search for the object by following the clue. The kids can then exchange their guesses over the radio. Whoever wins can be the next one to spy!

6.      Fun challenges

Create a challenging obstacle course around the house or set up clues for mystery solving. Allow the kids to navigate and help each other using walkie-talkies. You can also play a thrilling game of escape from the room by setting up challenges and riddles.

7.      Pretend play

Promote creativity and independence through role-playing games. It can go a long way in enhancing their interpersonal abilities. It’s a brilliant choice of play, especially when the kids are stuck indoors. Kids can use walkie-talkies as an interesting prop and communication tool when mimicking adults in everyday professions.

Secret Agent vs. Super Villain

Divide the kids into two teams; super villains and secret agents. Here, the walkie-talkies will enable the children to exchange strategies and come up with ways to carry out secret missions.

Dora the explorer

This fun backyard activity will help kids communicate, provide directions, and indulge in some physical activity while playing explorers. The walkie-talkies will help them play different roles, exchange information, and even maintain safety while they play around.

Emergency workers

Kids can choose among a variety of rescue operators, such as cops, firefighters, or even military rescuers. This type of game allows kids to use some of the popular walkie-talkie lingo. The kids can pretend there’s someone in need of help and can use radio to communicate location to get in action. Make the game even more thrilling with the use of costumes and by taking the kids up a hiking trail or bushy area.

Air traffic controllers

If your child is fond of drones or remote-controlled planes and helicopters, here’s a fun activity for you. Use a walkie-talkie for kids to exchange navigation instructions to help land a plane safely without bumping into the other aircraft.

Tips for using kids’ walkie talkies for Games

  • Before handing out walkie talkies to the kids, ensure that the gadgets are durable and will withstand rough use.
  • Use long-lasting batteries so that the devices do not die during a fun round of play. Always carry extra batteries!
  • Use your walkie talkies to monitor the children at intervals to maintain safety.
  • When in an extensive field, instruct the kids to not wander off as they may get out of the walkie talkie range.  
  • Always use privacy codes to prevent intruders from eavesdropping. Teach the kids how to handle the situation if a stranger tries to talk to them.
  • Use the lock keys to prevent kids from accidentally changing the channel or volume settings.


Walkie-talkie games are another reason to invest in these practical gadgets. Not only do they help ensure your kids’ safety but are also great to have for entertainment. Not just that, it’ll help encourage imagination, creativity, leadership, team play, and several other interpersonal abilities, as well. There are several ways you can incorporate walkie-talkies in play, such as a classic game of hide and seek or scavenger hunt, or through role-playing games where the kids can pretend to be explorers or relief workers.

A word of caution: enforce safety rules to prevent the kids from going out of the walkie-talkie range. Most importantly, opt for devices that are sturdy and won’t easily break. Lastly, make sure to always carry spare batteries to keep the game running for long.