Yaesu FT-450D Review: A Feature-rich Radio for Beginners

I have been testing some of the quality HF transceivers. One of the options popped up in my mind was Yaesu FT-450D.

The strong brand name has always shown me the indication that my testing would end up in a good note.

Before we dig into the details in my Yaesu FT-450D review, I wanted to tell you that this is a feature-rich Ham radio every beginner would love to have with them. The affordable price is another highlight of this rig you are going to love.

Here is how we rate the key indexes:



Yaesu 450D delivers World-class performance in an affordable and easy-to-operate package.


As a beginner, you will thoroughly enjoy the authentic HAM experience, all thanks to this feature-rich model.


This HAM radio has a few bells and whistles like the high-end rigs, but the user manual takes care of it!
Value for Money


For this price, we don’t think you will find a better-looking HAM transceiver with the same features than the Yaesu 450D!

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If you’ve been contemplating buying the ultra-powerful and sleek Yaesu 450D, this review is for you!

After weeks of use, we are delivering you a detailed analysis of the rig and its features.

Who Should Use Yaesu 450D?

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The premium Yaesu transceiver is designed to fulfill all your HAM radio needs. It is quite a popular rig among DX chasers and casual operators owing to its exciting features.

When you have an affordable yet powerful transceiver like this one, there’s no reason to consider a low-cost, Chinese device.

450D is ultra-compact and works just perfect if you’re looking for a portable amateur device. Its state-of-the-art DSP technology makes the purchase worthwhile. You’ll receive nothing but excellent reports regarding sound and signal on this device.

It is the ideal choice for new licensees, contesters, field enthusiasts, as well as emergency service providers.

There are quite a few choices available in the market for praise-worthy transceivers. However, my simple reason for buying the Yaesu 450D was its all-in-one package! For premium HAM operation, you typically require a high-quality Ham microphone and an antenna tuner.

Luckily for me, I found this transceiver that offers both these features at an affordable price! I did not have to look for expensive external components.

What You Should Know? Yaesu FT-450D Specifications

Yaesu FT-450D is an amateur base transceiver with state of the art features.

Much of the specifications offered by Yaesu 450D are just as good as those of rivals! It features a fast 400 MHz IF Digital Signal Processing Technology. Here are some more of its noteworthy features:

      • FM/USB/LSB/AM/CW
      • 100-watts output power
      • 6-160 meters
      • Built-in automatic antenna tuner
      • CTCSS
      • Illuminated key buttons
      • Tunable notch filter
      • Digital noise reduction
      • Built-in TCXO

You name it, and this Yaesu HAM radio does it!

My Personal Experience

I initially bought the radio owing to its built-in antenna tuner. However, after extensive use, I realized that it needed an external manual one. The external tuner comes in handy when you want to experience with wires having a higher SWR.

One thing to note is that the Notch control only works on the SSB and CW bands, and not on AM.

Although I had a lot of fun using the device and exploring different features, I also struggled with the menu. Having so many exciting features can be a tad bit confusing for newbies like me.

You can refer to online tutorials and the Yaesu website for more information on how to operate it. The instructions are detailed enough to help you navigate through the menu easily. However, keep in mind, the instructions are not written in a dummy format.

After using the rig daily, I am delighted by its performance. Most surprisingly, I love how well it works on all modes and bands. The DSP technology works exceptionally in optimizing performance!


At first glance, I thought of the device to be slightly bulky and challenging to carry around. But in reality, it weighs about 8.8 pounds and is pretty lightweight.

You can pack it in your bag for an outdoor adventure or during relief operation. That is why many consider it one of the best survival radios!

Unlike many other transceivers, this one comes with a cooling fan that prevents heat up. You can use it inside your vehicle without having to worry about damage to the internal components. That is another reason why Yaesu 450D is a top choice for contesting.

After using it as a backup rig over the last few weeks, I have decided to use it as the primary digital transceiver for its striking transmit audio and interface.

Quite frankly, for an entry-level HAM radio transceiver, this one works excellently. It outshines many others owing to its high-power abilities. Coupled with a high-quality antenna, you will be making across-the-globe connections in no time!

If you’re just starting on the HF bands, you may not find a better option than this.

Yaesu 450D Problems

Although the radio meets all my expectations, there are a few areas of improvement.

      • It is a small package with a whole lot of features to offer. This compact size means that some controls perform multiple functions. It can be seen in the form of the DSP knob, which controls DSP, performs tuning, and other menu functions. Having a third knob would have been a better idea!
      • Another issue with the 450D model and many other Yaesu gadgets is the rubber buttons. The lettering often rubs off after extensive use.
      • We also mentioned the antenna tuner being too limited. If you’re interested in experimenting with different wires, like G5RV, for example, you will need an external manual tuner.
      • If you’re someone that is using the radio on the field, you may have trouble with the display.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the list of problems, wait! Read below:

For a newbie, it may be challenging to learn the different functions. The multi-purpose knob may be an advantage instead of a disadvantage for a beginner! As for the antenna tuner, if you’re not looking to experiment, you can do without an external one.

Yaesu 450D is a lot of bang for the buck! It performs very well and comes close to many high-end rigs.

  • Excellent digital communication modes
  • Outstanding features for the price
  • Highly powerful and capable
  • Fantastic filtering and audio
  • Compact and does not take up much space
  • Steep learning curve
  • Difficult to read the display on a sunny day

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Final Verdict

The FT450D from Yaesu is easily worth far more than the price you pay. It offers fancy features, optimum performance, and the best quality, all at a very economical price. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best hf transceivers you can buy with full confident.

When you draw parallels with rivals, you will find a few misses here and there! However, despite those, the rig is an excellent purchase.

The steep learning curve seems to be a problem for most beginners. In spite of that, newbies continue to purchase it for its ease of modification, affordable price, and powerful functioning. You can refer to the user manual to get out of minor snags.

You would love to know that many users were able to make inter-state and out-of-country connections, thanks to this powerhouse!

If Yaesu 450D fits with your HAM needs, it’s truly a spectacular device; one that we highly recommend!