7 Best Restaurant Walkie Talkie Systems

You might be surprised when I say that a walkie talkie can make the lives of the staff and customers in your restaurant less hectic.

With the best restaurant walkie talkie system, you can reduce the wait times, have faster service, and control the rush. Getting a two-way radio to all the employees- chefs, staff, security persons, waitress, etc. would mean only one thing- higher customer satisfaction and the growth of your business.

The best thing is that you don’t need premium long range walkie talkies. Hands-free two way radios with small ranges are enough for restaurants. Said that, here are our top choices when it comes to restaurant walkie talkies.

Motorola CLS1410- Best Choice

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  • Comes with earpieces and a multi-charging unit
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • 56-business exclusive frequencies
  • Keypad lock and VOX

SAMCOM- Best for Large Restaurants

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  • Pack of 19
  • Feature-rich
  • Group PTT for business applications
  • Backlit display for easy viewing
  • Long battery standby

Neoteck TL036-US- Best for Small Restaurants

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  • Portable size
  • Includes earpieces with ergonomic design
  • 12-months warranty
  • Clear communication with reduced interference and noise

Best Restaurant Walkie Talkies – Review

Our team has tested 15+ walkie talkies designed for small spaces to come up with the top two way radios for restaurants. We have narrowed down to the best 7 options and below is the detailed reviews of these radios.

1.      Motorola CLS1410 – Best overall

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  • Adequate battery life
  • Super sturdy radio with reliable quality
  • Easy to use
  • Reception is great


  • Costly

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The Motorola CLS1410 quite a surprise, with its sleek design, compact size, and the kind of functioning we’re huge fans of. If you’re searching for the ultimate walkie talkie for restaurant management, then you can’t go wrong with this one!

As a restaurant manager, you need a device that boosts your service by keeping the staff well-coordinated. The Motorola CLS1410 tops the list for its high-class quality and performance. With 56 business-exclusive frequencies, you can be sure of communication privacy.

Additionally, the restaurant headset walkie talkies come with lithium-ion batteries and other necessary accessories.

The Vibracall feature on these radios alert employees of incoming calls without disrupting customers with loud call tones.

Overall, we find this Motorola radio to be one of the top choices for businesses looking for reliable communication without any troubles. Furthermore, its one-touch communication can help reduce customers’ wait time and enhance overall customer service.

2.      Motorola CLS1110 – A premium choice

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  • Clear audio
  • Durable and rugged design
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Decent coverage


  • Customers have experienced problems with the 6-bank charger

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Motorola CLS1110 is another exceptional restaurant communication system to buy. This premium two-way radio shines in terms of features, design, and performance. If you’re willing to spend over a thousand bucks on walkie talkies, this pack of six is a fantastic choice.

If you’re wondering what makes Motorola CLS1110 a superb choice, here’s a look at some of its highlights:

  • 18-hour battery
  • Includes earpiece for professional communication
  • 6-bank charger for convenience
  • Covers up to 15-floors

The Motorola CLS series have been designed, keeping in mind businesses. They are manufactured to help in business goal attainment. The CLS1110 offers the perfect balance between design and frequencies.

It is lightweight and offers excellent distance coverage to suit both open and closed areas. Most importantly, if you have a large hotel restaurant, this can cover a distance of 200,000 square feet.

If you have money to spare, this walkie talkie is a guaranteed way to achieve your organizational productivity. It offers ease of use, even for beginners! In addition to that, you can also benefit from its business-exclusive frequencies to ensure privacy at all times.

In a nutshell, this two-way radio has all the benefits of simplifying your tasks and reducing time wastage. It is perfectly suitable for the hospitality sector!

3.      SAMCOM FPCN30A – Recommended for large restaurants

[amazon fields=”B07PZTB31Y” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”SAMCOM FPCN30A walkie talkie for restaurant”]


  • Outstanding noise and squelch control
  • Crystal-clear communications
  • Robust construction
  • Easy to assemble


  • The Instruction manual is not user-friendly

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If you’re looking for visual flair alongside some high-tech features, you’ll be pleased to see this SAMCOM pack on the list. This set of 19 radios is put together keeping large businesses in mind and is well done, too!

Having used various walkie talkies over the years, I can safely say this one’s among my list of favorites. SAMCOM sure knows how to stand apart when there are so many radio options on the market today.

One of the most intriguing features of these walkie talkies is the group communication button. It automatically transmits your voice to radios programmed with the same frequencies, regardless of the channels they’re using. Besides this, I’m also amazed by SAMCOM’s quality of audio eve at considerable distances.

These devices are an excellent choice for large diners where up to 19 employees can each have their walkie talkie. For 19 packs under $1000, you really can’t get a better deal than this!

4.      Neoteck TL036-US – Best for small restaurants

[amazon fields=”B01JYCVBSE” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Neoteck TL036-US “]


  • Remarkable quality
  • Long-lasting battery
  • USB-charging is a bonus
  • Value for money


  • Short-range

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It’s quite a challenge to find the middle ground between top-grade performance and affordability. It’s a sweet spot most brands miss, but Neoteck has definitely found it with its TL036-US.

These two-way radios are pretty cool, especially if you’re only looking for short-range coverage. It’s got all the features of a standard walkie talkie:

  • In-built LED torch
  • 16 channels
  • DCS and CTCSS function
  • Rechargeable

When it comes to small diners, you wouldn’t need more than two walkie talkies. That is why this Neoteck pack of two is just the right deal for you!

These radios enhance the flow of conversation between the restaurant staff. Furthermore, the radios come with a USB version charging cradle, making them the ideal business radios. The rechargeable feature is cost-efficient because all you require is to charge the batteries.

Neoteck TL036-US are stunning restaurant headset walkies every business should get. If you keep realistic expectations from these two-way radios, you’ll surely be impressed by what they can do!

5.      Ansoko 10-Pack – Budget option

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  • Units are solid and durable
  • Works well through multiple floors
  • Decent reception and clear audio
  • Easy to operate


  • Earpieces are slightly short

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Cannot stretch your budget to the Motorola CLS series or don’t want to spend too much? In that case, the Ansoko 10-pack is the best deal you can find!

The Ansoko set of ten is a fantastic option for restaurant owners searching for power, range, and aesthetics.

Priced under $130, we were surprised by its high-quality performance. The device was able to work through multiple floors with ease.

While the construction quality isn’t the best, it sure is pretty remarkable considering the price you pay.

The only issue with the radios was the earpieces, which are slightly short and uncomfortable. We recommend replacing them with other headsets for enhanced audio quality and user comfort.

6.      Retevis H-777S – Rugged design and durable construction

[amazon fields=”B06XH3VZKJ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Retevis H-777S restaurant walkie talkie”]


  • The battery holds up for days
  • High-quality build
  • Acceptable audio quality
  • Decent value for money


  • Instructions might be bit complicated

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H-777S from Retevis is a fantastic two-way radio for several reasons! It’s incredibly lightweight, has a decent battery, and offers ten units at a steal price!

Retevis has a reputation for manufacturing some of the most reliable two-way radios, and they have proved the same with this one. The H-777S set of ten devices is apt for restaurants looking to solve their communication problems.

  • Higher gain integrated antenna
  • Unique G-shaped earpieces
  • Battery saving feature
  • Hardened and thickened shell

It’s got a sturdy and powerful antenna for 20% additional coverage. Besides that, it’s got features like VOX, squelch, and USB charging to help you deliver effective professional service.

7.      Retevis RT28 – Value for money

[amazon fields=”B07FVWKHFW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Retevis RT28″]


  • Prompt customer support
  • Pretty decent quality for the price
  • Easy to use


  • Chargers don’t work well

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The Retevis RT28 is not the best walkie talkie money can buy, but it truly delivers terrific value. At such a low price, the radio shows that you don’t necessarily have to splurge to get a decent communication experience.

As a restauranteur, managing operations and ensuring smooth service is the ultimate goal. While having walkie talkies can be beneficial for dining service, it can also be slightly costly. However, the Retevis radios have always been known for their affordability yet up to the mark functioning.

The RT28, with its low-price, is still pretty decent in terms of functioning. However, the only minor drawback to these devices is their restricted range.

Restaurant Walkie Talkie Buying Guide

Features to look for

When you’re looking into walkie talkie options for your restaurant, you must evaluate its battery life. Most of the radios in the present time are dual-powered. That means they can operate on lithium-ion and NiMH batteries.

For hospitality service, the recommended choice is rechargeable battery packs to cut down battery replacement costs. If you run a breakfast-only or short service, a walkie talkie with nine-hour battery life is pretty adequate. However, you may need sufficient power supply and long standby-hours to get through the service hours for round-the-clock service.

Furthermore, two-way radios are available in various designs and sizes. For the service industry, you must pay extra attention to looking for a small and portable device. It is critical to ensure that the device is set up discreetly and isn’t very obtrusive.

Moreover, carrying the device should be easy for the servers. It should not in any way interfere in their duties. Another critical aspect is durability. As business walkie talkies are typically quite expensive, you must ensure that the radios last long. Having sturdy construction is a significant plus point.

Lastly, you cannot do without a walkie talkie with decent range coverage. For a multistorey hotel restaurant, you would need a radio with strong signal penetration abilities. On the other hand, for a small restaurant, a short-range device can also do.

How many required

The number of radios you need depends on your restaurant’s size and the number of staff members. You will need a walkie talkie with decent signal penetration power for a large diner with multiple floors.

For a large team, the recommended number of walkie talkies is ten and above. Having extra pairs can come in handy for large gatherings and events.

For smaller restaurants, you can do with fewer devices with short-range coverage. You can choose from packs of 2 radios to up to 19 for varying business needs.

Headsets compatibility

When rating walkie talkies for restaurants, you must take headset/earpieces into consideration. Communicating during service is essential.

However, what’s even more important is the ease of communication. Using headsets can enhance sound quality and also enable hands-free communication. Adding in an earpiece can free up the servers’ hands and speed up output.


High-tech devices can be costly when it comes to a business application, mainly because they offer warranty support and premium features. However, if you are a restauranteur on a limited budget, you can look into cost-effective units as well, which have proved to be as good as the high-end ones!


Why do Restaurants need walkie talkies?

Walkie talkies have been long used in the hospitality industry. They can be useful in managing service, enhancing quality, and improving customers’ experience.

  • One of the most notable advantages of communicating via two-way radios is team coordination. Restaurant staff can inform the front of the house about empty tables to reduce customers’ wait time.
  • Servers can use headsets or earpieces to communicate even when their hands are full!
  • Most importantly, a two-way radio can reduce unnecessary trips to the kitchen or other areas of the restaurant.
  • Two-way radios can also aid in correcting mistakes and requesting the manager’s assistance when required.
  • Walkie talkies work well even in areas with low mobile coverage. So if you’re at the deep end of the building or on a different floor, you can still communicate when needed.

What two-way radios work best in restaurants?

To communicate in a fast-paced service like hospitality, you must opt for lightweight models that are less bulky. It should be comfortable for the staff to operate them while carrying on with their other duties. Moreover, the walkie talkie must have a headset jack or Bluetooth technology to enable hands-free and silent operation.

Where to buy walkie talkies for restaurants?

You can find two-way radios at any electronic store near you. If you want to go over various options before confirming your purchase, you can check out online stores. The advantage of purchasing online is that you can compare prices and find the best deals and promotions!

When buying online, make sure to check for reputable sellers to receive authentic products.


Two-way radios can enhance business in the service industry by saving time and aiding communication between the restaurant’s different areas. Most importantly, walkie talkies are as useful for small diners as they are for large restaurants.

The restaurant walkie talkies we have reviewed here are the most popular among restaurateurs for top-notch features and reliable performance.

Many of the options listed in this article include accessories like multi-charging units and earpieces. Headsets are incredibly critical in enabling discreet communication between managers and employees in buzzing restaurants.

Business customers, therefore, must look into complete restaurant communication system packages. Having all the essential accessories can help cut costs and improve restaurant staff efficiency.